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    Hoshigaki Clan [Finished]

    Kira Hoshigaki
    Kira Hoshigaki

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    Hoshigaki Clan [Finished] Empty Hoshigaki Clan [Finished]

    Post by Kira Hoshigaki Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:22 pm

    Name: Hoshigaki

    Philosophy: The Hoshigaki Clan is a bestial sort, subscribing to the idea of ‘survival of the fittest.’ It is most likely due to the mutations that they have received thanks to their ancestors, but they are a deadly and competitive tribe that spend their days figuratively, and perhaps literally, sharpening their fangs, becoming the predators that their respective villages so rightly desire. Many of them are known to serve direct military roles in their organizations, like the various special forces units that are known to be on the front lines more often than not. Some say that this is out of sheer loyalty, but the truth is that serving the villages this way helps the Hoshigaki deal with their bloodlust best. Not to say that they don’t form bonds with each other and their allies, but it is usually born from combat.

    As far as living arrangements, the Hoshigaki are known to congregate around large lakes within their villages, building huts or even just living within the water, feeding off the variety of fish for food.

    Location: Mainly residing in Gekkousato, but a small branch is located in Nikkousato.

    Status: Open

    History: Among the various warriors that stood against the great beast spawned from the gods, there was a shinobi that wielded the water element to such a masterful degree. His name was Kira Hoshigaki and, during the years of battle, he began experimenting on his own body using medical Ninjutsu and different types of sharks to mutate his body to become better and stronger than he already was. The result changed him entirely, turning his skin grey, sharpening his teeth, and granting him a set of gills that allowed him to breath underwater. With that plus more interesting abilities, Kira was integral in assisting with the destruction of the beast.

    Years had past and, even during countless wars that sought to tear apart the world, Kira survived, doing whatever he had to do. Eventually, the Star Village was formed, and he was among the shinobi that stood by it. By the time the second assault of the gods began, Kira had developed a family of his own, trying his best to defend them from the onslaught. After Higoru had been defeated and his two sons stepped forward to succeed him, Kira sided with Hindeku and moved into the jungles to the East with his family, becoming a shinobi of Gekkousato.

    Hundreds of years had passed, and Kira succeeded in creating a vast branch of those who shared his DNA, birthing a clan of physical monsters that were feared by many yet respected by their peers. Due to the alliance between Gekkousato and Nikkousato, some of the Hoshigaki eventually settled in the Land of the Sun as a sign of respect. No matter where they were, however, they made sure to gain the respect of everyone around them through their combat skills.

    - Kira Hoshigaki (named after the first leader)

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    Hoshigaki Clan [Finished] Empty Re: Hoshigaki Clan [Finished]

    Post by Admin Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:28 pm

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