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    Post by Kannagi on Fri Jul 03, 2020 5:15 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Eliminate the Target
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: This is what separates the basic every day ninja from your high profile shinobi, the assassination mission. This mission is asking you to eliminate a low level target, often a petty criminal, someone who has escaped prison who someone who could later disrupt the village. They are often not shinobi, but are of considerable power. This mission is simple, find and take out the target with as little repercussion as possible.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    Kannagi was assigned her first solo assassination mission while spending time in the Moon village nation. Apparently, several people had been trying to cross the infamous lake in order to reach the small prison island upon it. Despite many warnings and arrests, a singular male had continued to make trips from shore in attempts to reach the island. It is believed that he has a partner at the prison itself and is trying to make contact for criminal reasons. Further investigations showed that this man had been harassing locals, stealing travelers ryo, and making large purchases under a false name. The information doesn't quite add up but recent reports suggest that the man finally got himself a literal boat full of explosives. It seems he is prepared to self sacrifice to get himself into the prison this time and the shinobi leaders have no choice but to eliminate him before her harms someone or completes his personal goals.

    Kannagi was familiar with explosives because of her use of explosive notes and seals, but also because of her friend Genkumaru. She had seen what a single jutsu could do and if this man indeed carried a boat filled with explosives then he was a dangerous threat to the beach goers, the fishermen, the tourists, and any other civilian who might have gotten in his way. Not to mention how much of a challenge it would be to face him once he arrived at the island, as a hefty amount of explosives could destroy both guards and criminals and leave a gaping opening in the walls to free lucky survivors. The man who was once considered confused and foolhardy was now being deemed a practical terrorist and Kannagi was to be sent to put a stop to him once and for all. And she had to do it before he got to the island. The kunoichi wore her usual shinobi attire, a high neck top and shorts, a billowing skirt tied up in the front, and crisscrossing straps over her chest to hold up her medical bag, flak jacket and nin pouch.

    Kannagi headed to the lakeside in the late afternoon, hoping most of the visitors would be heading back home for dinner and rest after a day in the sun. Her trek here through the jungle had made her later than she planned, but traveling through dense foliage and herbage was a real struggle. She approached the beach itself and observed the area first, her blue eyes navigating around the rocks and trees and noting the placement of a single fisherman packing up his net and a young couple asleep together upon the grass. She assumed they had fallen asleep and before they knew it a short hour long nap in the sun was becoming a slumber party lakeside. The blue haired woman walked over and woke them up and appreciatively, the tired couple left and headed home. The fisherman headed out shortly after and Kannagi gave him a polite nod as she walked around the curvature of the banks. Somewhere a man was getting a boat ready and full of hazardous materials and if she didn't find him soon, she would be behind in trying to stop him. With several seals and some effort, Kannagi created her own boat from paper. It was about the size of a canoe, allowing her a small and fast way to get across the lake. Just a little wind jutsu would propel her most of the way out to the island. She got into the canoe one foot at a time and then shoved herself across the surface of the water using wind chakra.

    It was soft and quiet out here, the sky slowly turning orange as the day faded away, rippling the image of a red sun on the lake. She squinted at the water and sought out the other boat she was supposed to detect. A boat which mirrored hers appeared not far behind her and she turned around to face it. A man in a canoe heading her way: it would have to be the person she was sent to defeat. The closer he got the more uneasy Kannagi felt. The man in the boat was tied to the boat and the boat was full of explosive notes, bundles bound together with light cord. It was a decoy and yet not, since whomever was in that canoe was in grave danger! Kannagi called out to him, "Don't worry. I'll be right there!" The kunoichi turned her boat around and made her way over to the endangered male. She untied him first and took him into her canoe, leaving the canoe of explosive notes to sit on the water without a controller. Yet, the boat began to move anyway and she finally figured it out. The man in the boat with her was using a jutsu now to push the boat towards the island. If she stopped him, he could easily set off the canoe too close to them for comfort. But if she didn't stop him, the island would certainly be attacked successfully.

    Kannagi chose quickly, whirling in the canoe to strike the man with her fists. She hit him hard and fast twice, knocking him into the water of the lake. He arose coughing and finished his seal beneath the water. The canoe exploded into a massive ball of flames and filled the area around him and the kunoichi with explosive heat and force. The force threw Kannagi into the lake and she held her breath as best as she could. The pain of the brute force of the explosion made her dizzy and her eye sight and ears were blurry and ringing. She burst up to the surface of the lake to see the floating corpse of the man in the water. He hadn't survived his own attack and the detonation was too far from the lake to affect the island prison. She lay on her back and coughed out some water, "Missing accomplished."

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