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    Post by Guest Sat Jun 13, 2020 2:05 am

    Name: Outing Squatters
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village or its region
    Details: Squatters have taken refuge in local abandoned buildings both in the villages and outside in the outskirts. Your mission is to evict these squatters, removing them from their locations and getting them out of the area. Most of them are druggies or criminals hiding from the law, and can be arrested if need be.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

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    "For better or worse; I got you!"

    The slums of the Sun Village.

    There was a familiarity of them that he wished had not sunk in. However, he had come far in terms of learning about the village. The sounds of the clanking bottles, arguing, and poverty of the area had echoed in vibrant ears. Children still managed to laugh even if they were not the most well off. Not only that but there was a lingering unpleasant smell and sensation that came from walking about in the many blocks. Not a single person wished to be in a place, but yet, it was understood that it was all that they could afford.

    “Sojiro-san lives around here.” Hikari would note with a frown. “I wonder if he is happy at times.” The rabbit’s head would lower thinking about the wolf shinobi. For the life of him, he would have to take more of an interest in his friends if it meant that he would learn about how they felt at times. The only thing that lingered within him was an unending unhappiness knowing that he probably failed them in regards to this sensation. He would make a note to understand them more. Perhaps then maybe this vile feeling would leave him..

    However, he was not here for that.

    The Sun Village had reported squatters who were in one of the slum buildings that had been nearby. Since some of the shinobi were busy with more important matters, that left the jobs to local genin. However, Hikari, who had been in the village for quite some time, had insisted he would take the job. After all, he had to return their hospitality. With himself in the slums and familiar with the area, his Chikaku would activate. The building would and everything within was as visible as if the sun was shining on every inch of it even though the rabbit knew nothing but the darkness.

    “I see.” Hikari would reach his thumb to his mouth and bite down upon the flesh. A small pinch of his teeth would run blood into his palm before making a set of hand signs in quick succession. “Kuchiyose No Jutsu!” Sigils would race along the terrain as the ground had become disturbed by a presence that was underneath the soil. As the terrain would become scratched and clawed, Hikari would step into the building slowly as he would make one press into the front door that was resisted. It was then, the next moment, he would kick it open.

    Heads would raise and turn as the terrain was no longer disturbed. His ears would listen the sound of the men and steel that would be drawn as he would come in. It was as reported: they were crooks armed with weapons who refused to leave. With him inhaling deeply “Gentleman!” he would cry aloud, “Get out!”


    The next moment was met with rumbles, growls, and roars of the land as columns of dirt would rise up and begin to shift from the Earth. Most of them either slamming the bodies of the men upward with a gentle knock as they rushed up or would arch to launch the men from windows, doors, and even through the clay walls of the building. It was with that, Hikari had cleared out the building with the wrath that only a Usagi would show, and just as much tenderness as he took to cleaning up the interior of the building overtime.

    “So annoying…” Hikari would let out a tired breath. “...why can they not just be violent criminals? Maybe just some thieves?” He would complain.

    Really, he was just glad it was over.

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