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    Daichi the Fortress || B-Rank


    Daichi the Fortress || B-Rank Empty Daichi the Fortress || B-Rank

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:09 pm

    Summons: Turtles

    Name: Daichi

    Type: Normal

    Rank: B-Rank

    Contract: Turtle
    Elements: Doton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Specialty: Medium
    Meters per post: 7 MMP (-2 MMP)

    Hit Points:
    -Can be hit by 2 B-rank attacks or 3 C-Rank attacks 6 D-Rank attacks
    -Heavy Gear - Can be hit by 1 A-Rank attack, 2 B-Rank attacks, or 3-C-Rank attacks

    Chakra: 120

    Stamina: 80


    Daichi the Fortress:
    Daichi the Fortress || B-Rank Crystalbeast
    [Face-Claim: Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle from the Series Yu-Gi-Oh! series]

    The more evolved species of Gem Turtle within the contract shared with the Usagi Clan. With their bodies as hard as steel, this particular species are able withstand even more attacks. They are characterized by their armored shell that is almost like metal as they move and stamp the ground. Their bodies are large, three meters high in stature and their length even further with four meters being their total length. Their shell is actually a meter less high than their total body as the stalagmites make up the rest of the height. They even move, expanding in order to shield the bodies of the passenger among the pieces. Characterized by their red eyes, black hard scaly skin, and shimmer jewels; they turn out to be very powerful reptiles.

    Daichi the moving fortress, as he is called, is the rare beast that exceeds to this rank unlike the rest of his Gem Beast cohorts. He is especially known for being a crude and cruel snapping turtle that hardens his body way beyond the usual hardness using the chakra within his body. His cockiness makes it so that he is especially bull-headed in many situations, including in fighting as he has convinced himself he is able to take on the entirety of the Usagi Clan summons. Although he is a turtle, he moves his head and neck like a snake, extending it and using his Earth Spear to collide with rock surfaces or clinch onto others with his powerful jaws. He is built sturdy making him a fortress to move most items across the lands, but his true pride is in his ability to make sure nothing cracks his rock-hard shell.


    Gem Shell Fortress - Daichi the moving fortress is known as a powerful beastly Snapping Turtle summon. As a result, he is fit for taking on massive damage while also making sure that it and the travelers with it cannot be stopped. With its shell being its primary offense, it is able to lock its Heavy Gear Slots in order to use this ability to treat it as if it is holding a Heavy Gear: It’s shell. With the powerful shell it has, Daiki is able to not only take on more damage as if it is equipped with Heavy Gear, The damage of the gear is factored in when Daichi’s shell or any of the fragments of jewels expanding from its back that expand and contort to protect its passengers or unobstruct their view.

    Snapping Reptile - As a snapping turtle, Daichi is very good at whipping out its head and using its jaws to snap and clinching upon the bodies of its enemies with its maw. This is used to not only physically strike, but to also capture foes. As Daichi is a snapping turtle, it can use its stamina to relax its muscles and send its head lashing out. With every 5 Stamina, it will whip its head out 5 Meters (Max 15 Meters). This happens in a display of elasticity as it whips out its neck. Although this technique is powerful, it is dangerous due to leave its flesh exposed and it will have its gear that protects its body surpassed.


    Earth Release: Rock Gun Technique (C)
    Earth Release: Earth Shift Core (C)
    Earth Release: Inescapable Hell (C)
    Earth Release: Earth Style Wall (B)
    Earth Release: Earth Spear (B)

    Items/Gear: Gem Shell Fortress (B-Rank)
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