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    Post by Misuki Heng Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:50 am

    The twists and winding paths of the many roads is enough to leave anyone in the haze of indecision of where to go. But these roads despite their common footprints are still not for the faint of heart. People leave tracks often, whether as a matter of the common man who does not view themselves as a target or the mistakes of other shinobis. Or at least Misuki found them to be mistakes.

    The pale maiden stuck to the high road, the trees. She was a blur to most who would only see her from the corner of her eye. She didn't stay on a single tree for too long. Her demoness origins only betraying her upon landing as she was much heavier than her form would normally be. An able-bodied woman with as much muscle as she had hair. Shedding benign scarlet strands from the edges of her strands and small branches and leaves that would fall from her momentum and dense bone structure. She was like a human sized bullet from her expeditious movement.

    A bloody angel in the sky with starless strands. The elegance in her leaps, and miniscule movements from tree to tree. She wasted no time as she sported her forehead protector around her wrist. Tightly wrapped as to not dangle. Yet, why was she going this way? What was out here.

    Wasn't it obvious? The opportunity of power. Misuki heard whispers from Chuunin and Jonin of Bijuu tracks in the snow. As a Genin, she knew the missions would go to someone else before her. She wasn't bottom of the barrel among her peers, far from it, but she couldn't take that chance. She needed power, she needed experience. She would not allow their fears and idiocy prevent her from her goals. She was aiming to rewrite the world and this was the first step. A world for Oni, with her, firmly seated as it's head. She was not looking for equality, she was looking for repirations. Everyone would pay for the pain they caused.

    These thoughts flowed within her head as the frost began to rest along the ground and the trees began to grow more sparse. She took it slower and more cautious. She would breathe heavy, keeping track of the temperature. Utilizing colored sand to leave behind tracks for herself so she knew how to get home.

    This was the determination of an Oni. No one would stop her. She will get stronger.

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