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    Demon of the Snow [Solo Mission] Empty Demon of the Snow [Solo Mission]

    Post by Misuki Heng on Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:02 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Tracks in the Snow
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Group: 25 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: Kellen Plains (Region 4)
    Details: Trackers and hunters up in the Kellen Mountain Range have started to find massive tracks, foot prints of a creature to large to be any normal animal. They tracks occasionally come down into the plains, but always return up into the snowy mountains. No one quite knows what these tracks are, but whoever made them is big, and fast. Shinobi are being sent up into the mountains to locate these tracks and hopefully identify what has been making them. (You can not find the actually culprit in these missions, just the tracks)

    Everyone leaves a trail. The rogue smell of shinobi before her. Clashes and bodies of rivals from villages that decorated the lands, the berries of a bush that have been crudely plucked out. Everyone leaves a trail. Misuki was careful about hers. Despite the colored sand she would leave behind her trail, she wore no aroma and wore nothing to symbolize her as a shinobi under Lunaris. She simply wore a black Cloak as she went in the cover of night. Dark, darker, get darker as the cold began to embrace and cling to her form and the sun faded into the backdrop of the mountains.

    The deluge of her ebony locks was only noticable from the glint of scarlet at it's tips, once her hold failed her from the increasing squalls of wind. She'd simply suck her teeth and pull her hood back to cover her pale face, her sigh leaving a Spectre of frosty air in front of her. The chilling grip of the mountains began to swarm memories in her mind, while her demonic eyes continued to lock forward. She traded Trees for ever escalating stones and mountains. Luckily she had claws, digging into rocky formations was easy for her. Dealing with the constantly demanding environments was not a problem for her. Onis were of course better. Everyone leaves a trail, but she would leave none. Never again...


    One of her coldest winter's within the Moon Village. Still an urchin among the destitute and vagrants in Lunaris' underbelly. Misuki was a teenager, it was her birthday among the orphans. When she smiled more. She could remember Kanon's glowing face as she embraced the now legal woman, simply happy to see her kin. She was the first to tell her how glorious it was to see Missy live to this day. Misuki smiled and pet her lavender and silky strands. Yes it was a good day. Misuki would greet the usual youngers and she was met with applause from those who followed her, even if she was an Oni at this time she had developed her reputation. She strode amongst them, greeting each child by their first name. Her tone snug as a warm blanket would be and Kanon by her side.


    A claw slipped and a small yelp could be heard as Misuki began falling from the mountain side, she growled at her own inability and immediately thrusted a kunai at the icy exterior. Gravity was not her friend and she would not meet her end in such a fashion. She was a shinobi, not a damsel who needed saving. She would carry herself like a queen but that has no place here. In the wild, savagery was the only method of survival. With all her might the kunai sunk into the mountain side, with wire treading the other end. She held on as she swung back into the barrier of snow and sapphire with a solid amount of force. She didn't have much time to brace for impact and it showed as she cracked into the ice with a booming echo. She whispered profanity under her breath, but would not go above a whisper. Sound was simply another way for someone to track her. She has learned, as both shinobi and Oni, everyone leaves a trail.

    She climbed up the wire, utilizing her class for leverage. Veins coursing outward throughout her body she'd strike the hindrance of ice. It may have been too smooth to climb for others, as she saw many different remnants of others who may have climbed before her. She wouldn't be tracked, never again. Once she reached up to her Kunai she removed it and placed it in her bag,. Taking notes of her tint claws within the cliff side. She'd sigh, but be content in knowing, no one was as observant as she would be. None of them dealt with her past, a past in which one mistake costed her dearly. She would make no mistakes, no error. She wouldn't leave a trail, because everyone leaves a trail.


    Misuki may have been a princess when it came to those who looked up to her but she was more than a trouble maker. She was a downright delinquent. As most demons, she could not control her hedonism and she'd make sure she's have fun! She invited Kanon and herself to sneak into a bar, after procuring some funds from a nearby shopkeep. Some have connections in high places, but for Misuki, hers were in much lower places. Places where even the eye of Lunaris does not reach. There she'd find someone who's offer her some wine for a reasonable amount of Ryo. And of course, it was Misuki, as both Oni and self-proclaimed queen, she'd adorn her fangs and ivory horns and not many would want to debate if being gored and tended was worth denying her.

    Kanon and Misuki would drink the night away. With what they of course thought was good wine, they danced in the glacial moonlight, laughing and giggling with rosy red cheeks. Kanon's face never shined so brighter, they never laughed so much harder and she never had such a peaceful sleep that could equal both of them gazing into the river bed until Kanon rested along Misuki's shoulder and she returned the favor by submitting to Kanon's hair as her pillow.

    Once they parted ways, shadows would loom in the cold. Menacing and encroaching, several other urchins would follow Missy. Merry and rosy cheeked she could barely walk straight with faint giggles as she used multiple houses to hold her up as she walked back to the orphanage.


    She climbed for ages, the heat from her brow was only cooled by the endeavor of the snow storm that became vicious as she finally reached the top. She struggled to climb up to the top and as she rolled over she began panting while finally reaching the top of the edge. Simply one portion of this mountain trail. She held her abs and rose to her feet, her panting slowly coming to a cease as she looked to her surroundings. Her eyes widened. She realized, she was not standing on even ground. In fact, she was on the edge of a colassal print. A grin and nervous laughter cracked her veiny face. She smiled through her fangs and simply whispered.

    "Found you.."


    That was not in the plans for the shades that revealed themselves. Inquiring what was a demon bitch like her, smiling about. Of course Misuki puffed her proud and opulent form upright and simply grinned at them. She would never back down and immediately berated the shadows on their nefariousness and cowardice. They attacked her, binding her from behind by her arms and ran to her to begin their assault.

    Misuki had other plans, the demonic rage fueled her and she channelled her wrath. Flipping upwards she struck the first one in the jaw with a quick kick, utilizing the momentum a loud popping could be heard from her shoulders as she flew back behind the first male. She changed his religion by dragging her claws from his scrotum to his chin. The third urchin ran at her weapon in hand. She simply stood there and allowed him to strike her with the makeshift 2x4. It snapped against her muscular and boney form. She'll never forget his face, the blood rushing from his face to his fear as she jabbed her claws into his eyes. She sprinted over to the first assailant as he attempted to run, and in her drunken rage she pounced on him.

    She tore him apart until he begged for mercy, but wrath dictated to crush her enemy totally. And these idiotic humans must have forgotten why so many orphans followed her. It was her duty to remind him. As the three kids motionless she looted them, realizing that they had been following her for awhile. Information written on notes about her birthday, her location, her description.

    A shinobi was giving them information? Was the Oni demoness despised that much? They were targeting her through Kanon. She was too typical, too easy to track and predictable. She left a trail to find her. In her drunken haze she simply slouched in the snow, allowing the sleet and slush to fall ontop of her form and become crimson as it decorated the bodies surrounding her. Yet when the lights came on and people investigated the scene, she was already gone. Not even a track or a lock of hair could be found within the Moonlit snowfall. She would never leave a trail again.


    Momentary glee was meant with anticipation. Her determination was rewarded and this time she wouldn't be followed. She crouched down and grasped a pile of snow before allowing menacing laugh escape her lips into the howling wind and night.

    Everyone leaves a trail.

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