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    Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker]


    Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker] Empty Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker]

    Post by Guest on Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:11 am

    Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker] Tachibani

    [Watch Me Cry All My Tears!]

    • Available Mission(s): 3 (Updates Immediately)

    • Active Topics:
      -Sickening Nostalgia (Mission)
      -Defeating Swollenman (Mission)
      -Nineteen Cold Candles
      -Together We Search (Mission)
      -The Snake and the Hare (Past Tense)

    • +Plotted Relationships:


      Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki (Acquaintance)
      Kenji Haruka (Tag Partner)
      Imino Shizuka (Acquaintance)
      Mei Mei (NPC) (Ally)


      Sojiro Sakura (Friends Turned)
      Genkumaru (Distrust)
      Jess "Plague" Uzumaki (Distrust - inactive)


      Amano Kanon (Crushing on You)
      Kannagi (Temptation)

      ((Note: If Usagi has missed any of these, please allow Usagi to know.))
    • +Major Plot Point(s) to Consider:

      Note: Please note that Usagi desires someone to be committed to "Long-Term" plots.

      Defection: Hikari has defected all for his ideas of trying to live as a Usagi. However, with his family cutting him off as well, he is reduced to being a lonesome Missing Ninja who keeps to the company of rabbits while being weary of kindness.

      Yearning: [Long-term] Hikari desires family. Therefore, he still thinks fondly of the Usagi Clan who he wants to communicate with so badly. Would like to lead this to an eventual Moon Village-based plot where things get chaotic as Hikari would be so concerned about his clan (who may face ridicule for betraying the village in the past and Hikari betraying them now) that he would want to do something about it. This may even cause him to enter the village himself knowing how dangerous it is.

      Burning Bridges: Eventually Hikari will have to face people he usually called "allies" or friends. Whether it is on missions or meeting in the wilds of the shinobi world, he would be curious about where they stand while also using every bit of ability that Mei Mei has given him to brave fighting them and outwitting them. This may lead to missions [spars] where Hikari is actually defending/destroying certain outposts and areas that serve purpose for Missing Ninja to rest at while also getting rid of Sun Village shinobi outposts (as he betrayed Sun Village betrayed him first). Moon Village shinobi can POSSIBLY fall into this depending on the situation.

      Secret Society: [Long-Term] Hikari detests Shinobi at this point! Although he can tolerate some, his adoration for his freedom and protecting Missing Ninja from the laws of ninja are something that he is especially passionate about. As a result, Hikari would take an interest in making life easier for rogues like himself in order to fulfill a usefulness to Mei Mei or even to just satiate the feeling of loneliness to know there are others like him that believe they no longer want to be shinobi for some reason. Thus, a group dedicated to protecting the runaways who want a simple life like himself would be likely.

      Free-Form: Have a role that Hikari can fulfill in a plot? Perhaps there is a long-term plot possible this bunny does not see. Anyway, feel free to reply with something! This thread will be updated as time goes on.

    Please PM myself or Reply with the template below if you are interested in a plot/thread!

    [b]Request:[/b] (Mission(s)/Plot/Event/Thread)
    [b]Character(s): (Characters to be involved)[/b]
    [b]Misc Note(s):[/b] (Anything you would like to note/suggest?)

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    Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker] Empty Re: Let Me Face My Fears [Plotter/Requests/Tracker]

    Post by Guest on Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:28 am

    Watch Me Cry All My Tears


    Watch Me Cry All My Tears

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