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    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) Empty The Shield and Sword ablaze (P)

    Post by Story Teller on Mon Jun 15, 2020 7:19 pm

    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) 29c2577b20deaf58ee462aa66f0361

    Name: Maruka Kenku
    Gender: Male
    Village: Sun
    Rank: A-Rank
    Title: Puppet Corps Commander

    Maruka cracked his neck, finally landing on a large tree branch across from the squad of Genin he had been trailing. It appeared as if they had been expecting him, probably thanks to Sojiro, as half of the group had already left, leaving behind two. His green eyes would narrow from behind the mask, so it would be Sojiro and Genkumaru staying behind huh? He would not have expected anything else. The two young men had shown great promise in both their individual skill and their cooperation as a duo. They truly were two of the brightest rising stars the village had to offer. What a shame he was going to have to put them in their place. All three of these men shared a village, shared a duty, and while he did not enjoy the thought of going against his comrades, his brothers, Maruka was a proud member of the Blaze and the Leader of the elite Puppet Corp. He had a job to do, and he would not allow two hot headed Genin to forget their duties either.

    Placing a hand against the flat of the mask, the pale young man would remove the ceramic mask altogether, placing it in his pouch. Fluffy red hair would fall from underneath his black hood, the two Genin getting their first look at the puppeteer. "No need for this thing anymore huh. Looks like you two are not going to let me pass huh? I do not normally like beating up on proud Sun Shinobi, but i have a mission to complete, and as of this moment, you are to be considered my enemies." His tone had completely changed, moving from caring and compassion to stern cockiness. In truth, he had no plans to actually hurt these men, at least not very much. He had to keep face though, a lesson needed to be taught.

    From beneath his black cloak the man had already begun to prepare his plan. He was currently standing on one tree branch, the Genin on another directly across from him. There was 30 meters between them, with several limbs and branches that could be used to traverse. He had estimated that they were also about 200 meters into the air, so it was going to be an elevated fight in the trees huh. That is when Genkumaru did something unexpected. A loud boom went off as the man began to exert pressure, energy radiating from him. The Blaze member could not help but smirk, this was going to be very interesting. "I know Hikari is your friend, and it is amazing you want to protect him. But you are Proud shinobi of Nikkousato, the greatest village on earth! You have worked so hard, done so much to get here, remember your duty! If you really want to help that young boy then you will let us do our job! He will only lash out more and further harm himself or others if this farce keeps up!"

    He was trying to play to their sense of honor and duty, hoping to strike a nerve for one, if not both men. It was a tough situation, but shinobi had to make hard choices every day, it was what made them who they were. He prayed these two would come to their senses before it was to late, however if words would not work, he was already prepared for plan B. Beneath his cloak chakra strings had formed, leaving his fingertips and attaching themselves to ten tiny metal balls on his waist. This entire process would be silent and hidden by the large black cloak. He would use his speech to hide his actions, readying for whatever reaction he was met with. The metal spheres would sit attached to his waist band, chakra strings latched on, dormant until needed.
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    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) Empty Re: The Shield and Sword ablaze (P)

    Post by Genkumaru on Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:22 pm

    The torrential downpour they found themselves in now still felt massive under the tree tops shielding, meaning that there was probably floods going on about now. They lived n the desert, these lush lands they had found themselves in as the crossed borders had become a nuisance. The world didn't feel right.  As he listened on to Maruka he became more sure of himself and this new calm state he was in. Gen had literally become like the eye of a storm, all of the fury and rage he kept contained was expelled and he was choosing not to let it control him now, which was a good thing as Maruka's last sentence struck a serious blow to his core being.

    Hikari was being just as destructive as Gen had been in the past, and this was no different then his self imposed exile to outside of the village. Gen had known what it was like to think of yourself as being either not good enough to be in the village, too weak, too emotional, a living weapon.... without a friend. When Maruka said he would only continue to harm others until he was stopped and corrected, he was right. Gen was still at fault for that, and in the end he always made things worse for himself because of his pride and lack of trust in others that they trust in him.

    He was a big beefy man with a ton of power and skill and yet had no confidence in himself because he viewed the world as having no confidence in him. This was no different from Hikari not being able to see that he had friends who cared about him, deeply and were willing to sacrifice everything to keep him safe and out of trouble. They all wanted him to remain a ninja and be able to experience this life with him. He couldn't see that and it was that very same self destructive behavior that Gen was now forced to face and realize was harmful.

    The rain didn't help his new aura either as the micro explosions resulting in energy crackles ramped up from the pelting of rain around him. Closing his eyes he meditated for but a moment to keep this new found... clarity centered. He was snapped out of his moment when Sojiro whispered in his ear, a sudden feeling of dread washing over him. He had promised him he would follow his lead and he wouldn't harm their friendship again, but the implications of the movement of Sojiro moving closer to Maruka and beginning to talk to him, coupled with what he had just whispered, made him realize that maybe this was the wrong stance for them to take.

    Its true that he had told Sojiro himself that they were saving Hikari from himself, and that this choice to go rogue was suicide in the world they lived in, and it was Gen's duty to save them. But what if that meant that to be their shield... he had to be the sword now? To save all of them, Sojiro, Hikari, Kenji... Kannagi; He would have to join this man and Sojiro in catching up to the bunny and in doing so.... he would lose them forever, but they wouldn't lose their lives at least. Was gen willing to join Sojiro in betraying all of them so that they best outcome was possible? If either of them fought this man here it was just as good as going rogue. Was he really willing to abandon all duty and honor, for just a part of what he was liable for?

    Listening on to Sojiro's bargain with the man, his hair had become slick to his head as the rain refused to let up. Shouting at the two men now he added his own two cents to the mix, "
    You have to promise no one will be harmed Blaze! You have to promise us that everyone will be okay. You speak of our glorious village and of duty and honor and our morals, but what of our duty to our friends? The honor we stake as comrades in arms. That binds us! This is the ideals of Nikkousato! So promise me! You will not hurt any of us! Don't force me down the path of Sonin!", he hadn't thought of that man much the last few days but it was there and it was present now.

    He was still calm but it was teetering. He went to retrieve his flak jacket and put it on, but he let his shirt fly away as the wind began picking up heavily, this rainfall turning into a storm of dangerous intensity. It was as if the heavens themselves were being torn asunder by this very moment. He would join Sojiro and say one last thing to his friend... no his brother, "
    I am your brother Sojiro! I will stand with you. But if any harm comes to them I will not hesitate. Please don't let it come to that and make me choose... I am all in now, but do not fuck me on this.", Sojiro had never heard Gen curse before and he knew it, its why he chose that word. He needed Sojiro to know he was trusting him but he was also serious about this. If something happens to any of the other three, that will be it. The calm will pass and the storm will rage on!

    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) Empty Re: The Shield and Sword ablaze (P)

    Post by Story Teller on Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:39 pm

    "Hmm, that took a turn"In his mind Maruka could not help but find the situation funny, and a little bit ironic, but he would not allow any emotion or reaction to spread over his face. If the mask remained, the Puppeteer might have allowed a sly smirk, but he needed to remain calm and keep up the appearance right now. Both of these men were dealing with a lot, all kinds of emotions assaulting them from every angle. On one hand they were Sun shinobi, took an oath to protect the village, and he knew both of these men were serious about their honor. But on the other hand, they were Hikari's friends, and cared about his well being. Maruka knew what they were feeling, he had been in situations like this himself, having to choose between his friends or the village.

    Something he had said had indeed sparked a thought in these two men, as the aura in the air had suddenly changed. The wind shifted direction, rain continuing to pelt the trio as Sojiro was the first to speak up, quickly followed by Genkumaru. A clap of thunder rang out as their words carried across the trees, agreeing to help him capture the moon shinobi if he could agree to a few things. The Blaze member had managed to keep his composure for the entire conversation, up until the name Sonin was mention. His cheek would twinge ever so slightly, eyes narrowing as he watched the two genin. Were they really, truly going to turn on their friends?

    "If you are serious about helping, then i can promise no harm will come to either of you two, Kannagi or the moon ninja Kenji. That is if they agree to back down and do not offer any resistance. My mission is simply to capture Hikari, detain him until the Eclipse arrive, and turn him over to them. What they do after that is out of our hands." He would take a few steps forward, remaining on his own branch, both hands still tucked under his cloak. He hoped he could trust these two, and that maybe they had seen the light of the situation. "While i have every intention of bringing him in as peacefully as possible, i need you to know, if anyone lashes out or attacks, i am to treat them as a traitor and my enemy. I hope you can respect that."

    He would take one final step forward, coming to the edge of his own branch. The situation had surely taken a turn, but it was a welcome one, for the last thing he wanted was to add five names to a bingo book instead of one. "Now if you two are good with those terms, we can continue on. Sojiro, i would like you to take the lead with the nose of yours, and i shall follow up the rear." He hoped the plan was good enough for these two, and that they would work alongside him in completing this mission.
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    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    The Shield and Sword ablaze (P) Empty Re: The Shield and Sword ablaze (P)

    Post by Genkumaru on Fri Jun 19, 2020 1:37 am

    The rain continued to cascade upon them as he stood there and listened to the words of Maruka and the closest thing to a brother he would ever have. Suddenly all of his wants and desires were becoming childish dreams and memories to him. He really couldn't protect everyone even if he wanted and gave it his all could he?... No that was the talk of someone who was defeated. He would be victorious this day one way or another, he was sure of that now. As if he kept close he could shield whomever Maruka targeted with his own body if it went that direction, and perhaps his presence would tell the others that Maruka meant no harm if they simply gave in. This was all aligned with why they came out here, to protect Hikari from himself.

    Following behind Sojiro as they went off towards their group his eyes were closed for brief moment as he contemplated the words that Sojiro returned to him. Was it okay really to use their gifts and talents on their friends? He would fight with that for a good long while as they traversed towards their comrades. His internal moral compass was struggling to agree with Sojiro and Maruka who were right but... was it right to use force on people who were just confused, and emotional? Their friend was trying to commit suicide essentially by going rogue in a world that treats that so harshly. This was... an inopportune reality and unfortunately had very low chances for the perfect outcome now. Gen didn't know Hikari as well as say Sojiro, or Kanna, but he knew that little rabbit man had the heart of a lion and would never back down unless he truly felt like it was the right thing to do.

    A single tear fell from the left eye of Gen as he ran along the branches high above the floor of the forest they were traversing. It would most likely go unnoticed by his companions given their focus and the torrential downpour they were in. He wasn't crying because of the way this turned out but because he knew Sojiro and Maruka were right and that meant risking his friendships to prove it. Finally speaking up his voice was calm as if he had quieted the turmoil now, "
    Tell me what you want me to do Sensei... Hikari will probably need to be incapacitated if they couldn't calm him. Sojiro and I are both adepts with the Lariat technique, and I can use Bakuton and Chidori. If needed... I will incapacitate whatever dissident elements we find....", he felt like true scum for abandoning his friends... but he was a Shinobi of Nikkkousato and the last living member of the vanguard clan to the village, the Iwamura. He didn't want to do this or any of it really but he knew this was the path of least resistance and the safest for everyone involved.

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