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    Regaria [Blood Limit] Empty Regaria [Blood Limit]

    Post by Guest Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:50 am

    Name: Regaria [Blood Limit]
    Type: Weapon/Item
    Size: Large [Medium Per Boot]
    Rank: C-S Rank

    Description: Crafted from the Usagi Clan themselves who adore harvesting minerals from the Earth using their sensory, the Regaria are a pair of plated and armored geta that are specifically used for their feet. The Geta are named Regaria due to the Usagi matriarchs and mothers who think of themselves as royalty and walk on shoes that encompass it. Usagi Clan use this footwear traditionally for all their activities: battles, performances, and even fashion. Usagi Clan Matriarchs claim that this geta is to shape their feet respective to a rabbit’s as they learn to walk on them. It is very easy for them considering their impeccable balance that comes from their increased hearing.

    This feature is emphasized by the design of the geta as the heel is lifted two inches higher than usual on the back of an ordinary geta, and the material that crafts this heel is solid iron blocks that are mended into the wooden platform. Along with this is a thin plating of wire and metal that weaves along the lower leg, at least six inches at best for adults and teenagers. The Usagi use their feet in combat, making these for a perfect weapon to counter melee weapons such as blades and reaching pole arms as they reinforce their kicks with powerful sweeps of their feet, or lifting of their leg high in order to block with their prized legs. The iron platforms give a slight increase of power when making assaults, similar to the style a pair of brass knuckles would on a set of fists. Geta often are very various and elaborate in design as the plating is usually colored silver along the sides and across the top of the toes with cushioning. Gems unearthed from the Usagi and sculpted decorate the footwear as a sign of womanhood when they are able to gather materials effectively using their Kekkei Genkai. The most elaborate designs are created by matriarchs using rare metals and advanced skills in Bukijutsu. Due to how they protect the feet from assaults as they attack, it is best thought of as armor as well.

    Function: The Usagi call attacks using their feet, “Mochi” attacks. This is because of the base of the Regaria, the iron heel, being called a “Hammer.” This is reminiscent to the stories of the rabbit on the moon who used their hammers to pound the elixir of life. Therefore, Usagi who are attacking using the reference as a prefix to their attack (Mochi Roundhouse, Mochi Pound, Mochi Straight, etc). The Usagi do not have any elaborate techniques as these standard designs of heels lack the specifications of chakra metals that would channel chakra in order to enhance attacks. It is rumored that Usagi matriarchs keep Geta that are imbued with such metals that take on special characteristics. Even without special traits, it is very common for women who admire the Usagi to buy this footwear for battle, though it still retains an attractive allure due to the decor of minerals.

    Unlike the Usagi Clan’s geta they produce for profit, the geta that are of their bloodline have very special qualities as not only are they refined for the Usagi Clan wielders, but are also infused with material found in the Rabbit’s Burrows that have been affected by Senjutsu Chakra. As a result, they are able to use special functions that include the molding of Chakra to activate their abilities depending on the wielder. As they are Usagi Clan artifacts, they are able to absorb chakra in order to activate their primal fighting ability and will feel different on the feet of anyone other than a Usagi Clan member. Someone of the Usagi Clan will know the sensation of this footwear as it agrees with their Chakra Nature as well as their Kekkei Genkai to give them the utmost balance.

    Abilities: Depending on what Rank the footwear is purchased depends on their functions. The higher the tier of the footwear, thus the clan member gets that function along with preceding functions.

    C-Rank:: These geta are very simple. Usually representing a geta with a slightly ascended three-inch heel in the back. They are to get the young ones ready to curve their feet and most likely have been worn by them since they were little. They will experience greater movement ability in combination with wearing these with their bloodline, often optimizing their speed to be an extra 1 Movement Point. They will gain an extra movement point for every preceding rank of the footwear’s tier above C-Rank after that up to S-Rank (+4 MPP Max).

    B-Rank:: The ultimate support! The Usagi Clan member has a heel lifted to be six inch which curvess their feet to the point that balance almost seems impossible, but yet it is. The member is able to stand with a strong stature and strike with a straight foot that is almost piercing while wearing this geta design! Usagi Clan Balance is optimized in this footwear making it so that they are not hindered by the movement of the Earth and anything that dares to remove them from it. Therefore, when the Usagi Clan member is attacked by any attack that attempts to throw them off balance (knock them off their feet) by a close-range attack (Within five-meters) that is less than the item’s grade, the Usagi Clan member can quickly recover to restore their balance to use an extra action to use a Bukijutsu/Taijutsu technique. If the attack is higher than this item’s grade, then this effect does not activate.

    A-Rank:: Known as the Aianmeiden (Iron Maiden)! These Usagi Clan geta are vastly different in appearance as the metal is much more shimmering much like that of a silver that would remind one of what early steampunk designs are. They are outfitted with a jewel that is embedded from the Gem Sister summons and make use of Chakra to imbue the Geta with Earthen properties. As a result, they are well protected and able to cause some destruction. The geta are much more elaborate as the support of wire and leather weave around their lower legs to knees.

    The Usagi Clan members are able to use an effect on their geta similar to the Earth Release: Earth Spear. As a result, the user makes powerful impacts to the body of foes or objects in general. This also makes it so that their feet, ankles, lower leg, and knees are well protected and receive this distribution of Chakra due to the leather and wiring receiving the overlap. This makes their legs have a reliable defense while giving a powerful offense. However, in order to trigger this chakra, they must physically dispense their chakra and use their stamina to unload this strength (15 Chakra & 10 Stamina) and the Usagi Clan member must be versed in the clan’s element: Doton. This defense fails if it is colliding with Raiton-based attacks.

    S-Rank:: The Usagi Clan member’s Regaria is elaborate! The metal is crafted to have a very unique design! Usually this design is relative to their personality or their preferences. Metals shaped like rose blossoms? Signature carvings with kanji? Even a peculiar design of the warped metal in some way or another. Either way, this shows that they are the pinnacle of their clan. As the Usagi Clan’s practices fell out so long ago, these Regaria are quite difficult to find and come by unless one were to go to their land of origin where their summons would lie. Also, to fully bring out their strength, the Usagi Clan member may need to lack vision one way or another (Must have vision less than 20/20) as they are aware they cannot use jutsu to the fullest proficiency.

    The user can apply their element, regular or advanced, to create a unique Elemental Bukijutsu that activates from the base of the Regaria. This usually is making a kick or even a swipe of their foot that may unleash a devastating attack, or even a signature technique of some type.

    Status: Usagi Clan - Kekkei Genkai
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