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    Sculpting - Rock Brick Cane || D-Rank Empty Sculpting - Rock Brick Cane || D-Rank

    Post by Guest Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:17 am

    Name: Doton: Chōkoku - Gagankon - [Earth Release: Sculpting - Rock Brick Cane ]
    Specialty: Kekkei Genkai
    Rank: D
    Element: Earth
    Cost: 15 Chakra [Bō Form] || 25 Chakra [Naginata/Hammer Form]
    Range: 0-5m (Melee) || 0-15m (Shockwave)
    Duration: 3-Post(s)

    Description: The Usagi Clan’s Kekkei Genkai that reflects their ability to sculpt as well as to manufacture weapons in their smithing professions. The Usagi using sculpting can take the Earth and make definite shapes and sizes that are accustomed to their size and weight. This is namely because of the Clan’s ability to be sensitive to Seismic Waves and precision when it comes to their own balance and what can affect it. As a result, they craft these weapons on the fly from the available Earth and are able to move with precision while still armed. This increases with age and skill as they are able to make more complicated weaponry that supports their fighting style. These weapons are crafted from the most potent of materials and grains from the Earth, held together with Chakra, and are used in order to fight opponents with limitations to the weapon’s form. Depending on the weapon depends on the attack capability.

    D-Rank: Initially, the most simplistic of the cultivation of these weapons is that of the common Bō, a weapon that supports their balance all while striking enemies. The form of the weapon allows for support in their movement and balance, often making use of the fact that it is long and slender. Some Usagi Clan members simply use it for their crippled vision and helping to feel around the environment. This is the basic form and does not have any major potential other than being a weapon that can be crafted from the Earth on the fly.

    C-Rank: The weaponry becomes more complicated when reaching this form. Damage can be mounting and devastating considering the form. Usually, a Usagi clan member reflects their ability to craft their weapons depending on which of these weapons are formed first: A Naginata or a Hammer, but only one of these can be created upon using this jutsu. As a result, the Usagi Clan member is able to make cutting damage or impact damage wielding the head of the weapon making attacks more effective. They can even expend extra chakra (15 Chakra) to shift their weapon from Bō form to one of these forms quickly on the fly.

    B-Rank: Usagi Clan members at this stage are able to deliver powerful shockwaves using their weapons after pounding the Earth or sweeping their weapon against the terrain. As a result, they channel a ranged blast across the ground to strike in a linear distance towards an area. These shockwaves are so powerful, stalagmites (approximately a meter high) threaten to knock the target off their feet, delivering a similar amount of damage as if the target had been struck by the weapon itself. However, even with a strong attack, it consumes Stamina (10) in order to strike in this manner using their strength and complex dance movements.

    A-Rank: The skill of the Usagi clan members who wield these weapons becomes more dangerous! Usagi Clan members are capable of changing the shape and form of the weapons in order to dual wield them or augment their forms (Trident-headed Naginata, more massive hammer heads, etc). The change of the weapon’s shape and properties start to look different from the usual Clan members, showing the maturity of ability and warning opponents of the strength by the member. Their powerful shockwaves delivered are much wider in range and are not just linear, making it so that the stalagmites are much larger in size and width (3 meters high and wide as fifteen meters make it so that they can potentially catch more targets). The skill uses more Stamina (20) due to the intensity, but they become more potent in skill.

    S-Rank: The pinnacle of this weapon’s skill. After crafting the weapon of their design, the Usagi Clan member makes it so that the weapon is finely crafted with their Chakra to the point that the weapon will not crumble or fall apart due to the duration. This makes any weapon they refine at this weapon using their Kekkei Genkai as good as any other weapon upon the field. Although this may seem trivial, it is actually useful as it shows the ability to make a plethora of weapons to be strategically placed and utilized on the field at any time they desire, especially if they wish to use them efficiently or pass them to allies (though the allies cannot use the abilities of the weapons).

    Status: Kekkei Genkai - Usagi Clan

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    Post by Admin Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:24 pm

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