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    A Day of Scouting Empty A Day of Scouting

    Post by Elebolt Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:44 pm

    Mission Details:
    Name: Scout the Border
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village's region
    Details: Just like patrolling the village is important, it is also important to make sure the nations borders are secure. Your task is to spend time roaming the regions borders and making sure nothing looks out of place. This includes roaming the main road, outing bandit camps or arresting thieves. While it can be boring at times, you never know what is going to pop up out in the wild.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    It was a nice day in the village of Nikkousato, some birds flocked about, some clouds could be seen in the distance, with the wind coming from the shore, and the temperature was quite mild too. Arashi grabbed his cloak, set his katana on his left hip, and took the rest of his ninja equipment. Today he was assigned to scout the territory outside of the village, so he prepared some food and water for the trip and headed out.

    After going through the town gates, he headed for the Red Desert. He would hear some idle chatter from travelers, things like "Finally a nice day in this desert!" "Mom... I don't wanna walk anymore, Carry me..." "I can't believe you would steal from your uncle!? You're in severe trouble little man!" And other wide range of topics, all from different walks of life. Entering the Red Desert, he would drink some water and keep walking, he found a pair of outposts and caravans nothing very noteworthy.

    That is until he found a merchant caravan and it's guards being surrounded by bandits, the guards were in their formation around the cart, but were being pushed back, Arashi decided to help, so he unsheathed his sword and ran towards one line of bandits, He jumped and kicked one of them in the head throwing him to the ground, then proceeded to slash to his left with his weapon ability, killing the bandit that was two meters away from him in that direction, then he turned around and while doing so slashed at the guy opposite from the last. The bandit's got distracted by Arashi's intervention, allowing the guards to retaliate with heavier force, this ended up becoming a battlefield in not much longer, More than a dozen of men were battling on each side, Arashi being the only factor giving the guards some advantage right now. He would stab the guy he threw to the ground before, and start his Lightning dash technique, jumping from bandit to bandit slashing each of the three in a line, some now that there were less of them some guards started to gang up on the bandits, they finished them pretty fast afterwards.

    The guards were pretty grateful to Arashi, so he decided to accompany the caravan as its forces had dwindled after the bandit's attack, they walked for a while without any more complications, but it seemed someone was very interested in whatever this caravan had, at one point a big guy wielding a huge sword showed up and stood in the way not letting the caravan advance. "What do you want!" One of the guards shouted, The guy just started to laugh, lifting his sword he ran towards the front guard and smashed him, some other guards charged at him. They couldn't stop him and were dispatched easily, the other guards were scared so Arashi took it on himself to take down the guy, he ran towards him, the bandit just lifted his sword thinking Arashi would be as easy as the last guy, so when he swung down Arashi sidestepped and slash at his wrist before the bandit could lift his sword he jumped behind him and slashed at his back, this back and forth kept going for a while until the bandit got serious and started to move faster, he did another downwards slash aimed at Arashi's head, so he slightly dodged and did a sliding parry, but the guy wouldn't end there, he tried punching Arashi with his other hand, to what he responded by crouching and using his electric touch technique, then slashed at the bandit's hamstring, and while he was bent by the pain Arashi shouted to the guards to charge at him, they rushed the bandit and killed him at last. After the caravan arrived at the small town where it was going Arashi said goodbye to the people there and headed back home, having finished another successful scouting.

    WC = 657


    Arashi Tento and his Character Sheet

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