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    The End of Big Mac Empty The End of Big Mac

    Post by Kannagi Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:26 pm

    Mission Info & Pic:
    Name: Wild Animal Attack
    Rank: A-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Group Mission
    Reward: 65 EXP, 40 Ryo
    Location: Within a village's region
    Details: A dangerous wild animal has been spotted out in the area, terrorizing travelers or local villagers. Your mission is to hunt this animal, and either get it to leave the area or take it down. If it remains in the region it could cause major damage or even hurt someone, so it is important to remove the beast as delicately as possible.
    Requirements: Each person must make at least Six posts, totaling to 2400 WC.

    The End of Big Mac 2fc6cace9c3ad070e2d7872dc7b53207

    Kannagi Irezumi had recently been on a mission to collect intel in the most popular gambling hall of Gekkousato. It had gone successfully and as she had reached out to Sojiro, it appeared that he intended to travel to the Moon village and meet with her to discuss it. In order to be sure that they would have a private meeting, Kannagi picked up one of the missions on the mission board, comprehending full well that only fools would follow such powerful shinobi into the jungle on their own to spy on her conversations. Or perhaps so soon after her reconnaissance mission, Kannagi was just a little paranoid of her own private information. The mission she grabbed was going to be simple: kill a beast which had been terrorizing people out in the jungle. The jungle was known for its dangerous wildlife but somehow this reptile had become so large an issue that it deserved a mission all on its own. Being that it was in Gekkousato, she wasn't sure how many missions actually sent shinobi to go kill wild animals given that the thick forests harbored plenty of those, it just seemed simpler to avoid the creatures who were the most frightening. A mission was a mission still, and Kannagi didn't think that with Sojiro by her side they would have any problems confronting a giant lizard.

    Her blue eyes looked over the scroll again, noting in her mind each detail. That was when her eyes suddenly widened: a thirty-foot long crocodile that went by the name of Big Mac, or Mac for short. A reptile of that size would weigh between two and three tons, its thick hide would barely be affected by a few cuts of a sword, and the strength in its tail and jaw would make for a deadly combination, even for a ninja as herself. She inhaled deeply and reread the scroll twice more, still unable to believe her eyes. Apparently Big Mac had already killed eleven unlucky people, a pair of them genin who had tried to protect a group of travelers in the jungle expanse. Somehow this ambush predator, despite its great size, was still a prime warrior in its own right. And for it to reach that size, Kannagi could only guess at how old it must have been and how many lives it must have taken along the way. Big Mac would be a serious opponent and that was hoping that she and Sojiro could find him before he found them. His territory seemed to range all along a large rushing river and a bog-like area of the forest. Warnings were also listed for other creatures including man-eating plants, swarms of stinging insects, poisonous spores, serpents and large cats and to her amusement, slippery surfaces. As if encountering a slippery boulder or a muddy ravine would be that much more worrisome when Big Mac was tracking her down in the foliage.

    Kannagi had to dress more carefully than usual for this particular mission. She could have chosen something safer like patrolling the borders, but she hadn't wanted to risk Sojiro and her conversations being overheard by anyone. She would have to cross her fingers that he wouldn't be too upset that their basic intel sharing would turn from secretive gathering to the hunt of a lifetime. She wore her usual black shorts but for safety's sake she left the skirt behind and embraced wearing the flak jacket she had purchased straight out of the academy years ago. She strapped on her medical bag, her nin pouch, and her senbon launcher. She wore sturdy boots instead of her wooden sandals and made her way to the outskirts of the village proper and waited near the entry of the thick forest. She took a drink of water from her canteen and then ran a hand through her blue hair; it was going to be a long day.

    WC: 656

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    The End of Big Mac Empty Re: The End of Big Mac

    Post by Kannagi Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:58 pm

    "Once we are far enough in, I can share what I learned," Kannagi returned taking the scroll mission and putting it back in her pouch. "Also, if you insist on getting into a fist fight with this monster-gator I hope you would at least do me the favor of telling me where your last will and testament paperwork is. I assume it will be left to me to handle your affairs and the clinic." She sounded deadly serious, but when she looked over at him, the little smirk in her lips would of course indicate that she was half teasing. The emphasis there was on the half part. This beast was in her opinion a legendary animal; part of her was sad that they would have to kill it but Kannagi knew of no other way to help such a large crocodile change residence and territory without simply being a threat to people elsewhere. No, it seemed this creature had overstayed his welcome and there was no second way about it.

    "Two or three tons,"
    She breathed out loud, shaking her head side to side. "Let's do this then." Sojiro hurled his back upwards and out of sight and then she started walking into the dense forest. Eventually she stopped amidst the greenery and gestured for Sojiro to go first, "Maybe use one of your blades to cut us a path? If we keep squeezing between trees, we won't make it to the river territory by night fall." If he agreed and took the lead, she would stand aside, keeping her blue eyes alert and ready for anything. Every rustle in the trees snatched her attention from the path Sojiro was likely carving out for them but every time it had been a species of monkey or some time of colorful parrot floating around above them. After an hour or so, Kannagi could hear the sound of a river in the distance, flowing across the land. A quick glance down told her they must have been close: a recent flooding or rain had made the ground sticky and soggy, though thankfully she wasn't sinking into the muck too badly. "I think we might be getting close," She remarked, "Is this a good time to tell you what I know?"

    WC: 379

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    The End of Big Mac Empty Re: The End of Big Mac

    Post by Kannagi Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:35 pm

    Once they got this close to the river it only made sense to leave the tracking by and large to Sojiro with all of his skills. Kannagi dropped her voice lower out of habit, but it was not quite the volume of a real whisper. "I listened to a couple of off duty jerks in a gambling hall. The good news is the news of the masked man and the pink haired woman is spreading about. Sounds like the Ketsueki men are pretty nervous about us. The two talking were complaining about their own roles, but recanted at the idea of risking their lives to us." She let out a half chuckle and looked up at Sojiro. "I also learned they plan to improve security in the northern camps. Valuable things up there, they said. Also, the other camps are going to be trapped and rigged now to try and catch us. Not that they could, huh?" Kannagi chuckled fully then and looked around in the forest, examining and checking for evidence of the large reptile that they hunted.

    A deep stirring growl rumbled around Kannagi and she blushed, holding her stomach with one hand. "That was me, I admit. I apologize I haven't eaten yet today." It was a bit embarrassing to have her stomach gurgle quite so loud but she didn't want Sojiro thinking that Big Mac was so close if he wasn't. The trees thinned out slightly and the wet ground was covered mostly with moss, mud, and large leafy knee-high ferns. Or rather, they clearly used to be knee high ferns. The bright green plants were laying flat against the ground beside the river. The gray water pulsed gently around the rocks giving way to a murky flowing road through the forest. The river they found was definitely swift and clearly it was deep enough to have concerns about. Just looking at the twisting water made Kannagi want to ask Sojiro how good he could swim. She herself knew how to swim but had never tried in such rough conditions. The kunoichi had no desire to try now either.

    Her stomach rumbled again loudly and she bit her lip, hoping Sojiro would not say anything. Her blue eyes skimmed over the water but she didn't see anything within it. "This much wreckage could be our crocodile, don't you think? Or... too small?"

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