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    Daisuke - The Glamorous || C-Rank Summon


    Daisuke - The Glamorous || C-Rank Summon Empty Daisuke - The Glamorous || C-Rank Summon

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:16 pm

    Summons: Turtles

    Name: Daisuke

    Type: Normal


    Normal (C-Rank)

    Contract: Turtle
    Elements: Doton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Specialty: Small
    Meters per post: 5 MMP (-2 MMP)

    Hit Points:
    -Can be hit by 2 C-rank attack or 4 D-Rank attacks
    -Heavy Gear - Can be hit by 1 B-Rank attack, 2 C-Rank attacks, or 3-D-Rank attacks
    Chakra: 60

    Stamina: 40


    Daisuke - The Glamorous || C-Rank Summon Dcx2zko-b1e3892b-227e-4912-ab51-a135a0610823
    [Face-Claim: Gem Turtle from the Series Yu-Gi-Oh! series]

    One of the most common turtles associated with the summonings of turtles. Rivals of the Usagi summons, these gem turtles are often embedded with jewels of many kinds to make their hard exterior. Each part of their body that is composed of enamel of some sort is instead composed of glistening gems. This includes their nails, their shells, and even their hardened heads. Things have become polished and hard as time goes on and the more they adapt. As summons, they are prized for being rock tough. These turtles have not yet fully developed their abilities to the fullest.

    This particular breed of turtle, Daisuke, is a charismatic young fighter. He takes pride in fighting, often bragging to himself that he is the ultimate defense. This is mostly due to his grandeur that he would exceed the reputation of the Usagi Clan Sage and her legacy while also being certain that he can surpass his father. As a result, most of his tactics may be clever and he amy push himself to the brink of chaos in order to win a battle.


    Synthetic Shield - The Turtle Summons are born with their shells being as hard is jewels. In time, they mutate and harden to the point that they endure most attacks that occur, which explains their longevity. Turtle Summons have their shells treated as “Heavy Shields” with the appropriate rank (C-Rank). As a result, they endure most attacks, making them hard to remove from the field. At the sametime, however, they suffer from movement complications as Heavy Gear such as their shells cripples speed movement at double the rate. When immobile and tucking themselves into their shells, their shell and its defense take the damage.

    Rotating Ricochet - When tucked into their shells, these Tortoises are very powerful in nature. By being impacted by a Taijutsu/Bukijutus technique, they are able to spin rapidly and carry the force of the attack. Damage to their body/armor is still received, but the summon in question will rapidly spin in a circle, expending stamina (10) and will navigate around the field by bumping into objects. If the object is Doton-based or a solid form, they will ricochet and redirect themselves to a designated target. The damage of their spinning bodies are equal to that of the turtle shell.


    Earth Release: Practice Brick Technique (D)
    Earth Release: Earth Shift Core (C)
    Earth Release: Earth Shore Return (C)

    Items/Gear: Synthetic Shield (C-Rank)
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