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    Information Gathering Mission


    Information Gathering Mission Empty Information Gathering Mission

    Post by Guest Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:14 am

    Name: Information Gathering
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Any region
    Details: As a shinobi, it is crucial to have as much knowledge as possible, whether it is about the enemy or your own area. This mission tasks you with gathering critical information from a local area. This could entail detailing the region's layout, spying on an out post or a traveling group of people, or disguising one's self to eavesdrop on conversations of value. This mission pays out for all kinds of information gathered as long as you were not detected.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Tatsuya arrived in the region ready to gather the living hell out of some information. His smooth black hair was tied back in a tail that went down past his shoulders and he wore his usual attire a black suit jacket and dress pants over a white button-up shirt with the first few buttons undone, black leather gloves on his hands, the right one bearing the seal to store his puppet, steel-toed shoes, and a patch over his left eye. He was armed, of course, but preferred to keep such things hidden until they were needed. He had come to this region on an information-gathering mission. What information was he attempting to gather? Six hundred words of information to be precise. The village of Baulder apparently existed within a large and dense forest so Tatsuya climbed up one of the trees to hide because it was important that no one saw him gathering his information, which was considered rude and he would not be invited to any more social luncheons. Once he was in the treetops he waited for something interesting or suspicious to happen so he could gather information on it. He did not come down from the trees until 72 hours later. He had gathered no information he could report to the village, but only because he had been sworn to secrecy by a cabal of squirrels and he would sooner die than betray their trust. He went into town to shave and get a new set of clothes before creeping around the village late at night. Using his ninja skills he was able to tail and observe a drug deal going down between several gangs. Tatsuya observed them for several hours before realizing it was just a youth soccer league. Yeah, I call it soccer, I live in America, fight me. Tatsuya used his shadow jutsu to creep through a grocery store and gather information on all the different kinds of milk they had. Apparently they made milk out of hemp now? Wild. Yes, this was going to be a very productive mission. Tatsuya found a man walking around by himself and used the Transformation Jutsu to become an exact copy of the man, he decided to gather information about how long he could follow the man around without him noticing he was being stalked by his doppelganger. 13 minutes, but only because Tatsuya tripped over a bicycle. He told the man he was going to eat his face the next time he slept and ran away. Before this sentence, there were exactly four hundred and twenty words in this solo. Nice. Tatsuya spent the next three months conducting an incredibly in-depth study on the different species of trees native to the area. He was married and divorced four times during this time period, twice to the same woman and once to a goat. He would regret divorcing that goat till the day he died. Hopefully soon. If Tatsuya screams in the forest but no one ever reads this far into the solo does it still make a sound? He discovered a small outpost on off one of the small forest roads in the area, it seemed to be a bandit camp of some kind that they used to come together and trade illicit goods. Tatsuya used his shadow jutsu to make an accurate timetable of the comings and goings of the fort over a 48 hour period as well as how many defenders it had. It didn’t seem like it would take much more than one good squad of shinobi to break the place down. Conducive.

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