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    Lesson on KKG [Mission] Empty Lesson on KKG [Mission]

    Post by Kaguya Shinigai on Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:11 pm

    Name: Teach the Future
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon or Sun shinobi
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: One of the Villages
    Details: The next generation needs training, and you have been asked to go down to the academy and train a class of Academy students a jutsu. Demonstrate the jutsu and explain what it takes to operate as a ninja in battle.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    The birds chirping and the sounds of children getting ready to head to their classrooms would awaken the young boy known as shinigai. As he would roll over in bed he would remember that he had signed up for a mission just the other day. His eyes would pop open as he would shoot up from the bed and run in to the bathroom. Washing his face and making sure his breath would not smell like a dead animal had died on the road. As he would shoot out of the bathroom and out of his home he would watch as many of the academy students were making there way to the school. Today shinigai opted in to teach these students. A few were from his clan and others were apart of the other clans of the village. After recieving this mission he had decideded what he would be teaching. Jumping up to one of the buildings he would use this path to make it to the academy before the small children. "Oh geez those little legs can keep up, huh?" Shinigai would say as he would see the same group of children catch up to him in just a few minutes. As he ran into the building he would give out a large smile.

    "You're late.. sensei." A young boy would say as shinigai would look up to see this green haired boy sitting in the first seat of the class. "Morning." Shinigai would reply trying to ignore his late remark. "You must be the one they call Hiroku Hyuuga? You look just like my teammate." He said as the boy would turn away and ignore the man. The other students would make their way into the class and then scatter throughout the class. Shinigai would sit at the desk waiting for the rest of the students to show up. As the last one would show he would notice a lot of different clans on the list. From hyuuga to Kaguya it felt as if this had been a perfect lesson plan for the ninja to be. Standing up from his desk he would bow to the children and begin to write his name on the board in chalk. "I am Mister Farron. I will be teaching you about a lot of different Kekkei Genkais and how some of them work." He said as he would walk to the front of his desk.

    "Okay most of the ninja in the world are born with different type of abilities. The boy you know as hiroku is blessed with the ability of a doujutsu. These allow their eyes to change in color and shape allowing them to pump chakra into the and use different type of jutsu that others can not use." Shinigai would say as he walked back around the desk and begin to draw eyes. He would draw a detailed version of the eyes and show chakra being pumped into them. Then he would begin to draw the abdomen of the body and the chakra pool around the stomach. "There are also clans who bless their children with the use of different elements. Those that can use things such as sound or lava. These do not need the bases to create these elements such as Earth and Fire to make lava." He said as he turned to make sure that the students were listening to him. The young boy known as Hiroku would raise his hand and ask, "And what is your kekkei genkai?" Shinigai would look shooked at this question and then would laugh a bit. "Mine.... well mine is bone manipulation." He said as the young boy would raise his eyebrow at the statement. Drawing the body he would show a bit how the bones in the users body could be manipulated with chakra. "Some users like me are blessed with the ability to control their bodies and their will. Sometimes it can be their hair, or their blood. I am Lucky to have this ability because in my clan is it very rare to find." The bell would ring as shinigai would finish his discussion this would cause for recess. Shinigai would leave as he would only be asked to teach the first half of the class. The day was over for him but he hoped he could come back once more to teach the young kids.


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