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    Not just a Sign of Murder [Solo Plot]

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    Not just a Sign of Murder [Solo Plot] Empty Not just a Sign of Murder [Solo Plot]

    Post by Hyūga Ami Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:51 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Signs of Murder
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Group: 25 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: Moon Village
    Details: A string of gnarly murders have begun to pop up around the Moon village. At least every other week a dead body pops up in a random place in the village. However each of these murders have something in common. The body is stretched out and painted with a giant red A across the body and the surrounding environment. It is clearly a warning, but for what? Moon Shinobi are being tasked with investigating the crime scenes and gathering clues as to what these murders might mean.
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.

    Ami was getting a little frustrated. No, she was more than just frustrated as she headed to the Sobek River. This was going to be the third…or fourth time she was going to investigate a crime scene, and each previous time she had found nothing. She felt like she was being toyed, that it was all a game to whoever was killing all these people. And it infuriated her. The girl has since found at least three bodies, scattered around different places in Gekkousato and now she was back again, with another body being found by the river. She would meet the local authorities first, having been summoned to the building to discuss the case in more detail. Since she had been following the case since the discovery of the second body, the moon village local authorities have made an exception to have Ami notified if ever there was a lead or another dead body showed up. With a sigh, the green haired kunoichi would make her way into the building, a little anxious since it was her first time there.

    “Hyuuga Ami, I’m here to see the coroner.” She made her way to the receptionist booth at the lobby of the building and looked around her. It had an air of a normal office building, much like that of the administration building where she usually went to pick up new missions. But this once was segregated into parts, with elevators going only to specific floors. Everyone who entered the building needed a badge of some kind. The receptionist would hand her a badge with her name and the floor which she was to meet with the coroner—the fifteenth floor. Clipping the badge to her dress, she thanked the woman and made her way to the elevators that stopped only at the first twenty floors. There were security cameras everywhere and guards stood by the lobby watching it like hawks. She imagined what it was like to work here.

    “Ami, it’s nice to see you, come on in!” she was greeted at the elevator doors by a tall man in a business suit and a white lab coat over top it. He had slick black hair and dark blue eyes and was quite muscular in build. He was the head coroner, the man who was responsible for cutting up dead bodies to find out their stories before death. He led her into his office, a medium sized room with a good view of the village. Motioning her to one of his dark blue fabric sofa chairs, he would hand her a file. “So you’ve heard I think? This is John Doe number four.” Opening the folder, her eyes would meet the horrendous crime scene photos first. She took the photos out and looked at them carefully. The crime scene was definitely Sobek River and like the rest of the murders, the most defining part of the body was the large A that was painted across it. Turning her attention to the coroner, she was going to ask a question that had plagued her mind for awhile now. “Do we know anything about the red paint? It doesn’t look like it was made out of blood from the colour.” Ami put the folder down on the desk. “The paint is from the same manufacturer. We have tracked it down to just one company who makes this kind of paint. But most people who use paint tend to buy from this manufacturer.” Ami nodded her head, not having expected to gain any leads from the substance to begin with.

    “We have looked at all the bodies carefully. The first two bodies had dozens of stab wounds made with different blades. We cross-examined the cuts and found that at least one katana, one tanto and one wakizashi inflicted them wounds. The last body we found was a little different though. There are less stab wounds and most of them shallow at best. The cause of death for all three men was the same; extreme blood loss. Whoever did this wanted to watch the guys bleed out.” The girl took down some notes on a notepad. She would take some more notes about the important parts of his report. She would head next to the police station, another place she had never been to, to talk with the chief investigators to see if there were any more needs. Ami felt that there needed to be some leads at this point, the number of deaths too alarming.

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