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    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon


    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon Empty Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 04, 2020 3:27 pm

    Summons: Hares of Grace

    Name: Hares of Grace

    Listed Names:

    Pear [Nashi]
    Kiui [Kiwi]
    Rēzun [Raisin]

    Type: Normal || Group


    Normal (A-Rank) [Nashi]
    Group (2) (S-Rank) [Kiwi & Rēzun]

    Contract: Usagi
    Elements: Doton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Size: Large
    Meters per post:

    A-Rank (Normal): Can move 9 MMP
    S-Rank (Group): The group as a whole can move 11 MMP split among themselves

    Hit Points: Each can be hit by

    A-Rank (Normal): Can be hit by 1 A-rank attack or 2 B-Rank attacks or 4 C-Rank attacks
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature can be hit by 1 S-rank attack or 2 A-Rank attacks or 4 B-Rank attacks


    A-Rank (Normal): Has 200 Chakra
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature has 110 Chakra


    A-Rank (Normal): Has 100 Stamina
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature has 50 Stamina


    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon Summon-b-2030026000
    Pure Hare:
    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon 408px-Summon-b-2010001000
    Tainted Hare:
    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon Summon-b-2030079000
    [Face-Claim: The White/Black/Wind Rabbit of Granblue Fantasy series]

    Hares of Grace are characterized as beasts with proportions that are strangely deformed. Mostly this is the ears at best. However, other than that, they may seem like normal Hares if not for their absurd size. Hares of grace are fifteen meters in length from head to toe, and consistent as they stand on their hind legs. The neutral hare of Grace has a light tan fur color with colors of white on their fur. They have excess fur along their body, from chest, neck, and legs due to them living in the wilds. They are not great in number as the Gem Sisters are to their clan, and are very few (Like Nashi). Other variations of these Hare are just as powerful! Hares of Grace appear in two forms: Pure and Tainted.

    The Pure are classified as beautiful Hares of Grace. Identified by their large ears that spread like the wings of an angel and shape as if they are feathered, they take to the sky using Doton-based jutsu to alter their weight. The Pure Hare are colored at the ears, tail, and along their body with pigments of shrubbery green and ocean blue. They retain some lighter shades of their fur that have not crossed the color spectrum. The clumps of their fur are almost excessive as if shrubbery is growing along their body. This is prominent, especially around their collar.

    Tainted Hares are defined by their large ears being mutated. They represent something more akin to bat wings or those of ad emon. This is highly likely because of Senjutsu Chakra that flows through their system as they grow. Their necks are button with a pendant that secures their neck. Unlike the Hares who have not mutated, their fur that had been colored tan is instead colored a dark shade of black. They use their ears, like that of the other breed to craft their hand signs. Spreading them as they leap through the air and using their chakra, they will act as if they are almost flying as they leap through the air.


    Usagi Historia - The true summons of the Usagi Clan who sit beside the Sage and Boss of the contract. These massive Hare are characterized by the Usagi Clan’s abilities. These creatures are considered during their summoning to use the ability Pulse at their designated rank. They are able to utilize this ability to use Usagi Clan-based jutsu and use the benefit of the Kekkei Genkai of the Clan as they assume to have the same strengths and weaknesses.

    Tectonic Shifter - These summons do not have hand signs. Therefore, they were trained to use the seal of “the hare.” Using their massive ears, these creatures mold chakra similar to as if they were using the seal of the Hare. Therefore, when these ears are not mobile, they cannot use jutsu. This also limits their ability as they use jutsu only significant to this technique: Earth Release-based jutsu. The Earth-based Jutsu that these creatures use have a five meter increase in size when they mold chakra using this method, making range increase ever so slightly..

    Heaven & Earth (S-Rank) - The complementary pair, Kiui and Raizen, are like Heaven and Earth. When one comes, it is then the other one follows. When one of the pair initiates a physical assault, the other one follows behind with an attack. As a result, if both Kiui and Raizen attack within the same turn, they gain another action allowing one of them to mount a second attack (but cannot be the same one that attacked previously).



    Pulse (D)
    Earth Release: Tunneling Like a Rabbit (D)
    Earth Release: Rock Gun Technique (C)
    Earth Release: Earth Spear (B)
    Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique (B)
    Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique (B)
    Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart (A)

    [S-Rank (Including A-Rank Jutsu)]

    Earth-Style Barrier:Earth Dome Prison (B)
    Earth Style: Sandwich Technique(B)

    Items: N/A

    Last edited by Hikari Usagi on Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:01 pm; edited 1 time in total
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    Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon Empty Re: Hares of Grace || A-Rank Summon

    Post by Guest Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:05 pm

    @Sojiro Sakura wrote:So two things about these summons Bun, the size needs to be adjusted o: A group of A-Rank summons can be each be the size of a humanoid. The largest I'd be willing to say a humanoid could be is around 2-3 meters~

    And as for the Heaven and Earth technique, I just need you to specify this can only be done with physical strikes and not with jutsu. So they could both punch or kick someone together, but not shoot out two separate jutsu. Then it gets too close to an extra action Smile

    The Hares of Grace are labeled as Normal Summon A-Rank and Group Summon S-Rank (which is why the labels are bold and listed in such a way). Usagi did not want to do something redundant like register a Normal and Group in two topics even though they are the same. If it is used at A-Rank, Hikari summons an A-Rank Large Hare of Grace (Pear) and if at S-Rank, he summons a group of 2 Large Hares .

    Usagi edited that it is for physical assaults only.
    The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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