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    Letony, Konowari Empty Letony, Konowari

    Post by Letony Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:51 pm

    Characters Name

    -Letony, Konowari LetonyKonowari-

    Name: Letony, Konowari
    Nick Name: Let
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Konowari  
    Bloodline: N/A

    Origin: Sun Village
    Village: Sun


    Letony possesses the average build of a person that is his same age. He is well rounded; having no excess weight on his body or lack of. Aside from his bodily build, Letony possesses a slightly darkened shade of silver hair. This is of course inherited from the Konowari. His thick black eyebrows add contrast to the silver hair lining his head all around. The top of his hair grows straight toward his hairline. This is also true for his hair on the sides. The back of his hair simply grows toward his back. His hair tends to grow slowly. He is rarely in need of a haircut because of this. Letony’s eyes have a natural glare and uneasiness associated with them. He appears serious despite that not always being the case. His eyes are averagely, and evenly spaced apart. In low light his eyes reveal an endlessly deep brown hue which could suck you into a vacuum of space, figuratively. When a light source meets his pupils; they immediately reveal a light golden-brown hue. His nose is average albeit slightly longer than. His mouth and lips are relatively small on his face; however, he does have a full set of sparkling white teeth. Letony does not possess any tattoos. He does however possess scars from his childhood and life as a shinobi. The scars of note are from decades old whip lashes; just below his palms.

    Letony wears what would be standard for any Konowari member. His pants are completely black; featuring haphazard pockets including the two normal pockets possessed by most pants. His upper body is covered in a white Konowari flak jacket. Around the upper rim of the jacket there is also a white hoody he can use to cover himself. Between the flak jacket and the black pants, Letony wears a red sash in the exact likeness of a belt. The belt however rests just below the sash. Covering overtop his immediate clothing is a long black robe which doesn’t impede the hoody from the flak jacket and drapes the length of his body nearly to the ground. His left forearm is covered in white bandages held together tightly by a thin black rope.  

    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 140 lbs


    Letony’s prevailing characteristic is his aggressiveness. He does everything with grit and has intensely thick skin. Letony does not reveal positive emotions under any circumstances. Be it happiness, hope, pride, or amusement; he will remain passive. Thinking is one of Letony’s greatest qualities; he’s capable of cycling through scenarios and situations to decipher the correct action. He often takes a calculated approach to anything he involves himself with, preferring to think before he acts. Letony does sometimes do things without thinking if the situation demands. He is not stoic as a person. He just prefers to display negative emotions. Letony is easily described as an angry individual. Any and almost every annoyance angers him to some degree. He dislikes flamboyance and favors dark colors. Letony will express his frustrations, hate, guilt, sadness, and disappointments. He has a high sense of anxiety from past events; leading to a slightly more paranoid approach to the world. It has never hindered him physically or mentally, however. Letony does know fear and will express it as well, but past experiences and training have hardened him enough to where this is no longer a hinderance.

    Letony does not typically work with others and prefers his solace. He does however; have what it takes to lead many people. His calculated approach inspires order around him, and makes others believe in his abilities as a leader. Letony will only cooperate with those he can trust. He would never collaborate with a stranger unless it was to fulfill a goal. He has a dark soul filled with bitterness and hatred from his childhood; leading to an excessively cruel nature. Letony only cares for himself and his clan. If he had a village to devote himself to; he would do everything in his power to protect it. Whatever it is must matter to him. He does not care about politics or positions of power. He does care about aesthetics and balance. He worships the gods Maya, and Vayu as a pair; devoting his life to them until the end. Anything insulting to Letony will be met with a swift, and often harsh rebuttal. He rarely turns the other cheek and will fight until the end. Letony feels many things that go unexpressed physically. He will express them mentally.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    - Dark Colors
    - Smoking
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Flamboyance
    - Large Crowds
    - Liars


    Letony was found as a newborn infant; abandoned and alone. Something so fragile was left to die in a foreign place. Frostlands became the savior of his life. Rather civilians from said region would find Letony at the bottom of a barrel crying and gasping for air. They gathered around the barrel in amazement; a massive throng interested in what had been found. Two elder members of the crowd reached in to possess this baby. As they raised his meager body into the cold dense wind, one of the elders spoke aloud, “Look at this baby’s hair. Unbelievable. Its. Its... Silver!”

    This man was truly shocked. He knew the implications of this finding and immediately decided to care for the child. This elder happened to be well informed on Letony’s heritage. He knew the boy was a Konowari and would later reveal this fact to him. It did not become the happy ending most would hope for though. Letony was physically abused and bullied by this old man from the moment he could make conscious thought. His life featured many petty and troublesome chores. He hated gathering drinking water the most. He always came back hypothermic, the water froze, or he spilled it. This served to ultimately better him over time and acted as a natural form of training. The old man did know his potential after-all. He would eventually oversee the boy’s training wholeheartedly. As a child Letony studied Genjutsu by the orders of his guardian. With his natural affinity, Letony could use Genjutsu to manipulate the elder as a sort of get back for the abuse he endured. It was hell if he got caught and he did. This incident would leave Letony with permanent scars along his arms from the whip used to crack him. He would lay his arms out, palms up. The elder would take a switch and whack across both arms simultaneously. Letony would gag with pain and utter discontent. His face starkly etched with hatred, pain, and anger. Thoughts flooded his mind about his origins, and his biological parents; relatives. Letony’s anger bubbling like a bong until he reached an epiphany. From this moment forward he would command his own life and actions. Up until now, things were decided without his participation in the events that unfolded. Now. Right this moment. He would take the wheel and guide his own destiny.

    Immediately following the events of the past day Letony proceeded normally about his duties. He was on a military regiment; Wake. Eat. Collect Water. Return. Train. Eat. Chores. Eat. Sleep. Wake.

    During the time he would collect water Letony began his own personal training. He used this time to hone and craft his unique set of skills. This was all with one goal in mind. Kill the elder. Letony needed pin point precision and decisiveness. This elder did teach him many techniques and skills. He could not enter a drawn-out battle with someone with so much experience. Letony knew this immensely. This is when he began to develop Blinding Death Blades, which is a Genjutsu used by his ancestor’s. Through sheer experimentation and willpower, Letony discovered the sacred technique. Incapable of using elemental chakra, Letony felt pressured to improve his Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. He soon realized he had a talent for hand-to-hand and bladed combat. Without elemental chakra to generate offense; he was forced to rely on these skills until he developed further.

    How would he approach killing the old man? Letony decided to steal a uniquely transparent blade. He would implant the blade using his Genjutsu as a distraction. But when would he do this? The opportunity had to be golden or he risked his life. Then it hit him. Someone had to prepare the food and it certainly wasn’t Letony or the old man’s wife. He did not have one. Letony would seek at that moment; the golden.

    Now, the place the two took up residence is a small wooden house. The house is in a remote area of the Frostlands. Snow can be seen in every direction from the house, and everything has a comforter amount of snow on it or better. Much more than just a blanket. It was a few ticks below the wind speed for a blizzard and they were both inside. Sitting by the fire Letony gazed at the blaze gaining clarity and focus. His hands flurried as he weaved four signs with master precision. The elder looked up and turned to see the results. Ram, Tiger, Monkey, Ram. His body shattered into wind blades. Each blade was sent flying toward the elder whom had just looked up for just a moment to see what the movement was.

    The inside was mainly one open space besides the bedrooms. The kitchen. The living room. Both connected. Letony easily had his back turned to weave the seals. In a sudden shock the elder looked up only to realize he was the victim of something extremely sinister. Staring into the gaze of Maya crippled his physicality. Letony flung the transparent blade and implanted it between the elder’s skull in a fatality. Vertically spinning through the air like a blade of wind, it thinly cleaved the cranium down to the neck from the top and imbedded in the proceeding wall. A momentary squirting of blood occurred just as the blade connected. The blood following the trajectory of the blade to splatter on either side of the wall it now contacted. No blood reached Letony. His reckoning had come, and it was now time to explore.

    Letony eventually reconnected with scattered members of his clan. He loosely associated and gained every portion of knowledge he could about his clan. He was shocked by many revelations and now understood who he was. Letony never knew his clan had a religion and began to worship Vayu and Maya just as his ancestors. He would migrate to the land which most contrasted where his bad memories were and joined the Sun village as a Genin shinobi.  
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