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    Tracks in the Snow[Solo Mission] Empty Tracks in the Snow[Solo Mission]

    Post by Kozyuru on Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:38 pm

    The mountain range. Its beauty was well known and something that Kiida knew would be well within his reach of obtaining. When he became strong enough he would own all of this, it would all be recognized as his own dwelling, his own realm. And the animals and other beasts within it would love and adore him as if they were his own children. The rocky landscape and harsh weather conditions would be excellent training for those who worked under him. He would run them ragged and tired until they could not breathe, and cause their bodily functions to fail. All this and more was going through Kiida's mind as he trudged along the trail of the Kellan mountain range. It was a long time coming but he had finally entered the roughly laid out area of the mission description. As he came closer to the location, Kiida had to quickly veer off the path.

    Hiding quietly for a few seconds, the sound of shinobi footsteps quickly passed him heading deeper into the mountain range. With this he knew he was going the right way. He could not think of any other reason why other shinobi would not of gotten this information and would be headed there at their fastest. The thought of being able to show off all the skills he has been training and perfecting to shinobi from other villages as he claims this mission a success under his own banner brought a huge grin to his face. Turning and leaping off into the same direction Kiida hoped that he would come across the tracks soo-

    Tripping into a huge dirt hole, the taste of soil would fill his mouth. Slowly getting up as nothing was bruised more than his mental ego Kiida would take a quick look around him and notice that he was not in a hole. No this was some sort of footprint. The one from the mission!? Looking around he would take some time to take in his surroundings. First the footprint seemed to be going upwards, rather than downwards. That meant that the creature was traveling up the mountain when it made this track. Looking towards the top of the mountain side Kiida figured that it would definitely get colder, hence the extra warm clothing he wore atop his shinobi outfit. Tugging at the scarf he had especially made for this mission, he broke into a full speed run towards the mountain being careful to notice any other shinobi that might be nearby as well as keeping track of the footprints that he assumed would be extremely hard to miss.

    Cold wind blew through his clothing as he slowly began his climb. Kiida could not actually believe how harsh these conditions actually were. He had lost a kunai or two in finding solid footholds as the snow carefully and expertly hid ice patches that would of sent any other unskilled shinobi back down the mountainside. He could not waste any time however. He had already taken several detours to avoid what he thought were enemy shinobi making their way up the mountain as well. The thought of teaming up with someone was sounding better and better at this point simply for the fact that they would be an extra pair of eyes and ears in these troubling times. The climb was able to allow him to work his muscles however, his breath coming out careful and in solid measure.

    More than he could count Kiida had to stop to sustain himself. Whether it was water or food he had packed for the journey the effort he had placed in reaching the location mentioned loosely in the mission was definitely going to be worth it. He would claim this mission a success under his name and bring honor and respect to those who would eventually worship him as a God amongst shinobi. With the thought of Kage from around the country bowing down to him, Kiida affixed his scarf around his neck and continued onwards the footprints of the beast clear in the lightly packed snow of the ever rising Kellan mountain range peeks.

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