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    Training new students Empty Training new students

    Post by Zap Fosho on Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:57 am

    Karite sighed as she got up that morning. She took her shower and got dressed. She put on her normal shinobi outfit. She put on her black shorts and then started with her tops. Her black shirt hug close to her fishnet long sleeve undershirt. Her curves showing properly. She threw her cloak over her outfit and put her arms threw the sleeves. She decided to close it and put up her hood. She did a couple warm up stretches to make sure she was ready for the patrol. She yawned and walked down to the kitchen, where her sister was waiting. “Hey Hitomi, how the hell are you up so early?” She giggled knowing the answer. Hitomi shook her head. “Breakfast is on the table. Don't do anything stupid while you are out on your mission today. What do you have to do today?" Karite sighed. "I just have to teach a class down at the academy." Hitomi smiled. "Ooooh, that sounds like lots of fun. What do you have planned today?" "We plan to have them do a kunai and senbon throwing class." "Good luck." She finished eating her breakfast and began to walk out the door. "Have a good day, Hitomi." She waved back to her sister. Hitomi responded with a quick wave.

    Karite walked to the village's academy as she tried to figure out what she was doing for the lesson. She was wondering whether the kids would be able to hit the targets without much work or if they would need a lot of work. She sighed as she gave up worrying about it as she made it to the academy. She entered the academy grounds to find the kids outside, ready for their lesson. She also found the usual instructor outside the building with them. "Alright class, today we will be working on kunai and senbon throwing. Kunai is much easy to balance and are perfect for all shinobi. Senbon are more difficult. Senbon can be difficult to accurately aim. If you cannot utilize senbon, then you do not need to worry. Kunai and shuriken will be useful in their own way. Anyone who wishes to try kunai, there are kunai and target set up to the left of the training grounds. You will be working with your usual instructor. Anyone who wishes to try senbon, proceed to the right side of the grounds where you will find plenty of senbon to throw into the targets. You will be working with me." She smiled weakly as the students took their places. Surprisingly, only three students had wanted to try throwing senbon. She walked over to where the students were looking over the senbon. She smiled as a female student grabbed a few of the senbon and threw them at the target. They hit nearly dead center. "Oooh, someone has been practicing. That was a really good shot." The female student blushed and let the next student go. The next student, a male, tried to throw a few senbon but couldn't get the accuracy correct. "Don't focus too much on power. Senbon rely on precision. Focus on where they are going more than if they can penetrate. Remember that these penetrate easier then kunai." She smiled as the next student took over. A nerdy girl with glasses took over next. She picked up a senbon and tried to throw it like a dart. Karite giggled. "I don't recommend throwing like that. If you throw like that, you may hit your target, but you will have an issue of only one going in. Even then, because only one is thrown, you may not even hit because your odds are lower." She smiled and picked up a few senbon and held them like she was going to throw them. "Try like this and you will be more likely to hit." She smiled as she heard the other instructor call them. "Well, you better head back. Good luck." She waved and watched the kids return to their class. She then walked away, going home for the day.


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