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    Nineteen Cold Candles  Empty Nineteen Cold Candles

    Post by Guest Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:44 am

    Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Can You Catch Me?"
    “I’m Waiting for You to Catch Me!”

    Branching like trees, the paths would reach across nations. Along the ground, they reached further than roots.

    Countless times these paths were traveled telling hundreds of stories. Perhaps thousands? The number only magnified by the prints left going from one nation to the next. Eventually, those very prints would fade and be left unknown. New ones would take their place and a story to behold with them. Running fresh layers of soils over tracks, this would happen as surely as time would pass with the rustle and bumbling of carriages. The seasons would race behind them eventually leaving a top layer of snow that was closest to the distant frozen forests of the Icy North.

    Not many went this particular direction on the Kataki Road.

    The crescent moon had been lost behind clouds that would sweep down from the peaks. Eternally frost would be carried on the most gentle drifts of wind on the chilliest of nights. The summers were no different and no less bleak. Eventually, the darkness would give up what it had hidden. With the passing of the very last carriage that would roam to the edge of the one path, the one branching path, there would be a slight shock that would come to a certain figure who was waiting posted on the hillside. Foggy blue eyes were not the least bit able to conceive what was going on as well as the ears were. Twitching, shifting, they would catch a voice on the night’s gale.

    “You!” A rowdy voice! Filled with all the age and disdain for being out in the cold wind as the chestnut bearded man would brush at his shoulders. He pointed to the corner of a frost covered cliff slop that was across from another leading into the canyon past into the Frozen Forest. “Yes! You! Behind that cliff! I ain’t got time for no ninja games! Ya’ got a parcel!”

    A parcel?

    The rabbit-esque ears crowning the lilac hue of hair on the head of a certain figure would hear him right. The faux muscles would move curiously like the animal they represented as the young child would step from behind the cliff.


    He was quite the sight had anyone ever known one of the children of the Usagi Clan. Their bodies clad in the tightest of garments in black shades like the one that was made of mesh and leather that bound his own. The harsh cold of the mountain pass made the season unforgiving, no matter the time of day, causing him to wear the foot long furs along his wrist to elbow and knee to ankle. His feet were covered by tufts of fur that crowned his tapered footwear. He would saunter from his hiding place, approaching the frost covered path as he would approach the carriage and the man.

    “Yes! Rabbit gal! Just as I was told.” The man would reach to the seat next to him. A box sealed and tapered as the man would take a single box. “This is for ya’, right? If not, then it’s no matter. I was told to deliver at this time, this place, with someone like you. Take it and leave!” No choice was given to the young rabbit. After all, he nearly forced the package into his grasp. His hands taking the box as he would remain vigilant. The sound of the carriage rolling off at the swiftest of speeds as the man was surely aware of what kind of activity happened within these lands.

    It gave the young figure enough time to carry the package and journey to his true roosting spot: a small cliffside space that was woven in limbs, rock, and a shallow dug out. It was perfect for enduring the crisp elements and even better for camp as a gentle flame was lit. It did not do well for his vision, even in the darkest of night, but the warmth was as welcoming as a hearty home; something he missed so dearly. With himself taking a seat upon the block of wood while he could hear the crackle of flame lick and bite into the fresh blocks of wood, the rabbit would finally creep his fingers to the edge of the box, slowly opening it.

    It made sense. Now why he was out here made sense.

    Hikari Usagi had not been able to enter the villages lest his life be forfeit. Mei Mei, the only shinobi that was watching over him as a Missing Ninja, had been the one that gave him a breath of fresh air by whisking him to somewhere he could live in solitude after explaining the rules. She would give him assignments and he would repay them in kind. He remembered telling her so many things to ensure his loyalty: his surname, his abilities, who he swore his loyalty to in his past-life, and even...his birthday.

    “My birthday.”

    A smile crept across his face. Yes, Mei Mei was a rogue, but at heart, she was a kindly woman even though she had not admitted to it. It made sense she assigned him to be posted here without knowing, made sense the man would deliver to a stranger, and made sense why he was posted out here before a fire. His finger sliding into the open box and placing his finger into the edge of the blend of moist texture that was glaze, a stick poking acros from another with a mound that was made of soft texture and topped with cream.

    A cake with the motif of a rabbit.

    Alone, he would sit there, placing his hands together. A prayer to whatever Gods cursed him to this infernal situation. The next, a prayer to the blessed Gods that had allowed him to live this horrid life as a runaway. The next, he would reach to the top of the mound of cake and frosting. His hand would reach one of the colored spheres covered in a sweet glaze and bite into it. His hands would be sure to wipe away any of the moistness along his face before it chilled his smiling cheeks to the bone.

    Here, he would eat among the dancing flame alone.

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    Misuki Heng
    Misuki Heng

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    Nineteen Cold Candles  Empty Re: Nineteen Cold Candles

    Post by Misuki Heng Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:46 am

    Nineteen Cold Candles  1tcyoKT

    Milk snow to compliment both her cold blooded focus and her ivory horn was dressed all around the landscape. One could see straw like shadows in various angles, posted within the frosted earth with many kunai and shurikens surrounding each one. Echoing within the chilling silence was just a breathy panting and a low growl as Misuki picked herself up to wipe the raindrops from her forehead. She growled at herself planting a scarred fist into the snow, following a hint of firm determination in her voice as crows began to fly in the distance. Panting as she stared at the several dummies placed all around her, Misuki was training herself, as always. Her need for power, skill and perfection was endless. She bore her fangs before sucking her teeth once more, gaining herself.

    "I have to get stronger!"

    She stated this to the empty cold abyss, before leaping once more in the air, twisting into a corkscrew before launching flurries of different weaponry toward the dummies themselves. Only here could she practice and train without being disturbed. In the village she was always bothered. Whether it was someone inquiring about how much she 'cost', or attempting to size up her demonic heritage. Most, including her haven't seen many like her so they are always looking for the next fight, or the next exotic person they have not seen. She despised that word to describe her, "Exotic".

    It was almost as if she was seen as cattle instead of a person. Yet, because of her horn and fangs and hellish aura, she was not seen as human. She was less than, but for her, she existed and because of such she mattered. Those distractions for her though, was too much, especially when it was every day. So here she was, cold within the frozen tundra attempting to improve her weapon skills. Which, after hours of practice she had finally seen a step forward.

    Loud thumps could be heard as she aimed and catapulted the rest of her loadout towards each of the dummies, not even obtaining a bullseye but finallyh hitting center mass out of the sundry of kunai and assorted weapons she let loose from her delicate claws. Her aerial movements were beguiling to the on-looker, an endless waltz as she touched down back into the ocean of sleet with her elegant feet. A steady cloud of snow could be seen once she landed, circling her from the heavy Oni anatomy landing from such a height. When the young maiden looked up, a small grin strode along her lips.


    "Finally... Alright, again."

    She whispered to herself with a rush of breezy air escaping her lips. Yet, as she gathered herself to walk over to the dummies, she heard a husky male yell out in the distance. She immediately dropped into a combat stance bearing her claws and looking around. Despite being dressed in scars from her own amateur weapon skills, she was quite proficient in the art of utilizing her claws and fangs. Her natural Lunaris given gifts, never failed the pastel Genin. Once she confirmed that her immediate surroundings were safe, she heard the voice speak out again, clearly stealth was no their strong suit. She decided to head out and see what commotion was going on, keeping to the bleached trees for both high ground and to blend in within the enviornment as much as possible, she treaded onwards with caution.


    Her searching led her to a cliffside, while she stayed within the white glint of the trees, she simply peeked out to see what looked to be a delicate looking figure praying, while hunched over an object. The figure was skinny and had some interesting features that Misuki had never seen before. Ears decorated this person's head as natural as Misuki's fangs. Lavender hair that seemed as soft as the snow, and jointed legs that revealed a much more muscular and able-bodied form. The boy clearly wasn't trying to hide his appearance, and Misuki surmised those ears weren't simply for show. She simply stayed within the trees, no longer hearing another male's voice she watched from a distance to see what he would do. Wariness was how she survived this long, she wouldn't go charging in beliving him to be an enemy, but one question did strike a chord with Misuki. Why was he here?

    Nineteen Cold Candles  Empty Re: Nineteen Cold Candles

    Post by Guest Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:38 am

    Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Nineteen Cold Candles  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Can You Catch Me?"
    “I’m Waiting for You to Catch Me!”

    Drinking the crisp, cold air in a sultry show of his body, the rabbit relaxed.

    The lounging Leporidae would take comfort in his leisure. The frost hopelessly tried to nip at his digits. They would fail in vein. No match for Hikari’s mxiture of appetite and apathy to the elements, the cold would have no say in how he would lift the wooden skewers to his face. His eyes, misty at the vision, would see only darkness although his nose told him of a plethora of aspects that gave his tongue a thousand promises. With one flare of his nostrils, he sniffed the food in hand while balancing on his legs a box containing the one-eared confection resembling a Hare.

    Confectionary sugar that was powdery to the touch. It would give such a smoothness to his fingers. Glaze that stopped as if its time had ended was surely draped across well cooked rice flour. The taste of it on the tip of his tongue would make a demon’s smile appear on his lips as he found absolute pleasure in the sensual nature of him sampling the food. Only when he would end his paranoia would the lilac haired rabbit open his mouth and slip one of the colored spheres of sugar and dough into his mouth. His cheeks inflating as he savored the flavors that were juggling within his mouth.

    “Delicious, as I feared!” An ill-mannered display in front of a hundred trees and endless snow, “The bunny believes Mei Mei-sama deserves a thanks and the world’s worth of gratitude.”

    It was difficult to imagine the Missing Ninja taking an interest in such trivial things at times. Hikari knew not of masks as he never had the pleasure of knowing what a false facade was to the eyes. There was however the steadiness of a heart and the faux utterance of the lips that spoke of fear while the chest beat with a thrill. Because of that, Hikari was not acqauinted with the lie a face could give no more than the darkness and light could stay within a room without conflicting. Though, for Mei Mei, a missing shinobi who steadied her heart and would speak strongly like a warrior and a mother, it was difficult to know what were lies and what were truth beyond her beautiful actions.

    He had a mouth of full of zest to prove it.

    Steady bites was the key to refinement and relishment. Sips of the chilly air enticed the palette as it would send the aroma through the rest of his mouth and throughout. As he would chew, there was a momentary pause as if there was something off about his dish. A connoisseur, he would take a moment to think what was this flavor. As if blood flowed through veins, so would the chakra that raced through his body and swept through the faux ears that adorned his head. His chewing much slower and his appetite leaving him steadily. A displeasure was within his gaze as the icy blue eyes that were alit from the crack and pops of the open flames that danced before. One more piece of pastry would meet his lips as he would sit idly by contemplating what this extra ingredient was.

    Oh yes! He knew this: a spy!

    Vanilla skin would sweep the air like a whip would when lashing out. Delicate fingers became an assassin’s tool as the wooden skewer would fly true to the direction of the extra in this moment of feasting. The wooden pick would fly true! The skill of a shinobi was unmistakable in the way the young child would throw the skewer with his eyes remaining perfectly still, face showing nothing short of removal from the idea of casting a now dangerous projectile, and his form as still as a militian who was certain he desired to kill.

    Though, this would not come.

    The intruder, the vigilant watcher within the dark of the cliffside, would be shielded by the rocky barricade and uneven slope near her hiding place. However, it was obvious that she had been found with as much effort as a babe would need to learn to love sugar. The skewer would plant itself firmly withint he rocky mound near her hiding place. The figure unmoving, except for the false ears that would continue to shimmy on his head. A silence birthed from that one moment where he was an innocent child in the wintery white land to him showing the talent of an assassin, and now him sitting perfectly still.

    “You should try that.” He would call aloud. “It is quite good!”

    It was not apparent what the obviously young voiced figure meant with his gentle voice but confident tone. If the hidden maiden would look at the projectile that planted itself into the rocky structure from his toss, the skewer still had something on it that was uncommon: a single ball of Dango that was glazed and fresh with the scent of glaze and coated with a light toss of powdered sugar. Whether she would allow her curiosity to take her and the advice of the young man with it, it was left to fortune as he had every intention to share his treat.

    it was obvious now that he was no threat to the woman in anyway except to her figure.

    A moment passing since the generous, innocent attack and his recommendation. The silence would break again. “Please...would you join me in sharing this?” The head of the young man dropping as his face, twisted with despair was hidden beneath the shade of the sweeping flames that placed a glow on his face. His fingers planting on the edge of the box holstering the confection. “This bunny fears...that this sensation within me at the is loneliness.”

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