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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]


    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:48 pm


    “I know, I know, you worry too much mother.”

    Another trip to the wilderness, another scolding from her concerned mum. Honestly, that lady was like an old mother owl sometimes, with the way she worried. Still… she couldn’t deny it gave her a warm sensation in her chest whenever she doted on her, giving her what she’d lacked for most of her life.

    But no matter.

    Her mother sighed. Kanon was a stubborn little thing, wasn’t she? Always off doing her own thing, not letting anyone tell her what to do… and often getting into trouble for it. Honestly, her little Kanonball could get into a lot of trouble and be the bane of her day, but she loved her for her independent nature.

    Sensing hesitancy, Kanon did the only thing she could think of. She hugged her mother. Hugs always helped reassure her, and she knew mother liked them as well, so why not? A smile crept up onto her face as her mother hugged her back, but she broke it before long.

    “Oh, fine… you’d just sneak out if I told you no, wouldn’t you? Go on, then. Just stay safe, you never know what could lurk in the wilderness.”

    “Of course, mummy. I’ll be careful.”

    And with that, she was off, taking a few very important supplies with her. A bamboo flute, first aid supplies, an excessively large bento box, two kiserus, and lots of sake. The sake was definitely the most important.

    The walk to the outer gates was nothing out of the ordinary for her. She greeted some of her friends from the red light district, got glares from the “civilised” individuals and saw herself off and outside the gates with not a lick of trouble, just the way she liked it. The last thing she needed was some asinine nonsense holding her up, like paperwork or some old lady deciding she was worth picking on due to her “promiscuity”. Psh.

    Ah, look at her… getting all worked up over nothing. She really needed to calm down, and what better way to do it than with a great big helping of sake? Popping open the lid of the absurdly large bottle she had at her hip, she gulped it down at a rate that would knock over the average man. She, however, seemed to only have a rosy tint on her cheeks and a bit of a dopey grin as evidence to her inebriation.

    But if her only objective was to drink, she’d be at the bar. No, she needed to get away from civilisation for a reason. Kanon wanted to practice her dancing and music. The last thing she wanted was for her skills in the arts to stagnate, they were what separated her from your typical brute. What kept her from being…


    Shaking her head, she drank another generous helping of sake. She’d walked for quite some time now, and had found a nice little spot in the wilderness. A gorgeous little clearing with a little crystalline pond, trees blocking off some of the sunlight while still allowing the rays to come in… it was a truly beautiful afternoon. One she’d appreciate and play a tune to.

    Setting her things down, she pulled out her flute and played. It was whimsical and heartwarming in tune, but it had a melancholic undertone to it. Sadness looming just under the surface of the calm pond. As she played and got more into it, she began dancing. Though it had an inherently sensual quality to it, her choreography was more focused on the beauty and art of dancing, rather than aiming merely to entertain. Something that was only accomplished by a true appreciator of the art of self-expression.

    No one could bother her here. Or so she thought.

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:31 am

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Grips on your waist!”
    “Front way, back way!”

    Or so he thought. He thought himself alone until now.

    He had not chosen by sight but sound. There was a tranquility to the clearing that would give him a relaxing sensation. To start, not a grain of sand would lighten his steps. No sound of screaming, wailing, and crying could be heard in an earshot. Instead of the sound of endless desert winds, there were only the gentle whispers of gales. They would come to the water that had the luster of diamonds as it had sparkled from the cascading sunlight. It would rush over the trees like rivers over mounds and crash to give the shimmering splash that would appeal to eyes.

    Well...most eyes.

    Hikari Usagi was one of those that could not interpret the splendor of such things. He was in eternal darkness as long as he could remember. The only thing that would move his heart that would match the sight of the falls of sunlight would be the sound of the tune that was being played ever so close to his temporary bed. The Earth that had been disturbed had made an impression that could cradle his body and hide him within a mound of Earth that almost seemed like an unheval of dirt. From within the small dome, hazy blue eyes would open and stir from a slumber as if a siren was beckoning to the lilac haired young child.

    “Someone is close…”

    “Playing music…”

    “...and dancing.”

    One by one, little creatures would open their eyes into the darkness. Already they had surveyed the surroundings with caution as they hid their young master who had run. His body would ache, memory replaying, as his chest would burn fiercely to remind him why he was here. A fugitive taking to the wilderness, Hikari had fled swiftly to evade the presence of Shinobi who would dare follow him. He had been weak and unable to continue in his state without the risk of opening his wound. So he would rest among the furry rabbits that blanketed them with their soft fur that was jagged as stone in some places. With himself distirubed, and rabbit-esque ears twitching as like a real beast of nature, Hikari’s generosity was piqued.

    “We should see.”

    The mound of Earth would quietly crumble to let in the bits of Earth that had covered his body roll straight off. The rabbits that had been blanketing him would climb off as the sun would properly color them in with splendor. Red, blue, and green would show with such brilliant color as they would be the first to leap one-by-one ahead of the young lilac haired child that would walk behind the herd as if he was one of them. His own head was crowned by the white faux ears of a rabbit, his body tight with a one piece black would run from his shoulders and to his thigh as it hugged his body. Even so, they could not completely hide the bandages that held him together like a piece of torn paper from his chest across to his lower mid shoulder. The white pelt would weave around his hips and fall at his knee level. The only other bits of clothing that tried to covet his exposed skin was his neck with a collar of white fluff, his wrists, and finally his ankles as he gave the impression of a true human in rabbit form.

    However, that could not be said for the dancer.

    Whatever she may be, she was not imitation. Her features were solid with unusual bone to her forehead and her body might as well have been steel. With each touch of her feet on the Earth, the young rabbit could tell the difference as most clan members could. She had the delicate frame of a young woman as most he saw through his life, but yet, her shape and very density would be something horrifying. He would watch her the only way he knew how, with his ears, as the melody and her footsteps would reveal everything about her as if she was bare. The Usagi Clan had a thing for using music and dance in order to know everything about their targets and their mates: both strategically combative and strategically sensual.

    His lips could only quiver as he tried to behold what he was seeing. It is either she was a total rare being out in the wilderness that would appear to him just before an ominous fate or she was the harbinger herself to take him to whatever hell awaited traitors of their village. Either way, his fingers would only lift as if to raise a hand to get her attention like a child of the Academy. Either way, with a melody and dance like that, it would be a welcoming end considering the twisting feelings he had inside.

    “A-are you…” He would open his mouth. His expression stern as he would try to see what came first, her melody’s end or his own life as he asked with a fright waking up to such a being, “...are you a Shinigami?” Curiously he asked.

    Perhaps one of his Grandmother’s old stories was coming true?

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:46 pm

    BGM - Passage of Time

    Kanon was vaguely aware of all the wildlife around her, all sorts of cute little woodland creatures watching her performance from their hiding spots in the trees. Most were adorable things she just wanted to hold and cuddle, and some… she didn’t like thinking about those. Fortunately for her, she didn’t believe there were any scary monsters that were out to get her… and if there were, a good dropkick or two was enough to convince them she wasn’t worth the effort to hunt. Just look at how skinny she was!

    Though it was mostly general inattentiveness, she would blame the fact that she didn’t notice Hikari on the alcohol. After all, you were less perceptive if you were drunk, right? Oh, who was she kidding? She was nowhere near drunk enough to use that excuse.

    Though it did take a moment for her to notice Hikari, she stopped the moment she did, pausing her steps and her tune, silent as she took in the sight before her… a cute bunny boy, accompanied by equally cute rabbits tentatively asking her if she was a shinigami.

    “This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.” Were the words that immediately came to her mind.

    She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she looked at him. He seemed nervous; as if she’d consume his soul or something of the sort. While the temptation to tease and play the part of an evil demon was there, she simply didn’t have the heart to scare him. She also noted, with a more severe countenance, that he was injured. If he were startled and ran, he could potential reopen his wounds.

    Kanon chuckled mirthfully. Not mocking him, simply amused at the turn of situations. Stowing away her flute, she shook her head and spoke.

    “I’m no being from hell, dear.” First and foremost, reassure him she was no threat, “Whether or not I’m human, I’m unsure… I suppose you could say I’m the result of the vile acts of another.”

    She left things cryptic on purpose. The idea of delving into her origins meant that she’d have to remember her childhood… and she didn’t feel like doing that right now.

    She sauntered her way over to him, stance relaxed and non-threatening as she gave him a once over, once again taking note of his injuries. She put a hand on his uninjured shoulder, gentle and delicate unlike what her dense frame would suggest. When she spoke, her voice took a gentler undertone than previously. Hikari would be able to smell the subtle smell of sake on her as well.

    “But nevermind me. You’re hurt, sweetheart. Come with me, I have some alcohol on me. While I’m not sure I can do a better job at bandaging the wounds than what’s already here, I can certainly disinfect your injuries. The last thing we want is for you to get some nasty infection.”

    She didn’t force the issue. He had to agree of his own volition; it’d make things far easier going forward.

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:51 pm

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "It’s You and Me and Our Time Now!”
    “Don’t let Me Down!”

    It had taken white a while to get an answer.

    It was perhaps best to assume that he had indeed died. Bled out over the ground and let the roots of the trees drank him dry as he withered. Perhaps he had been assassinated in his sleep? The Anbu were quite efficient in getting their kill and passed the soul from one realm to the next before one truly knew what happened. He heard stories like those. At this point, it was relaxing to think that perhaps he had indeed died and crossed over to the other side before he knew what happened. It would comfort him knowing he was no longer a burden to his loved ones.

    Her chuckle was that of insidious. It made him wonder if this is the form death truly took in this crazy world of shinobi. Hikari, by default, would take the fingers that he lifted and reached to get her attention and would turn it into an open palm. His legs could not properly square themselves with how his body had screamed out in pain. His stance was equally as weak as his sore chest. He had no chance with his minuscule rest and an equal amount of will that was with it as he tried to mask his pained expression with a brave face.

    “Careful…” Ume squeaked.

    “She could be shinobi.” Ichigo added.

    “Ready to defend.” Meron confirmed.

    The rabbits would look up one by one as they would hop around. Their voices audible as they feint the impression of being ordinary little colored rabbits with pieces of sparkling gem.

    “I’m no being from hell, dear...Whether or not I’m human, I’m unsure… I suppose you could say I’m the result of the vile acts of another.”

    Her response was typical but the follow-up was nothing short of confusing. That was likely a disarming part as his strong palm would lose its solidity as it would turn into frail fingers. Hikari seemed more intrigued now than anything. It was a fault of his! That compassionate nature and the sound of someone’s voice was always a sensitive thing to the clan of rabbits. It was how they would play with the heart. For Hikari, it was how he would try to nurture it. The circumstances were different, but as usual, he was not. His head tilted as his lilac hair bound with his slight head movements.

    He could not stop her, even if he wished to. His foot movements would be slow and subtle as he would lift a foot in the iron heels of his. The rabbits moving as if by will in order to ready themselves for action. However, they would not respond so swiftly as they had not their orders yet. Hikari was speechless and thrown off guard as the very moment she drew close and touched him, he could have said to forfeit his life. Though, that did not happen, as he was offered a touch of kindness and a scent of something familiar.

    Alcohol was like oxygen to him.He knew the scent as well as any Usagi that went through the matriarch’s training. They knew how to balance in the Usagi Clan’s heels that acted like the hammers of the rabbit clan and would balance trays with their digits to perfect their abilities with their bloodline. They did so with their eyes closed, lips smiling in bliss, and senses taking in everything from the hoots and hollers to the ravenous scent of sweat and Sake. Both of them by the gallons as they used the latter as a tool to dull the former who would be their mates if they had the proper traits they were looking for. Under different circumstances, Hikari would probably be the one catering to this shinigami’s whims, if it was fair to call her that.

    For a Shinigami she was kind, offering him some treatment that was much needed. Hikari would run his hand across his bandages that were rewoven and tended to from the Hare Hands just before passing out in a mound of fresh soil manipulated by the other rabbits among him. The sensation was less horrifying than the last as they used as many natural remedies as possible while clearing away the wound of sweat and restitching it as if he was a rag doll. He knew that it was much needed to be observed once again as he had freshly escaped from the hospital in a hissy fit without a plan on how to treat himself.

    Now he had a dilemma to deal with and it was just not the wound.

    “W-well, I-” His voice is gentle and feminine as usual. “But…” He had cleared his throat thinking wearily of what he was about to say. “O-okay. B-but just for a moment. I-I really cannot stay long,’am.” He would try to be formal with the strange being. The seriousness of the situation taught him that he would have to proceed with caution and do not stay still for long. However, his nature, that of a rabbit’s, was hard to fight.

    Rabbits could not simply turn down making a new friend, especially over a drink. Even with hell on their heels.

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:40 pm

    BGM - Passage of Time

    After her answer, she decided to take stock of the situation, and their respective positions at that moment. In terms of fighting, she was a brute. She was strong but lacked finesse and was generally inexperienced. She could be defeated by plenty, much to her chagrin. This boy, however, he looked to be hurt. Sure, he was putting on a brave face, but the soreness was there. His stance was stiff, but at the same time, lacked the firmness or a prepared fighter. Whatever his injuries, he was feeling them.

    Fortunately for him, she had no intention of bringing harm to him.

    What he said piqued her interest, though… so he couldn’t stay long, huh? Now, why was that? Her brows furrowed ever so slightly, trying to figure it out.


    She left the speculation in the back of her head as she gently guided the bunny to where her things were stashed away, moving some smartly placed foliage to reveal quite a few things. Two bottles of sake, one far larger than the other, a first aid kit, an absolutely massive bento box inside of which Hikari would smell a ridiculously varied assortment of traditional foods, and two kiserus alongside a plentiful portion of kisami for her to smoke.

    She sat down, laying out a sheet for the bunny boy to lie on, then proceeded to take the first aid kit and open it, getting some supplies. Fresh, clean bandages, disinfectant, and painkillers. Basic, but essential… she also got the smaller bottle of sake.

    “Sit down on that sheet over there, dear. We want to avoid any chance of the wound getting dirty. Stay in whatever position’s most comfortable for you. Now, I’m going to unwrap those bandages, as I need to apply the disinfectant. That’ll sting a bit, but that’s something you’ll have to put up with, okay? After that, I’ll apply these bandages. They’re clean and fresh, so they’ll be healthier for your injuries.”

    Her tone was gentle, and her speech was clear, making sure Hikari understood exactly what he needed to do. The boy was now her responsibility, and she wouldn’t muck things up by making things worse for the poor bunny.

    “Oh, and you can have this bottle of sake if you’d like. I felt like bringing a spare today… chalk it up to my incredible instincts.”

    She grinned, a playful tone of voice in her words as she pushed the bottle towards him. After that, she grabbed one of the kiserus, putting some of the kisami in it and lighting it up with a match, which she very quickly put out. Wouldn’t want to risk a fire, after all. She puffed on it, and let out a long, slightly relieved breath. It’d been a few days since her last smoke, and she had been starting to miss these. Of course, she was no fool who would damage her own body. A fine coat of chakra was layered on top of her breathing system, ensuring no damage was incurred to her.

    “By the way, my name is Kanon… you can still call me Shinigami if you’d like, though. Regardless, I'd like you to treat me less formally. Think of me as someone you just met in the bar, or perhaps a long lost friend you're catching up with. Just try and avoid acting too stiff. Can you do that for me, dear?”

    She took another puff from her kiseru, gesturing to her other one to see if he wanted it.

    “What should I call you, darling? I'd like to put a name to the pretty face I see.”

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:30 am

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "It’s You and Me and Our Time Now!”
    “Don’t let Me Down!”

    He appreciated her already. No questions nor arguments.

    Hikari needed none of those things right now. His friendships, figment or not, had been more training than his injuries. He would take note of her movements. Not a bit of a fault to them as if she had a killing intent. Though a friend had trusted him long ago that one’s heart and body can lie, even past his sharp observation and absence of his eyes. It was perhaps one of the lessons he cherished right now where he would think fondly of his past life as a shinobi and miss it already. Deception was as abundant in his former life than the foliage being cleared away to reveal something more...pleasant.

    Already the revealed goods had tackled Hikari’s senses full on. Nostalgia flooded his nostrils and took him back to his more casual and peaceful life. His rabbit-esque attire was for missions in both beyond the shinobi world as well as the establishments of Gekkousato. The Usagi would carry bottles of the Sake on trays with perfect balance and would be enraptured in the smell of smoke spewed from lips like dragons, or nobility that were like them. Conversations were spurned over pickings of food and drinks. At times, he would be asked to sit down with them and talk about himself as if picked like a ripe fruit.

    This moment seemed to be only slightly different.

    She would explain the procedure as she would sprawl out her sheet. Hikari would listen attentively. The colorful trio of rabbits would hop along, setting up a perimeter as they seemed cautious. Their eyes lifting as they would curiously look up at the woman. One angled from her left, the next the right, while one staying perfectly before Hikari as if she were ready to act. Her nostrils flaring as she was pretending to be a simple creature sniffing the air. But their furry mouths would move one at a time as they harmonized as they always do in verses.

    “She seems safe….” Ume song.

    “Upon first glance…” Ichigo added.

    “Do be careful.” Meron warned.

    Hikari would lift his hands slightly to his side. His palms moving as if to tell the world to stop, and the rabbits around them would relent. As if in a quick show of his defiance to their warnings, he would move swiftly to the woman, reaching to his side to remove the pelt that wrapped and hugged his hips. His hands moving to his chest as he would tug the mesh and thin vest to reveal his chest with the slightly soggy red bandages, and unpin himself to let them fall and unravel as if they were a part of his elegant attire. He would slowly sit on the blanket. His glassy, blind eyes staring forth as he would lean forth with a curtain of lilac hair covet his face.

    “I-It is fine.” He would note to the rabbits that surrounded him. “Despite what I have endured...I-I trust her. I-I” The rabbit’s nature was apparent in his eyes as he would look through the noted Shinigami he had just met. He would breathe in deeply as if taking a plunge, as most bonds were with people, and would gently lay upon his back as he tried not to be disrupted by the scent of food or the fact that the woman by him seemed to have an appearance that was beyond human to his understanding.

    “Oh, and you can have this bottle of sake if you’d like. I felt like bringing a spare today… chalk-”

    Say any more? She did not have to!

    The moment the bottle was slid and offered among her words, Hikari had been quick to snatch it and begun to toss it back! He sat up for that precise moment for that purpose. Out of everything he was through, what he needed more than anything was a drink! The Usagi Clan, skilled in many things, were also trained how to hold their liquor. He would show his mastery as he would down half the bottle as if it was water, feel the burning in his chest, and then let his body fall back with a simple wince as he would feel the fight between his searing satisfaction and his raging torn flesh screaming mercy. A look of delight came across his face and his cheeks would become red as he gazed up to the sky.

    The rabbits around him disgruntled as the girl seemed to hit all the clan’s vices so easily that it was suspicious.

    “You have my deepest thanks,” He would say happily, “Even if you were to change your mind here.”

    The exchange was more casual now. With her putting out a puff of smoke and Hikari twiddling the bottle between his fingers, he would listen to her. His glassy stare would not relent from the sky as the eyes served no purpose than to sparkle like jewels for the taking according to his kin. He would play them well, as usually, tilting his head which spread the lilac hair like roots across the ground with how he would lay. A weak smile upon his face as he would hear the young woman speak of his familiar atmosphere.

    “My name?” He wondered curiously until he was reminded to treat the conversation so casually. For that, he put on his facade of being a bar bunny. “Usagi Hikari is the name. Though, it vexes me Mistress Kanon...why would you pass up the change to name a perfectly good pet bunny you found yourself? One that you are willing to bandage, relieve, and take home if you so-”

    Desired it. He desired this. Though his heart was not into it.

    Hikari’s face would break into a frown before once again smiling. His eyes would go back to the sky as he could no longer present the facade he was so accustomed to. “M-My apologies…” His expression weak, “...I-I suppose...acting as if this is a casual bar visit is heart is not in it Kanon-san.” He would exclaim. “My Grandmother would be ashamed of my performance and my presentation. You have me on my back and yet I cannot stop my...worries. No one desires a bunny that looks like...this and...sulks as I do right now.” His fingers reaching an inch of tracing away his sewn flesh.

    The act and the scar were both a reminder of what he lost today.

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  Empty Re: Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]

    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 15, 2020 3:19 pm

    BGM - Furuero no Kokoro Ethnic Arrange

    Indulgence was the name of the game for Kanon. Many would call her nature and attitude indecent and immodest, but she found those notions to be based on nothing more than arbitrary values. As far as she was concerned, life was meant to be enjoyed. Holding back on entertainment for the sake of some misguided sense of honour was alien and bizarre to her. After all, what was wrong with having fun?

    Which was precisely why she brought all these things with her. Of course, an unexpected visitor had happened upon her cosy little spot, but that was no issue. In fact, she could share the indulgences with him! Having another accompany you in these sorts of things was always nice.

    But treatment first. This time, it was the bunnies who spoke up, rather than the bunny boy himself. They spoke in verses, warning him to be cautious in her presence. She couldn’t necessarily fault them for that, though. This, however, did give her a bit more info on his situation. He was most likely a Moon Shinobi, considering the Usagi Clan’s presence in the village. He was running from something, and it didn’t seem like he was going towards the village either.

    “I don’t have enough conclusive evidence… but I believe he’ll let slip more information before long.”

    With that in mind, she didn’t leave any inkling as to what she was truly thinking, choosing instead to wink at them and speak.

    “Oh, don’t worry your cute little heads. I could never hurt anything as adorable as you lot.” She playfully stuck her tongue out, but then turned to a more serious tone, “Don’t worry. Your trust in me isn’t misplaced. I’ll take care of you to the best of my ability.”

    With that established, she got her things ready while Hikari removed both his mesh shirt and his bandages, revealing his chest wound. She examined it; the wound had already been mostly cleaned of sweat and dirt, but it never hurt to do a little touch up on that. Getting a cloth, she gently cleaned it of any impurities that may lay in there, hand gentle and controlled, making sure she didn’t hurt the poor bunny boy.

    After that, she got another cloth, this time putting disinfectant on it, but before she could do anything with it, the bunny boy had already grabbed the bottle she offered. She blinked, not quite expecting that level of enthusiasm, but appreciating it nonetheless. A smile made its way onto her face as she watched him drink, noting his mastery of it. Most would have tipped over backwards from drinking that much, but the bunny seemed to only have a red blush on his cheeks as evidence of his action. Certainly commendable… she idly wondered who would win in a drinking competition between the two.

    The bunny then proceeded to introduce himself as Usagi Hikari. His clan was a bit obvious, considering his features, but it was still nice to receive confirmation. She giggled a bit at his quip, but something in the back of her mind told her that he was only putting on a brave face rather than anything else.

    And she was right, his façade very quickly crumbled, very clearly not in the right state of mind to treat it as such. Her face softened as he spoke, heart aching at the pain he was expressing. Before she knew what she was doing, her hand move to cup his right cheek comfortingly, holding it as a mother would hold a child.

    “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, Hikari-chan. You don’t need to force it if your heart is not in it… poor dear, you’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? Don’t worry, you can relax for the moment. You’re in good hands.”

    Her tone was soft and caring, almost doting. Kanon had always been weak to these sorts of situations, not being able to bear seeing another in such pain. It was her instinct to comfort and assist in any way she could, for the pain of another ached almost as badly in her own heart.

    “Now, I’m going to put the disinfectant on you, okay? This will sting, but it will help with your injuries. I recommend you keep speaking to help distract you from the pain. Any subject will do.”

    Her tone was soft as ever, wanting to make sure the poor bunny was as comfortable as possible. Her hand moved, the cloth soaked in disinfectant gently passing over his wounds. It would sting; not agonisingly painful by any means, but certainly enough to elicit a reaction from most. Fortunately for him, Kanon was slow and controlled in her movements, making sure to never do anything that could irritate his wounds.

    After she finished applying the disinfectant, she took out bandages and gauzes.

    “Now, I need you to sit up for this. I need to redress your wounds. I’ll apply the gauze first, to avoid having the bandages sticking to your injury, then I’ll put the bandages on top of that.”

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "It’s You and Me and Our Time Now!”
    “Don’t let Me Down!”

    She certainly had a way with words and actions. They stirred both slight mistrust and hope.

    The bunnies that would look upon the alien creature would do so with dissonance amongst them. Their eyes opened wide as they would look to and fro among one another. Their faces represented the Ashura itself as they were a mixture of emotion to the predicament of their summoner. Regardless of their mixed expressions, Hikari would lay there with his hands to his side and flat on the sheet to brace himself for whatever would come: whether a quick death or an unpleasant healing session. The words of the “Shinigami” become ever so slightly relaxing in the procedure.

    Despite her appearance, she was careful and gentle. Two things noted as he would compare it to the clan of rabbits that he would be a part of. The women spat and bragged on their domination of the village’s men as if they were conquests of battle. They were a bunch of women that fought hard and loved even harder, or so that is what they would chime in song to any patrons who saw them walking in their signature Regaria and balanced trays. They proved themselves on and off the battlefield if their homes, children, and families were threatened.

    Her words were comforting like them as were her actions. It reminded him much of the stories he heard about his mother. They took second to a touch and kind, soft voice as she would press her hand against his cheek just as she had done. He marinated in this touch of affection that he missed since he became a shinobi. It did not make any of his friendly interactions less valuable, but certainly they were comparable leading up to this very moment.

    “That is...kind of you, Kanon-san.” His eyes almost sparkling to the point that he could have managed tears. Not even as he had awakened from his loss of blood and his lack of carelessness did he receive such kindness. “I-I...appreciate you for helping me...with this.” Hikari would say. His words paled in comparison to her own that were entirely focused on his well-being: a stranger. He had ached in his body, but now his heart too as he would try to think of just how guilty he felt about this. Her words taking him through the steps as she would advise him to speak in order to work through this next step.

    “...I recommend you keep speaking to help distract you from the pain. Any subject will do.”

    “Deception!” Ichigo turned fiery.

    “Speak no more?” Ume would warn.

    “Not one bit!” Meron would agree.

    Their worries, once again, were well placed as the woman seemed to recommend such a thing. The bunnies one by one would hop around as they would warrant their phrases. Hikari’s eyes, evening laying where he would, closed as if to think. It was only for a second before his face twisted decisively, “N-no!” Hikari would continue on, “She is going out of her way to help. Shinobi or not...she is showing hospitality. She gave myself a drink and aid. Is the Usagi code not to be genuine with family? You well know what it means when our kind shares such hospitality with others.” Hikari would pose the question, but yet, the rabbits would cease. Their faces once again reflective of dissonance among the three as Hikari would flare his nostrils. He burned his chest rising and falling as he would choose a subject.

    “I am of the Usagi Clan, if you may not know,” he began, “As for myself being around here, I-I am coming from the Sun Village. I-I think I may be in quite a bit of trouble if I may not make it back to my family.” Hikari’s fingers would clutch the cloth his back rested on. He endured pain, but it paled in comparison to how the gash itself came across his chest. “A-and a shinobi...or at least I used to be. I am quite conflicted with the philosophy of one right now, Kanon-san. I-I believe I am trying to think...” His lips would quiver at the thought of asking such a question.

    Conflict was obviously happening within long past what was done to the surface.

    Tensing was met with each dab of the cloth. Not to mention there was clinching with his fingers. Despite her appearance in his mind that made out such an alien form, she was quite gentle. His eyes, even if blind, still conveyed some pain as he winced, but it was bearable as he spoke. Her next set of instructions was heeded with a bob of his head. The rabbit would press his hands against the cloth as he would press himself upward. With a reach of his hand to the bottle of alcohol he toyed with.

    “R-right! P-please proceed.” He would request of her. “I will be just fine!” The rabbits that surrounded them had grouped up with one another as they would sit at the flank with the view of his back that had been given to her. They would watch it although they were well aware the blind bunny could see it himself. Worry was in their eyes in one shape or another along their faces. Vigilant their ears would perk up.

    “You are quite good at this.” Hikari would admit astonishment. “If I may ask, are you...shinobi, Kanon-san?” He would ask. “It is...okay. If you desired to kill me or capture me, you would have done so without going through the trouble of...this. I may be naive, but my Grandmother had always taught me to not be blind.” An ironic statement that he uttered from his lips as he leaned forth. His lilac hair falling along his face like drapes. “Not only that...but you have a reason to be suspicious, and yet, no matter how much I listen to the melody of your heart...the melody that you played as I approached seemed to be...convincing...that you are gentle. Therefore, I will admit, an individual enigma.”

    He prides himself on knowing people. All the rabbits did as they would use their words and ears to look for the slightest movement of the heart’s rate as if the truth lies within. However, there was a consistency he could not foresee. There was something about her that just could not be categorized.

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    BGM - Furueru no Kokoro Piano ver.

    Such a precious boy. He was delicate; not physically. The Usagi clan were known for being no slouches when it came to combat, and this likely applied doubly so for the shinobi boy. Nay, she meant emotionally. He was a sensitive and kind soul, one that needed to be nurtured and guided so that he properly could blossom into his own. From his reaction to her touch and words, it was clear his heart yearned for comfort. He had been hurt physically, but that was not as great as the injury to his heart.

    She resolved then and there to guide him as best she could.

    “I simply did what I thought was right, dear.” Kanon said, shaking her head with a small smile, “You don’t need to thank me for following my heart.”

    Upon her telling Hikari-chan to speak, the bunnies immediately reacted, marking her a suspicious individual out to get him. She supposed she couldn’t blame them, especially if Hikari-chan was doing what she suspected he was doing. She kept silent at their accusations, looking at Hikari to see what he would conclude from this.

    Hikari-chan decided to go all-in on trusting her. The Usagi Clan code, huh…? Theirs was a clan she was quite fascinated with, and not just because of all the stories of sex. Kanon had never really considered a code for social interaction, so she wasn’t really sure how it worked, but it was certainly something she made a mental note of. She wanted to find out more, as was her nature.

    She stowed away her curiosity for now, though, choosing instead to listen to Hikari-chan. He gave a brief explanation of his situation… and his current position. Frankly, she was not expecting him to come out and say it, but he did. Hikari-chan was quite dedicated to this code, someone who held true to his principles and ideals. A small smile came upon her face at that; she was quite happy to have been proven right about his character.

    “I see.” She said. She didn’t question him, didn’t judge him, didn’t do anything but accept his words, “I suspected as much, but it’s nice to see that you trust me enough to say it outright. Thank you, sweetheart.”

    Kanon’s heart ached at seeing the bunny in pain, but it had to be done, or else a worse fate may have awaited him. She just hoped it wasn’t too bad for him. She was quite happy to no longer see the bunny in pain when she finished applying the disinfectant.

    Kanon wasted no time in applying the gauze and bandages once he sat up, carefully and securely wrapping the gauze around his chest first. She listened to him speak as she did, nodding along to indicate to him that she was listening. So, he considered her an enigma, huh…? Heh. The thought was enough to elicit a small chuckle from her. Uncharacteristically, however, her tone and voice turned more serious than she had shown before.

    “Let me tell you a little something, Hikari-chan.” She began, “The most beautiful thing in this world is the true and free expression of the heart, whether it be someone’s principles, the way they portray themselves to be to the world, and even what they like. If your heart tells you that the best solution is to leave the village entirely… who am I to stop you?”

    She paused, giving Hikari-chan time to take in and understand her words, before continuing, having finished wrapping the gauze around him. She would proceed to apply the bandages next.

    “But still, it would be unwise to confuse a myriad of harmful emotions with an expression of the heart. Your sight may be muddled by various factors, and you could lose touch of what your heart truly wants. Becoming a missing-nin is not a decision made lightly; you would very likely lose all your connections in the village, become a wanted outlaw and forever lose access to the place you’ve called home for so long.”

    She paused once again. She wanted him to consider her words properly.

    “But it could also be an opportunity to start anew. To rid yourself of toxic influences in your life and strike out on your own. You will eventually meet new people, forge new bonds, learn new things. You will lose a part of yourself, but you will eventually forge yourself anew. Consider these factors, listen to your heart properly, and follow whatever decision it makes. If you do that, you won’t live wondering what might have been. And if you truly desire a new bond to forge at this moment… I volunteer. I feel we could grow close, given time, even if I’m not entirely sure why.”

    Suddenly, she grinned. She had already finished applying the bandages.

    “Call it an expression of my heart.”

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "For better or worse; I got you!"

    “Following...your heart?”

    A thing where honor and tradition had no place. Hikari had heard of a lot of things when it came to being guided by a force. However, few things measured what the young woman had said. “I do not understand.” Hazy orbs were bewildered and peeking through curtains of lilac hair that had been traced with dirt and sweat from the run from the night. The desert grains had been few due to a dip in a river he traversed due, but he still had traces that were like glass through the bits of hair that he would sweep from his face simply for the terrible inconvenience it posed. She needed to see his speculation.

    “One’s heart.” Meron vicariously echoed.

    “Where love lives.” Ume joyously sang.

    “The sage’s word.” Ichigo ceasely summed.

    An interesting word that would cause Hikari to look at the group of rabbits. “The Sage?” He whispered to them as he traced himself away from the young woman’s hypnotic philosophy. No sooner had he done this, the three rabbits would lift their nose up in unison. Their faces going to one another as Hikari could make out their forms and pulsations that were radiating from them wildly. “And now you go quiet?” A question without an answer, but he would surely reach for it later. Until then, it was the woman before him that would captivate him once again.

    “I see...I suspected as much, but it’s nice to see that you trust me enough to say it outright. Thank you, sweetheart.”

    Hikari’s hair dragged upon his shoulder blade as he would tilt his head once again. A smile of melancholy upon his face. “It is right.” He would insist with his head bobbing in confirmation. “Hospitality by strangers means that they are family. Deceit means stealing the right to know the truth. The Usagi do not steal from family.” His words were spoken in almost a hushed voice as the foggy orbs would go from her to the rabbits once more. Their noses were in the air and heads would move not in the slightest to not deny this conduct. It was however not satisfying for Hikari who would gaze upon the young woman.

    Hikari would feel light-headed. He thought of blood loss but he would remember that he was holding in his hand. He thought himself a fool until he would take another swig of the sake as the enigmatic, but tender, shinigami would go to work. The pain was less as she had strong medicines but even stronger potions that would keep him elated. He would take a sip, only lowering his hand as his sensitive rabbit-esque ears that crowned his head would make the slightest of movement as he would hear a distinct difference in her voice from before.

    “...If your heart tells you that the best solution is to leave the village entirely… who am I to stop you?”

    Wisdom doled out as she would move her hands.

    “ would very likely lose all your connections in the village, become a wanted outlaw and forever lose access to the place you’ve called home for so long.”

    A warning he took to heart between the pause.

    “...Consider these factors, listen to your heart properly, and follow whatever decision it makes. If you do that, you won’t live wondering what might have been...”

    Her last words had pretty much earned her the title he had given her and which she chuckled at: enigmatic. The young woman, or whatever she may be, had entered into the careless decisions he had made. “Expression of the heart?” He would be puzzled. His hand would move to his chest. The scar that was there and woven with threading would be somewhere over his heart. The flesh bruised but he could heart it beating. His eyes became a mesmeric half-close as he tried to remember something akin to what she was doing. He could remember his grandmother’s arguments, her mother’s warnings, and his naive chattering as he desired so badly to become a shinobi for some reason or another.

    “Kanon-san,” He would try to follow-up after that mouth full of nostalgia of hers. “I believe that-” He would stop. A sinking feeling in his stomach as he was pained. Was it internal bleeding? He stopped, thought, and then tried to proceed. “Possibly, it is I believe that-”


    His eyes would turn wide as he would hear an acute noise. The growl seemed like an animal and seemed more beastly than a rabbit. The trio of colored bunnies would have their eyes look upon the young summoner in pity at this moment. His getaway would be met with not only bursting through the second floor of a hospital building, but also tossing as much soup as possible. Nourishment he could have eaten before his grand escape! His cheeks would fume red as he would turn one to the woman.

    “U-umm...m-my apologies, Kanon-san.” The rabbit would add. “I-I...appear to be careless today. I believe...people have something to eat before they commit...defection, yes?” It was not a joke. If it was, it would be on hima s the boy’s head would drop in shame. He was doing everything wrong as usual! He was not the best shinobi and he was even a worse traitor as he had not properly prepared to take action with mind considering what he could eat and forage during his run.

    This was one of his worst moments indeed!

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    BGM - Furueru no Kokoro Piano Ver.

    The way Hikari-chan took in her words was a sight to see. It was not dissimilar to a child being taught a new concept, trying to juggle a new notion in their head that they’d never even considered before. It just made the adorable bunny boy all the more endearing. More importantly, though, it showed that he was open and willing to consider new information without outright rejecting it. She was becoming more and more pleased with Hikari-chan.

    The bunnies unexpectedly chimed in at her words, not to denounce them, but to speak in favour of them… or at least she thought so. Their words were cryptic enough that they confused her a tad, especially with the mention of this Sage. How curious…

    Hikari-chan went in-depth about his clan’s philosophy on family; strangers who offered hospitality were family, and lying was stealing the truth. Kanon nodded along, putting a hand on her chin in thought. It was an interesting way of thinking and it certainly made sense; Hikari-chan had once again proved that she was true to her beliefs.

    She just hoped no one would take advantage of that.

    Kanon took note of how intently he was listening to her words, analysing his body language and facial expressions. She also took note of the fact that he was not at all shy about once again taking sizeable swigs from that bottle of sake she gave him. She supposed that for all of this boy’s innocent cuteness, he was still an Usagi, and the Usagi didn’t shy away from the likes of alcohol. After all, how else would one mingle in parties and seduce the powerful?

    The “shinigami” was patient, a soft expression on her face as she waited for Hikari-chan to take in her words, understand them, and draw his own conclusion. She spoke no further as she did so, wanting him to do this on his own. After all, only he could truly understand his own heart. He was clearly sifting through the miasma of his own emotions, trying to get to the truth of his heart.

    He began to speak, and Kanon had to admit, she was a touch anxious to hear his answer. This was a great shift in his life, and she couldn’t help but be concerned.

    Then his stomach growled.

    She blinked, staring at him for a few, long moments as he began to stammer out an apology… but Kanon couldn’t hold it in. She started giggling, only a short few giggles at first, but which quickly turned into a full-on giggle fit! She wasn’t mocking him, mind you. It was just that the suddenness of it in the middle of a very serious conversation was equal parts unexpected and hilarious.

    “Hihihihi! I-I’m sorry, sweetheart…! Oh… oh, that was great…” She took a few breaths, trying to calm herself down before continuing, “Oh, my goodness, that was the best. I’m so, so sorry for laughing, Hikari-chan. It was just so unexpected and it caught me off-guard… though I suppose we did need this moment to relax and lighten up our rather severe conversation, no?”

    She grabbed her massive bento box, putting it on the ground with a not insignificant thud. She began opening it up, and there were actual layers in it! She put a small cloth on the ground and began placing tray after tray of food on it. Everything from sushi, to gyoza, to even noodles! Kanon came ready to eat, and now hse would share with him.

    “There is nothing to apologise for, dear. I imagine defecting wouldn’t leave you with much time to prepare, but now you have the opportunity to eat, so why not savour it? In this wilderness, deep in the forest, I can imagine it’d take any tracking team at least a few hours to find us… so please, feel free to indulge. Life is much too short not to do so.”

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "For better or worse; I got you!"

    So kind and gentle, but no doubt a massive force that was not easily moved unless she desired it so. It was every bit of the type of woman that was usually scouted or a noble that was considered to be targeted by the clan. They were not exactly meant to be assassinated, but to be coveted. Even Hikari, withdrawn in nature and upholding the purest parts of the clans, could not deny the woman’s kindness had stirred within him an instinct to be drawn to her. A devilish sensation the rabbits had! Their loins desired to multiply with someone they felt was worthy! He had tried his best, blaming this sensation on his own weaknesses for women as kind as her or as strong as the paper wielding shinobi he was so fond of.

    He had seen Kanon as he had seen any other blind individual: nothingness. He went on with her words of wisdom, gentle touches as she had done her best in healing him, and would move his body as a testament to her dedication to her words. Hikari would touch his wound once again as the burning sensation was less than an inferno and more or so of a gentle kindling. He could bear this burning sensation as he would fight it with another. He would savor the bit of alcohol left that was in the small vase, and fortunate he had as the woman’s giggling was met with something he could agree on.

    “Yes. I did need this.” His hand would reach covering his mouth. The rabbits would hear his fond chuckle well that sounded almost like a giggle with his soft voice. Their faces a hint of unamused as they seemed to think of the moment as trivial...or at least most of them. Ume was a sweetheart and thought of the interaction as innocent. “I-I believe if I had more moments like this, with people like you Kanon-san, then perhaps things would have been different.”

    He drifted off into silent contemplation. His imagination of what could have been was rocked by the massive bento box as the woman fished out contents. Hikari’s nose was not as sensitive as his ears, but it knew its way around a Bento! Hikari would think that she did not possibly have anything he could not think of, but with each layer of a tray coming, a new fragrance would come out and tease his nose. It would have been impressive if not puzzling as he was revisiting his theory that the girl was indeed a Shinigami. There were stories about how festivals and big banquets were given to see a soul off to the after life!

    “… so please, feel free to indulge. Life is much too short not to do so.”

    “M-my goodness!” Hikari was shocked as his nose would make out each of the fragrances and his ears would feel the mass of the trays before him. “I-I could not possibly, Kanon-san!” He protested not knowing his hands were moving and his fingers were trembling. “You should save this food! It is yours and quite simply important!” He could hear chopsticks clinking. “Not to mention that-”


    There were noodles and hints of broth in his mouth.

    “...I-I ashamed.!”

    Hikari had been so enthused by the amount of food and generosity. He did not even realize it was his hands and him grabbing things to eat the food. The lilac haired boy was sitting with a bowl of the Vegetable Ramen and Broth in his lap, one of his favorites! There was a bit of shrimp, but it was tolerable seeing as fish were more acceptable than Gyoza, After all, he did not favor meat dishes! With his stomach nearly empty, he tolerated just about anything, including the shrimp clamped by the tips as he would press them into his mouth and muse with his pressed lips with the humm of an angel as he tossed his head back and relaxed his vibrant hair.

    “Mmmm! This is divine, Kanon-san!” He would sing, “ is due to me not eating for so long that I am over exaggerating. Either is enjoyable! H-have you...cooked this yourself?” he wondered curiously. His hazy eyes set upon her as, per usual, they were not needed to carefully poke about the broth, removing and intertwining the noodles while clasping some of the seafood that he would press to his mouth. The delicious morsels were even more enjoyable as his rosy red cheeks would darken in shades with each sip of the remaining bit of his Sake.

    His worries of being a fugitive, at this moment, might as well have been trivial next to dinner with a friend.

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    BGM - Passage of Time

    If only the bunny boy could see the woman before him; she was similar to the Usagi in not only mannerisms and thinking, but in her state of dress as well. She exercised her belief in the expression of the heart, not caring for regular conventions and norms. Even her upbringing was, in part, similar to that of an Usagi’s. Trained in the art of seduction as she was, she knew how to navigate all sorts of social situations.

    With this in mind, it was no wonder the two got on so well.

    Kanon nodded as Hikari-chan spoke; indeed, if he was making this decision, he had to have been dissatisfied with something. His experiences led him to this point, emotions flaring and causing him to leave… the poor bunny must’ve been through a lot.

    “Perhaps that’s true,” Kanon began, “But life sometimes throws us into dark ditches we believe we’ll never get out of… and it leads us down paths we never expected we’d go. I’m sure you didn’t expect to be on the cusp of becoming a missing-nin a few days ago, but that’s where life led you. Only you can answer the question of what’s next now.”

    Her tone was odd; a mixture of wistfulness and nostalgia with a dash of melancholy. Perhaps she had firsthand experience in this department? She took a drag out of her kiseru, releasing smoke in a slow, long exhale.

    She did nothing as Hikari-chan slowly inched closer to the food, simply observing as his body and mind seemed disconnected. Manners and honour fought against the needs of his body and the desires of his heart. Before long, the bunny boy was slurping down ramen with a look of shame on his face. Though he could not see it, he would be able to feel Kanon’s Cheshire grin; it could not have have been any wider, amusement palpable as she watched his predicament.

    “There is nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart. In fact, one could say you’re merely following the desires of your heart. I’m so glad you’ve decided to take my advice!” She followed this with a giggle right after. Hikari-chan was far too precious for his own good, she thought.

    Kanon took to eating as well, taking a massive tray of sushi, with a side-dish of gyoza to accompany it. She wasted no time in eating; though her table manners were impeccable, the pace at which she ate was inhuman. Within a few minutes, all the sushi and gyoza was gone and she was wiping her face with a handkerchief.

    The oni smiled at the compliment, happy to have been able to please the sweet bunny.

    “Most of it is mine, yes. My mother helped me with the ramen, though. She has a way with it that I’ve not quite been able to master yet. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to hear she was able to please! In fact, have you ever heard the name Amano Ai? She’s the owner of a brothel and has had dealings with your clan in the past. She’s also my foster mother.”

    As the conversation went by, Kanon would eat at a more leisurely pace. She didn’t want to deprive her guest of the wonderful food, always allowing him to choose first and never wolfing down food too quickly.

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Can You Catch Me?"
    “I’m Waiting for You to Catch Me!”

    “...Only you can answer the question of what’s next now.”

    Need there be more said? Did it require anymore than a steady nod of his head? Hikari did not want to be in this situation, nor would he wish it upon anyone. The very thought of it reminded him not to sit for too long. The scenery around him: the calm waters, the gentle gale, and even the company that was being kept. These are things he honestly craved for a while without the thought of battle scratching his neck and what it would cause him to lose next. “W-well, I would just like to sit with...a friend...for a moment.” Hesitant he spoke, but a smile would break across his face like floodgates to let out his joy of saying it aloud. “No, rather, that is what I would love to do next.”

    Hikari had indeed indulged in this moment. He had not felt such contentment in a long time since he had decided he was beyond just a Usagi. They were often considered to be the ones who followed their heart’s desires without fail. Fingers would move the chopsticks just as he would probe his memories looking for whatever reason he would grasp for why he changed his ways. Just as he would stab at the noodles, pinching, twirling to weave them around the pieces of wood, he would take another bite as he would demonstrate to his new friend he would indeed indulge himself in her generosity.

    Though, a peculiar note would be dropped like the shoe on another foot.

    “...have you ever heard the name Amano Ai? She’s the owner of a brothel and has had dealings with your clan in the past.”

    “Amano...Ai?” Hikari’s blue eyes would open slightly. “As in...Ai-sama??”  The surname was there, so how could he miss it? Hikari heard many stories of his grandmother. A majority of them are not meant for the ears of children. Half of them were talking about some nights where a glass filled to the brim with the finest wine would be tossed about when slouching back and talking with a woman that she had respect for. When introduced, his mother would say the same thing:

    “Do not be rude! Show respect to Ai-sama!”

    The name had struck a chord no less.

    Enough was said to spark the three curious furry creatures that still watched. They exchanged a glance as if they had been shown something as good as gold to sway their minds.

    “Have your moment.” Ume would permit.

    “Just for a while.” Ichigo would limit.

    “We await your decision” Meron assured. With a determined face he would nod.

    They were cryptic rabbits! They would remind him of his clan so much! A Usagi through and through as little emotions swayed their decisions. One moment, they talked about what was needed and the next would cave into desires. Just as they would say this, they would run away from the two in a quick hurry away from the quilts and the sheets. Their paws reached with a sudden lash as they would press into the dirt and begin digging with two swipes of their paws. Afterwards, their body would sink like water into the soil as they vanished.

    ”M-my apologies about those...three,” Hikari would frown like some disappointed parent, ”They are difficult unless it is family. But...I have a feeling you know how that goes. Now that I have a...slight idea of who you are.” Honestly he was not sure how to feel about this. It was said any child raised among the clan of rabbits and their associates most likely would have their lives that revolved around chasing desire. Then again, was it not appropriate?

    The notion bringing a smile to his face.

    ”I-I is...fate as they would say, Kanon-san?” Hikari would ask, ”It is strange, but, I used to be...someone else. I have spent years being within the Usagi Clan and not within the village itself due to our history. I believed being a shinobi would bring me friends and allow me to fit in and share memories with people I would adore because the Usagi….could not offer me that. N-not completely. After all, males of the Usagi are not raised by tradition. I thought I would distance myself from them and be content...but now after all of it, I find myself sitting here and enjoying myself who has traces with my roots.” He would exclaim. The noodles that he would slurp after would be his last before he would wash it down with his drink.

    ”But yet, even if things have turned out this way, right now...I am happy!” He would tilt his head as the lilac hair swayed, ”I have been running from something that I should have accepted first and foremost: that I am a Usagi. Our priority has always been our heart’s desires to express ourselves first, and the contentment we bring to others usually falls into place. I thought like that until...a friend believed it was not enough.” The image of Jess Uzumaki burned into his eyes and that day. He tried to change. He tried to change so hard! The only thing it brought was more uncertainty!

    In the presence of Jess? A reason to change his optimism and how he was on missions. Before Sojiro? Change how he would allow things to come from his mouth for the sake of not making mistakes and being yelled at. As for Kannagi? To change to be more than a barmaid and be more...eloquent. Finally, upon speaking his heart, he had to change his mind for the sake of someone else. That was probably the most painful event to bring him here! It seemed that being a Usagi was never enough.

    Hikari, as if to wash away this feeling, would lift the broth to his mouth and drink it. Guzzling it down before sitting down the bowl and the chopsticks. A satiated look upon his face after doing so.

    ”I am a Usagi.” He would lift his fingers to his lips. They curled, playfully, before he would let out the small laugh to himself. They were words he had not said in so long! ”Y-yes, I am a Usagi! That is my choice...and a Usagi follows their heart’s desires! Not the will of shinobi. I can...go further now that I am sure about this!”  He would say as he stood up. His feet planted on the quilt. Despite his injury, his stance was strong now. Much stronger than the pathetic one he had upon meeting her. Even then, his hand would still slightly cover his mouth as if he could not believe what he was saying.

    ”T-that...sounds strange. J-just please not tell my Grandmother I said that aloud?” His head turning as he would show his burning cheeks. ”S-she...would not allow me to live this down.” He requested with a smile on his face.

    He hated to admit that the woman was right, but at the same time, he was glad she was. Just this once.

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    BGM - Passage of Time
    Kanon sat there, externally unflappable as always. However, she was curious… the answer was in his hands for what seemed to be the first time in quite a while. He’d been dictated by others, told what he was meant to be by those irksome shinobi… but now he was utterly free to decide. Where would his heart take him, she wondered…?

    The answer was… of a more immediate nature than she first expected, but that was fine. She reminded herself that Hikari-chan had been through a lot over the past few hours, having chosen to become a missing-nin, suffering from an injury as he ran, cutting himself from his friends by leaving. It was a recipe for anyone to become emotionally distraught.

    She could hardly blame him for wanting to slow down for the moment.

    “That sounds wonderful, dear.” She said, smiling at him, happy to see him smile as well, “Remember, there is nothing inherently wrong with indulging oneself every once in a while. In fact, this sort of thing can truly help relieve a person from stress, get your mind off whatever’s troubling you… as long as you don’t go overboard, of course.”

    She continued to eat, taking her pickings from the sushi she’d brought with her, enjoying the bunny’s company. Kanon was very much enjoying the new friend she’d made, and she had this inkling that she’d see him again at some point.

    Hikari-chan’s reaction to the name surprised her, though, making her blink as he called her “Ai-sama”. So, he did know here. Not only that, but he held her in high regard. Enough to call her by that honorific, at least. She smiled, merely giving him a nod.

    “Aye, the very same. I don’t remember her ever mentioning a bunny as cute as you, but I’m sure she loved you.” She said to him. Indeed, mummy liked the polite sort, especially when they were as cute as Hikari-chan was.

    Her attention was then drawn to the rabbit summons, scurrying off after making yet another cryptic statement. Summons were quite mysterious, huh…? She imagined Hikari-chan had to deal with their elusive phrases quite often.

    She then turned her attention back to Hikari-chan.

    “Fate, huh?” She repeated, looking up to the sky, “It’s quite ironic, yes… that after all that effort, you come back and dine with someone like me. But it’s as you say, you’re happy. Usagi or no, one must follow their heart. It’s all anyone can do, it’s all anyone should do. Your heart tells you you’re an Usagi. Regardless of what anyone else says, no one can change what you believe in, nor can they change your feelings. This newfound freedom will feel refreshing, I imagine, and I fully believe that the world will be brighter when you express your heart. Never let anyone tell you that isn’t enough.”

    She took a drag from her kiseru after that, a small smile etched on her face. Seeing him make this realisation made her happy as well. Those who expressed what was in their hearts truly did make the world beautiful.

    “You can go further. Much further. Now that you have something you’re truly passionate about, you can do so much more. Let that passion be the fuel for your determination… and don’t worry, dear. My lips are sealed. I know there’s plenty of things that I don’t want my mother hearing.”

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    Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Birds of a Feather Flock Together [Private ft. Hikari]  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Can You Catch Me?"
    “I’m Waiting for You to Catch Me!”

    “But where does overboard start?”

    His words echoing in his head and heart if not in the reaches of the woods. He stood there now, his feet planted as he would maul over his words and hers. Heritage should have told him how to be a proper clansman and that is what he truly believed. However, the chain of events told another story. Was it because he was born the wrong gender? It is what his grandmother would say. His hand would waft before his face as he stood there. The notion of being a proper Usagi was always upon the table.

    “No.” As if he was to decline his own words and hers if she were to answer. “No. I am wrong. Rather, what type of people did I choose to align myself to declare what ‘overboard’ is for my people, yes?” Hesitantly his hand would drift to his wound on his chest. The scar made on his body and heart about the matter. “I had followed the clan’s traditions to the very pinnacle, I have. I would be myself and assured that no one would be hurt. Whether it is a child of Ai-sama or a child of Grandmother Bun, I as a Usagi know the rules: I do as my heart says as long as no one is hurt in my actions. Though...sadly...I cannot think of anyone being hurt...besides-”

    He stopped. His fingers running against his scar as if he had found an epiphany.

    Irony had seemed to meet him at this point and held a conversation that was beyond words. Many times he had to think of his actions up to this point. Had he done anything to warrant his body being torn asunder? Did his emotions run rampant? Did he deny something that should have been obvious? Well of course he did! It was the consequence of his actions for giving up on how he was raised. His ears could still hear the sound of the woman before him moving her form to crunch the grass. Had he followed instruction, would he be like her? Relaxed and a child of one of the prestigious women of the night? Content and unburdened by trivial things? She might as well have been a saint in her own way.

    “Never mind that now.” Hikari’s face would snap with a smile. Another snap would be a sudden pull from his bewildered imagination of what could have been. “You are right. Perhaps I can go further from this point as I am now, and not...who I have been. If fortune smiles and it does not end my life, then I hope to see you again, Kanon-chan. But...I myself am a shinobi...but rather, someone who I should have been before: a son of the Usagi, yes” The trademark chime of his family as he gave a pleasant confirming question mark at the end of his words.

    His head turning as he would lay his blind eyes on a piece of undisturbed turf. “You three are there!” He would call to the ground, “I hear you nestle between the crust of grass and dirt! Come out now! My decision is made!” He would frown as the ground would bulge steadily. Eventually, bundles of fluff and fur would emerge as the figures would reveal themselves one by one. The colorful rabbits never being too far. The faint light would hit the jewels upon their bodies giving a slight radiant sparkle.

    “With slightest time to spare.”

    “Shall we go?”

    “Where they await there?”

    A sound nod of his head as Hikari would toss his gaze wayward to the distant woods. The thicket was dark underneath the clustering of greenery that were like clouds overhead. He could not interpret any of it, but he was a rabbit in every sense of his nature. A Usagi’s instinct was never off when it came to precaution and to protect their family. So he would act upon it.

    “Kanon-san, I am leaving now,” his voice taking a sudden turn in tone, “If I am right, Anbu will sweep through to track myself. It would be sad if they were to suspect a friend of something to do with this. So, please, when I leave do not say?” his head would turn to show a somber smile. It was compassionate as much as he was filled with concern. “It would hurt me to know if something were to happen to you before we were to meet again.” He said this as he made hand signs. Swiftly ending with the clan’s signature seal, the hare.

    As if the breeze had swept him up and stolen him, Hikari would storm into the air as he took off in a quick leap. Only when his descent seemed like it would begin, it would end as his legs would kick at the air. The clan’s signature Kekkei Genkai gives him balance and strength to send him sailing into the woods like a leaf in a storm without needing to even come close to the ground. He would kick and flip through the air until he vanished amongst the treetops. The veil of green hiding his form as he would take from branch to branch desperately continuing while he could hear the sound of the three colorful animals burrowing through the ground and racing to follow.

    He would need to survive this endeavor. He had to! If only to meet people like her again, he would need to survive.

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