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    Who is Susan B-rank Solo


    Who is Susan B-rank Solo Empty Who is Susan B-rank Solo

    Post by Guest Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:05 pm

    Name: Who is Susan?
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Blending fields ( Region 9 )
    Details: There are a breed of corrupted scorpions called Susan's Scorpions. There is no record of why they called Susan's Scorpions. However, they are a deadly species who bury themselves deep in the sands and wait for their prey. While their bodies are small, the size of a pig, their tales are thick and are as long as 5 meters. Their stings are highly venomous. Go and hunt down a Susan's Scorpion, bring back its stinger as proof. Keep in mind its exoskeleton is incredibly thick and durable.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    A question often asked among the shinobi of the sun was, who on earth is Susan? All the records across the scorched sands and whispering rivers, there was not a single record of a Susan. Was it a code for something? Perhaps an old sage who departed the world in secrecy or a Necronomicon or even just a troll-like individual. Many theories existed around who or what Susan was. So much than the academy admitted they didn’t have a single clue as to who it is. The only point of reference they had was Sudan’s scorpion. A highly venomous, hyper-aggressive, and predatory insect the size of a man but with a sting as long as Terry’s Tentacle. Who Terry is isn’t important not today. The focus is on the horrid scorpion that preys upon the critters in Nikkousato.

    These scorpions were a bit of a pest in the desert. While left alone they were perfectly fine, they had a habit of situating themselves in places which made them difficult to be left alone. Around caves, oasis, and roads frequented by merchants and villagers. It made sense, everyone wanted shelter from the cruel slave master, clean water to quench the never-ending thirst, and who didn’t want the occasional juicy merchant? Stab them a couple of times as they writhe in pain. The venom quickly melting their insides. Mandibles drooling as they anticipated the lovely cocktail inside them flesh bags. For these reasons one can imagine the multitude of problems that they caused. Apart from the actual danger of mortality these scorpions hindered trade and the welfare of villagers.

    People lost access to clean water, chased out living spaces, and their livestock wandering into caves and being eaten hurt them more than being actually stabbed by one. There was no anti-venom for them. Not that it helped any, the potency of the venom gave victims less than a 5-minute window. In the desert 5 minutes was a very, very short time to seek medical help. That is of course the damage your body would already receive. There was one shinobi who had been stung in the arm. His quick actions to chop his arm off was what saved his life but a small sting from a young scorpion had left half the nerves in his body damaged. He would laugh about early retirement and getting to stay home and work from a desk but everyone saw he missed having a full body.

    Normally the village would send out squads every mating season. Squashing the dangerous venom sacks while they are still in eggs. However, they still seemed to manage to grow up and become these scary stinging killers. Today was such a day. Shizuka was sent out alone to deal with these scorpion menaces.

    Word Count: 462

    Who is Susan B-rank Solo Empty Re: Who is Susan B-rank Solo

    Post by Guest Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:52 pm

    It didn't take her long to track down a fully grown Scorpion. One just needed a decent knowledge of these things. They really liked to bury themselves deep in the sand, becoming invisible to the untrained eye. However, much like an ant lion, their burrows created a sort of natural sinkhole. If someone ran a bathtub of sand then unplugged it. Of course, the absence of ant another life form in the area and the various skeletons it chucked out after feasting was a dead give away. Shizuka tracked down such a hole, watching it from afar.

    Tracking it down was the easy part, killing it was a different story. Now they weren't exactly martial artists these scorpions. Their vicious attacks were primal and pretty direct. It was like a game, ducking and dodging out the way of a giant pool noodle. The only problem was, the Scorpion only needed to sting you once, Shizuka had to dodge it every time. She first scanned the area, searching for heartbeats.

    Hers, Susan's scaly sausage spine, and a few critters here and there. There were no other scorpions around nor it's offspring. The only time these things condoned others in their feeding grounds were for the breeding season. That and when they are young, hiding in caves together and feeding on bats. Shizuka sat ontop a rock, away from the reach of its sting. The moment she stepped down, it would sense the shifting of the sands.

    Shizuka bundled her cloak together and would simply toss it in the general vicinity. As soon as it made contact, the sands erupted. A great sting lunged and poked multiple times into her cloak. This was her chance, while it was distracted and it's tail exposed. Shizuka would send an arc of ghostly energy and cut the end of the sting off. The sands erupted even more as the body of the scorpion dug out, screeching and crying. Shizuka sent a second arc and lopped off its head. It writhed for a good whole minute before it finally went silent. Shizuka looked at her cloak, already the fabric was melting. Yeah. She'd need a new one.

    Shizuka approached the scorpion, thrusting her sword into its brain just to make sure it was dead. The blade sunk with no reaction from the horrid thing. From inside her coat, she pulled out a small glass vial. Taking a sample of the venom was not part of the mission but perhaps the village could create a sort of antidote out of it.... or maybe even a weapon to use against their enemies. Who knew? Shizuka would return back home shortly after.

    Word Count: 906

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