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    Mutation Guide and Template


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    Mutation Guide and Template Empty Mutation Guide and Template

    Post by Admin on Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:41 pm

    SG Guide | Medical Mutation Guide

    Medical mutations are upgrades that advanced medics are able to make to the human body, including alterations and even additions. These are normally done through surgery and medical procedures done by the professional. Common forms of medical modifications include basic surgery on damage body parts or the healing of a lost limb. However this skill does not stop there. Because of the nature of this skill, the medic can also upgrade the body with more unique and exotic upgrades. This can be things such as giving a human gills, or webbed feet, making them skilled under water. It can also increase basic human functions, like making a human faster, or stronger.

    Medical mutations also include the ability the transplant or infuse DNA into other people. This is most commonly used for transplanting one bloodline into another person, to preserve the DNA or to even create unique combinations. A bloodline or unique trait can not be transferred into another person unless the person doing the procedure possess this skill.

    There are two types of Mutations that a medic can preform.

    Transplants are a type of mutation that allows a medical shinobi to take DNA from one person and implant it into another. There are two common types of Transplants, being blood transfusions and Dojutsu. Blood transplants allow the shinobi to obtain an elemental affinity or bloodline trait of the person they are receiving it from. Dojutsu transplants are when a eye with a special trait or KKG is taken from one person and moved to another. In most cases the transplant occurs in an attempt to transfer an ability to another person. A transplant can not occur if the person the DNA is from has been dead for more than 48 hours unless the DNA is preserved. Any person can only possess one single Transplant.

    Adaptations are medical procedures where one part of the body is molded to resemble something completely different. Normal adaptations are things like animal features added onto another person. This can be something like giving gills to a human, or webbed fingers and toes. It can be extra eye lids to see in the water or wings to hover and fly. Other adaptations can be things like normal human features being added to abnormal areas, such as extra fingers, or arms in other locations. You can have any amount of adaptations up to your mutations limit.

    In order to preform a medical mutation, a special procedure must be done. There are a few different rules depending on if your are preforming the procedure on yourself or another.

    Preforming on yourself
    In order to preform a medical mutation on yourself, you must do a 800 word topic detailing the surgery. During this post your character is considered to be incapacitated and can not defend themselves. This means if you try to preform the procedure in a dangerous environment it could be interrupted. Once you have done the surgery, you can not enter a combat topic for 2 real life days.

    Preforming on another person
    In order to preform a medical mutation on someone else, you must do a topic detailing the surgery. Each person needs to post atleast 800 words in this topic. During this topic your character is considered to be incapacitated and can not defend themselves. This means if you try to preform the procedure in a dangerous environment it could be interrupted. Once you have done the surgery, the person who received it can not enter a combat topic for 2 real life days.

    Since medical mutations take a massive toll on the body, a specific individual can only have a certain amount of medical mutations based on their shinobi rank.

    Can have 1 mutation
    -B-Rank: Can have 2 mutations
    -A-Rank: Can have 3 mutations
    -S-Rank: Can have 4 mutations

    The name of the medical mutation. Be as creative or detailed with the name as you would like.

    This is the type of mutation it is, being a transplant or an adaptation.

    Detail in great depth what is being given to the patient. What abilities are they getting, what body part is being modified, and any extra effects this mutation might give. A medical modification can only give one ability, regardless of the rank of the user. These abilities must be sleek and stream line. The more clunky and convoluted an ability is, the harder it will be to get approved.



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