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    Once more for the village (Solo) Empty Once more for the village (Solo)

    Post by Genkumaru Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:10 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Assassination
    Rank: A-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 60 EXP
    Location: Opposite village you are aligned too.
    Details: This assassination mission is all about taking away an important figure from the other village in a clandestine manner with little to no mistakes being acceptable. These targets can range from shinobi and valued merchants to politicians. The mission is clear: find and take out the target with as few consequences as possible and leave no trace of your involvement.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 1200 words.

    It had been about a week since Gen had been forced to take a break from being a ninja, something that had come unexpectedly from recent events but, out of everything that had happened, it was the least shocking thing. It hadn't been long since Hikari had gone missing from the Sun Village and had run into the forest. As the days passed by, he was more and more confused as to why the bunny had decided to leave the village and suddenly go rogue, things had to have been fine just days prior right? The idea that he and his friends would never get answers to their questions was something that had started to eat away at him but it wasn't about to be something that he left control his day to day, instead he would just fixate on it when given a moment of free time.

    The images of the night would flash before his eyes as he slowly moved down the path that led to the village of Debon, a small tune leaving his lips as he did. Things were going just fine but it was the moment that he had told the others to go on ahead when everything had gone wrong. Was there something he could have done differently in that moment? They had thought that Hikari had been kidnapped by whatever evil force of people they had run into but, what if that wasn't the case? The idea that Hikari could have been working with them the whole time had crossed his mind. His family was previously an infamous group of nomads, there could be some truth in the long term con between the Usagi, this evil group, and the village of Moon. Gen would shake his head as he tried to push those thoughts out of his mind but they wouldn't disappear. He and the others had so many burning questions inside now.

    As the gates of Debon got closer, the night would start to play itself again from the moment that he arrived on the scene. Gen began to enter the village and slowly moved towards the inn that he had began to stay in while helping to build the new arena, the person behind the counter used to his face and having a room that was seemingly prepared for him. It was a change of pace but it was pretty nice, he wasn't going to lie. The sight of Kannagi laying on the ground, a mangled mess that had a tree fall on her was, was the first thing that he had seen. Sojiro was the only medic on the field, and there was nothing that he could have done besides run over to the woman's side and try to heal her.

    He himself was useless in that situation to help the one whom he thought he had feelings for and would give anything to keep her going. As he got closer, it was the sight of Kenji that had mostly snapped him out of his anger that night, bringing him back into the world of the living. Kannagi had looked like a mess and there was nothing he could do about it. The rage inside him had reached an absolute boiling point and when that woman appeared it didn't matter that Sojiro had told him to go all out on her and buy time, he would have done so anyways. He was a ticking time bomb in that moment and even though it almost saved the day was it actually worth it? He raised a hand to his temples and tried to rub away the headache that was forming while he went over the events of that night again. It seemed like no matter how many times it played out there was nothing that could have been done differently or better. He would collapse into the bed and sleep until he couldn't any longer.

    The ceiling would have seem to fad away before his eyes as it would have turned into that stormy night, despite that fact that he was trying his hardest to try and avoid thinking about that cursed day. It picked up where he left off, with him letting everything go and releasing his true explosive might. Sojiro had commanded that Kenji take the woman and save their lives, seeing that he would go support and support him and end the life of this rogue woman! There was nothing else they could do, as hsi brother took care of a massive wooden attack that would have ended Kanna and Kenji. No, they couldn't let everyone die here, they were so close! There was a determination burning inside of his stomach that he couldn't really escape as he had protected them from the onslaught, the two of them getting as close as they could to the woman before they would have tried to use their ultimate technique to claim the woman's life. They had come together to try and claim the woman in a Double Lariat, with enough force to decapitate her... But that wasn't what happened. She had the upper hand the whole time and saw to it they would each have lasting scars to remember her by, Sojiro's being the worst.

    As he had recollected himself from the memories, it seemed that he had finally been able to push the thoughts out of his head and just in time; it was finally night. The encounter and changing of events with Hikari and the others had showed him that things weren't so cut and dry when applied in the real world. When he had first become an A-Rank, most of his mission revolved around scouting the Moon Village in some way or another, not that it had bothered him but he had always wondered why. Some part of him had felt bad for lying to people that he worked side by side with, for taking advantage of their kindness and using it against them; or beating the crap out of them and making their job difficult. But, there was something different about his approach this time, before doing his best to make sure that no ninja doing their job would end up dead. Now, the man had a different approach as he came to the grounds of his target; one of the many merchants that were located inside of the village walls.

    It was quick and clean, there wasn't much to it as he moved through the shadows and made sure to play things with more ferocity and quickness then he may have previously tried. The guards that were on duty were the first to go, as he began overlooking the rooms of the children in the house and trying to find the one that belonged to the adults of the household. As he came into the room, he was surprised by his own calmness, having only killed a man in his sleep before once, which had left him questioning himself for weeks prior, maybe the saying that once the drip falls the waterfall comes after, had true meaning? He thought that if someone was going to die by his hand that it would be facing him and fully aware but his job called for something different this time. Despite these thoughts, there was no hesitation in his body's movements as he came up to the side of the day and creating a deep slice across the man's neck to end his life. Before anyone could wake up, he was gone and back into the night, moving to his room at the inn he was staying in.

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