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    Finally... Home. Empty Finally... Home.

    Post by Kenji Haruka Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:27 pm

    The wind gently blew by as the sounds of birds filled the air, the light of the sun had been dulled out by the clouds flowing across the blue sky and things couldn't have appeared to be more peaceful to the average person. Kenji Haruka however wasn't an average person, he was always aware of it yet he never faced it or had to face it before, he simply chose to ignore and forget, a method he found useful in coping with almost every situation in life. Yet as he so painfully learned, this was not a path to helping others, not even helping himself in the long run.

    He had allowed Hikari to be mistreated for so long the bun has left him and who could blame Hikari? The crime lord in hiding that called him a burden, the coward who called his life a mere bonus and of course Kenji himself, the fool who simply watched it all without a word. The same fool who simply stood and allowed Kannagi to step in for a chance to stop Hikari, a chance that he threw away to try and help the woman. The woman he couldn't even save, had Hikari not lifted those trees off her, had Sojiro not been there, she would've bleed out in his very arms as he simply cried. Cried and did nothing.

    He had grown tired of doing nothing, he had grown tired of pretending he wasn't alone, of pretending that people cared when she stepped in. Truthfully without her, he probably would've embraced the lonely call of the void waiting for him on the other side. She had no reason to step in, Hikari wasn't going to harm him on a physical level yet she risked her very life to just give him a shot at saving his only friend. The same friend that hurt her and left them, only being merciful enough to lift the tree off her when his new friends were ready to finish the job.

    Kenji only sighed as he placed his cherry flavored candy stick in his mouth. Everything was becoming bitter, the only person he considered a friend had betrayed him and the other person to call him a friend was a coward that ignited the time bomb that was Hikari. His only saving grace was the blue beauty herself, Kannagi. A person Kenji considered an acquaintance at best before this whole ordeal and now? She was his only friend and probably the only one who truly cared for him. Saki was a nice girl, she really was but she barely knew the man and he could only chalk it up to a teenage crush like a girl would have to a mentor.

    Suppose that's why she was the only one to be given an invitation before he left the sun village behind. It was a simple note inviting her to celebrate his birthday at his place, address attached of course. He figured it was the least he could do for the blue beauty after what she did, a nice little party and give her a good time while also finally celebrating his birthday. He hasn't really did that since... Well, the year he ended up coming to the moon village. He had no reason to, there would be nobody there to sing him happy birthday, nobody to wish him one either nor would there be presents, there'd only be the realization that he was alone in this world. But not anymore... God, he hoped he wasn't.

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