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    The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission)

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    The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission) Empty Re: The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission)

    Post by Kannagi Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:06 pm

    Kannagi's Appearance:
    The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission) 225-2259331_anime-girl-short-pink-hair

    Sojiro had waited until she and he were both alone in the clinic to ask for her help. It was dark, after clean up was complete and the doors were about to be locked for the night. This mission seemed personal or at the least secret and asking her to change her appearance drastically enough only enforced the idea. He was following some sort of list, she thought. Kannagi had caught him looking at it through out the day but he had tried to hide it from her. She never asked about it but she believed it was related to whatever this mission was. Kannagi bought new clothing for the mission, an array of black dresses and kimonos for comfort. She had her short blue hair dyed pink and it had taken several dye jobs to get the color to settle properly. Blue was an obvious connection to her and so the farthest she could go was pink. Some might have suggested just going black or brown, but Kannagi liked her bright colored hair too much to try to appear normal to others. The kunoichi couldn't do much about her blue eyes but given how different she would appear to others with an eye patch, she had simply asked Kenji to borrow one of his. There was no way anyone would connect a pink haired woman with an eye patch dressed in all black, to her usual blue haired blue eyed appearance. Technically she could have done more, but Sojiro hadn't asked for her to change everything about herself.

    Kannagi approached Sojiro in the marsh beneath the tree and wondered if he would recognize her. The man in the mask beneath the tree bore little resemblance to the man she knew, but he had told her where to look for him. She stepped up to him and waved her hand, a nin pouch on her waist and medical bag on her back. "You must be early because I know that I am on time."

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    The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission) Empty Re: The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission)

    Post by Kannagi Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:06 pm

    Kannagi stood beside Sojiro, both of them disguised. She blushed a bit, matching her hair, and then touched the eye patch as if she needed to fix it. "Yes, Kenji let me borrow it for our mission. I thought it would make me look different." As he went on, her flush deepened, her deft hands patting down the black kimono silk and trying to look more modest. She abruptly stopped, recognizing that she was adorned this way because she needed any who saw her to not connect her to her real identity. Feeling uncomfortable or strange now was only natural as these weren't really clothes in her style. When her employer commented about Genkumaru and Kenji's feelings for her she had to bite her tongue to not convey surprise. Genkumaru hadn't hidden his affections for her, but Kenji? He was just a comrade at arms. There wasn't anything there to be misconstrued! Unless, Sojiro was just teasing her. That seemed more likely by the second and the kunoichi started to relax.

    "My charms work on anyone I desire them to,"
    she assured Sojiro, but her voice lacked the mirth and sincerity to make it seem like an honest statement or a joke, leaving it in some strange grey area of conversation that was best left alone. She adjusted the eye patch again, uncertain how anyone could live with such a thing upon their face. She kept touching it out of its foreign feel and locked her fingers together in front of her to try and curb the inclination. "So you mentioned a mission to destroy a warehouse. What's the plan, and why all the secrecy? Is this not for the village?" When he replied to her, she noticed the distrust in his voice. She didn't know what organization could illicit such a need for secrecy but as her superior, Kannagi trusted him and chose not to dig for more information. Getting rid of a supply house or storehouse belonging to a dark organization was close enough to the regular missions she went on for Nikkousato. Kannagi nodded her head, absorbing the information like a sponge and considering his ideas carefully.

    Her blue eyes glanced out at the marsh and her hand lazily swatted a few flies away from her legs before she returned her attention to Sojiro. He wore the goofiest mask she had ever seen and couldn't help but burst into laughter. Normally excellent at controlling her facial expressions and body posture, Kannagi bent at the waist and nearly choked on her own amusement. "And you teased me for the eye patch? Shall I point out the irony here? Or does this mask present your truest self?" The smirk was evident in her reply before she even lifted her head back up. A note of delight hovered in the air like an aura around the woman. All manner of seriousness and focus for this mysterious mission was put aside for just a few seconds to taunt him. She took a couple of deep breaths and then stretched her arms out behind her head.

    "So this storehouse can't be far away. Lead us, if you will, Sir Clown-sama."
    Kannagi felt another smile tugging up the corner of her lips but she drew them back down into neutrality. Focusing on the mission had to take precedent. She touched the eye patch again and then the strap behind her rose colored hair. Kannagi waited for him to lead and then followed in his footsteps, hiding her own tracks in his while keeping her bright blue eyes on the look out for any traps or set ambushes in the local area around them.

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    The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission) Empty Re: The Spider's Warehouse! (Group Mission)

    Post by Kannagi Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:30 pm

    The blue eyed kunoichi had kept pace with her friend and employer until they met the large rock outside of the enemy's outpost. She had listened to his words and his jokes with mild laughter and tolerance, of course none but Sojiro would have turned a mission into a time to try out his silliest mask. She enjoyed the idea that the goofy mask might represent his truer self but wasn't sure she could steadily rely on the idea. Kannagi had laughed at his joke regardless and nestled in beside him upon the rock to observe. She trusted that he would know and apply the laws of the village and complete his own side missions if he needed to. The missions she had done with him about the missing children had proven that to her. She would never forget his face the first time that she had seen the horrors of that child-prison. For her, she had felt nauseous and flushed; for Sojiro, he simply appeared frustrated and angry and Kannagi had had to wonder just how many times he had seen such a thing. And that notion had made her feel only sicker.

    Upon the rock she squinted at the building, the two door guards, and the two three-person patrols in the area. All of the people wore a patch upon their chest of a spider and she felt her skin crawl. "I know these people," She whispered to him. And she did: she had fought their leader, nearly lost her legs in doing so, but was forced to spare him his life in order to save herself. Kannagi hadn't been in friendly ground and making it out of the Ketsueki's night market at all made it feel like a win to her. That cold look in Alvah's eyes had haunted her dreams however and she knew that he would seek her out for revenge one of these days. Suddenly, the kunoichi felt much better wearing the eye patch and dying her beautiful blue hair pink. She swallowed hard and replied in a further hushed tone, "Your plan is great. The Ketsueki use blood jutsu and their lackeys tend to be brutish even if they don't have jutsu of their own." She rested a hand on his shoulder and smiled worriedly, "Be safe. I'll take the patrol on the right and meet you at the doors to take down the guards after." Kannagi paused briefly to hear if he had anything else to say and then slipped back through the trees in the marshland.

    The female made herself small by tilting sideways and leaning with the bow of the tree nearest to the patrol on the right side of the compound. She watched them walk towards her, silent and observant. These so called lackeys were attentive, not stupid, and wouldn't be easy to catch unaware. Luckily, both she and Sojiro were strong enough to handle these people, and if she needed him, Kannagi could trust that he would be there. She stayed perfectly still and watched as the group of three made their way back around until their backs faced her and they walked away from her towards the rear of the building once more. There were two women and a man: the women both blondes, one with short hair and the other wearing her long hair in a tail, and the man who was bald with a gritty looking beard to match his likely hardened interior.

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