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    Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done]


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    Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done] Empty Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done]

    Post by Zoeyn21 Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:03 am

    Kanna Uchiha
    Name: Kanna Uchiha
    Nick Name: Kitten , Kan
    Gender: Female

    Clan: Uchiha
    Bloodline: Sharingan

    Origin: The Sun Village
    Village: The Sun Village

    She is fair skinned and average height, her long black hair is usually tied in a long pony- tail that ends about halfway down her back. Her eyes are the normally dark black except when her sharingan is activated, then they turn red with a black tomoe around the pupil. She is about average height and weight, although she is stronger than she appears after all of her training. Her uniform fits snugly over her body with a little bit uncovered over her stomach. and she wears her flak jacket with the uchiha symbol on the back to show her pride in her clan.

    Height:5” 2’
    Weight:140 lbs.

    Kanna is shy but when she gets to know you, she will be a loyal and helpful friend no matter what. She tends to help her friends without thinking, and has a warm demeanor towards those she trusts. If you are going to hurt someone she cares about however, watch out. She will defend her friends until the end. Being left parentless at an early age gave her a distrust of anyone outside the village, she knew that this was unfair and that there were probably plenty of nice and non-violent people out there. However, there were also those who would lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get power or money, and she couldn't let that type of unfamiliarity into her world.
    Kanna is usually very mild mannered, however if someone gets her riled up there may be more trouble on their hands than they realize. In her eyes, there may be second chances, but there are no third chances.

    -Kanna loves to plant different flowers, herbs, and crops to aid in making medicine, food, and gifts for her friends.
    -She loves reading and always has a book in her bag.
    -Her favorite food is Sake nigiri and her favorite drink is milk tea.
    -People who don’t take her seriously

    Kanna was born in the Sun Village to her parents in late June. Ever since she could walk, she would go out and help her mother plant flowers and watch the sun set before going in for dinner. When she turned 5 her parents were killed in a raid from bandits leaving her alone to take care of herself. She was told later that the bandits were captured and that they were to be interrogated and imprisoned for as long as it took to get answers
    As she grew up she learned that her family had a kekke genkai and that she already had a way of unlocking her potential. She would practice into the nights and would read about all of the history her village had to offer her. By the time she was 10 she had full control over her Sharingan and had incorporated it into her training. She would train hard all day as she knew her parents would want her to.
    After she had graduated from the Academy, she started to wonder what her life would be like when she grew up. Her daily schedule was to look after all of the plants in her garden, eat breakfast, and check if there were any new missions for her in the village. Then, if there were no missions, she would shop around the book shop for any new additions to her large collection at home. If there was a mission, she would go  the weapon shop and stock up on any equipment she was missing or short on and get ready for whatever was to come.

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    Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done] Empty Re: Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done]

    Post by Admin Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:45 am

    Kanna Uchiha Character sheet [Done] 6wd-NC1586479087

    You may now claim your starting gear and work on your combat profile

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