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    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event)


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    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Camp 1 (Bijuu Event)

    Post by Keiji on Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:51 pm

    Keiji would react fast as he saw Ami back up and begin to spin, leaping into action by jumping into her space. As she activated the palm rotation technique of her clan to create a defensive barrier for the bonfire, Keiji would do the same by activating the Iron Jingasa Technique and flowing extra chakra into it, to hopefully create a strong enough tri-layerd shield for the bonfire between Ami and his efforts. His hair forming into a wide five meter black Jingasa like shape as it became as hard as steel.

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    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Camp 1 (Bijuu Event)

    Post by Story Teller on Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:37 pm

    The massive creature would attempt to bring its foot down on top of camp one, its goal was to smash everything there, including the fire and all the shinobi. However they were well prepared, as not one but two of the ninja there created a defensive barrier like object. The bottom of her foot collided with their defenses which surprisingly worked as the chakra within the jutsu dug into the bottom of the bijuu's foot. The rotation from Ami was able to hold off the beast for just a second, the bubble beginning to crack and give due to the pressure of the stomp. They were not the only ones at camp one however that put in work, as Arashi lightning dashed a few times to deliver a quick witted raiton attack to the creatures back, assisting his team.

    Then, like a bolt of lightning shooting through the sky, Genkumaru launched the jutsu he had been charging, a massive beam of pure explosive energy blasted itself out of the mans arms and directly into the side of the Froskerin. The entire valley echoed with the sound of the blast as the mans arms buckled, being rendered useless by the blast. But it was worth it, as the blase roared through the air and collided with the side of the creature, passing right through it like a hot knife through butter. The bijuu's back arced for a second as its entire body seized up and stood motionless. The beam continued through the monster and out into the mountain range, clearing a hole through both the beast and the nearest mountain.

    The air grew silent once more as the beam faded, the creature freezing in place for a moment before slowly falling backwards. Dark blue blood gushed from the gaping hole as the massive body crashed into the snow and ice below, the mist of sheer cold vanishing as the creature fell unconscious. It was not slain, but had been completely knocked out from the combined effort of the last few explosions, with camp one's and Genkumarus final acts finishing off what little stamina the beast had left in her. The air would clear as the blizzard subsided, leaving the wounded Bijuu to lay there in the snow, its own blue quickly pooling up around it.

    An hour would have passed as Professor Nambi and his team of researchers came in and contained the beast, roping it down and ensuring that it did not awaken while they continued their research. Those who had been in the battle would have returned to the mouth of the valley, all proud of the job they had done. They would have been allowed to take a rest, getting water and lunch as the team did its job. After awhile the research team would have finished taking samples and running experiements, as Nambi would return to the group. There was one final test to run, but he would need a strong capable body for the next experiment.

    Part Two
    Part two of the bijuu event has begun! Now that the beast has been defeated, it is time to decide who gets it! This will be done in two phases, with the first phase taking place now. Each camp is to choose one representative from the group of people who started in that camp to move forward into part 3. This can be done however the group decides from a simple vote to a full out battle. Each camp can only send one person, meaning only a total of 4 people will enter the final phase. When you make your next post you must state what it is you are doing. You can choose to sit out, vote as a group or fight if a consensus can not be agreed upon. If a fight is decided then all of those who wish to fight will begin a combat thread. If a fight begins each person in that fight will regain 30 chakra and stamina, but that is it! Nothing else will replenish, including FaPs or expended jutsu resources. If you do not make a post within the next 24 hours it is assumed you dropped out and have given up your spot.

    Once each group has chosen their representative phase three will begin!

    Camp one contestants
    Hyūga Ami
    Hyūga Ami

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    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Camp 1 (Bijuu Event)

    Post by Hyūga Ami on Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:37 am

    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 QusHh29

    Ami would finish her palm rotation, her body spinning to a stop. She watched as she had managed, though barely, to repel the bijuu's incoming attack with the help of Keiji's Jingasa. She noticed Arashi go for a raiton attack, intrigued at the usage of an element she wasn't familiar with. In the back of her mind she was frantically thinking of how they were going to defend if the bijuu chose to attack again. Her palm rotation usage was limited after all. The girl would exchange glances with Keiji, turning her attention back to the beast. Just as she was about to try and protect herself and her team, the girl heard a loud blast that made her jump.

    And just like that the creature would be hit by a blast Ami could never imagine, watching with surprise as the monster subsequently fell backward, blue blood pouring out of its body. It gave the ground an ominous look, the snow and ice laced with dark blue colouring, like shaved ice but in extreme quantities. Could this really be the end? Ami would exchange glances with the others, rather mystified at the sudden turn of events. The once frosty atmosphere reverted back to its original qualities as they would take a rest at the moith of the valley. The girl was still mystified and surprised, going through the day's events.

    The legendary fight...
    The beast that many have tried but failed to defeat, risking sacrifices like their own lives, had been defeated! And Ami was able to take part, walking out of it alive and well.
    It seemed so strange and unbelieveable.

    {I nominate myself for Part Two}

    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 PKDpyJ6

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    Camp 1 (Bijuu Event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Camp 1 (Bijuu Event)

    Post by Keiji on Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:08 pm

    Keiji would feel the brunt of the blow that remained from his loves shield of rotating chakra, collide with his Iron Jingasa and barely stood upright. As the battle was now over he would hug Ami tightly before taking a breather for a minute. When voting began he would speak, "I vote for Ami, and any who stand in her way I will crush.", and with that he would look as stoic as possible as he held his Mari-Blade's hilt.

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