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    Alignak "Splitting Earth" of Urs


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    Alignak "Splitting Earth" of Urs Empty Alignak "Splitting Earth" of Urs

    Post by Kensei on Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:34 pm

    Alignak "Splitting Earth" of Urs Polar11

    Name: Alignak "Splitting Earth" Urs
    Type: Normal

    Size: 20 Meters Upright(Large)

    Rank: A Rank

    Contract: Ursine
    Elements: Doton

    Specialty: Bukijutsu
    Meters per post: 9 MPP

    Hit Points: Can be hit by 2 A-rank attacks / 3 B-Rank attacks / 4 C-Rank attacks
    Chakra: 150 CP
    Stamina: 150 SP

    Alignak Son of the Bears tribe Leader Tezcat of Urs, is known as much for his passion as he is for is ferocity in battle. Although next in line for tribe leadership, and amongst the strongest of all Ursidae  Alignak, is considered the runt of the liter, the youngest of twelve and the smallest in stature of all the elite caste of warrior Bears. Contrary to the imposing 15' foot towering presence the albino bear is kind, gentle and overly protective to his core. Known to be fiercely passionate and dutiful he has an unquestionable allegiance to his tribe, as well as to upholding his summoning contract. He is incredibly loyal and disciplined as first commander of the Bears warrior caste. Outside of combat he is easygoing, laidback and studious, reserved yet polite. Although he is kindhearted he is cold and calculating during battle caring little for the livelihood of his opponents, wasting little time in attempting to dispatch his foe as swiftly as possible.  He returns to his gentle self at the end of combat and presents his opponents with their full honorary rites. His body like most of his tribe is decorated in intricate tattoos, runes, and markings.   
    Earthly Anchor: Physical contact of any kind with Alignak reduces an opponents Mpp by 5 points for three post. Contact with inanimate objects such as items/weapons/gear will increase the weight of the items to match that of Alignak's massive size thus rendering them useless for two post. These effects do not stack but can be reapplied to an opponent through means of additional contact after the initial effects have come to an end. This can only effect one person at a time.

    Heavy Metal: Twice per summoning Alignak can convert his entire body into pure condense metal, increasing his strength, weight, and durability. In this metallized state he is able to endure and deflect the force of one A rank justu, two B rank justu, and 3 C rank jutsu's effectively.



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