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    The search is on! Empty The search is on!

    Post by Elebolt Thu Jul 16, 2020 4:05 am

    Mission Details:
    Name: Hunt Missing Children
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Sun Village
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Location: Sun Village
    Details: For the past few months, in the Sun Village, young children having been going missing. It started with just a few here and there, but now it is becoming a real epidemic. The village has been put on high alert regarding these missing reports. You have been tasked with scouring the village for any clues or signs of these missing kids. Find tracks, clues, follow rumors, do what ever you can to get a lead on where these kids might be. (You can not find a missing child, just clues to one.)
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Arashi Finally decided to take this mission, he had hoped the matter would be resolved by now, and even though his investigation and searching skills were not that good, he couldn't stand idly by while this kept happening. So when the evening came, he put on his cloak gathered his ninja equipment, and went out.

    the streets were quite busy as it was still relatively early, people walked around, some hanging out, others having dinner, but most were just going back home after a day of work. Arashi walked around looking out for any suspicious activity, turns out there wasn't much of it, so he asked some people about the issue of the missing children. Many of them got immediately sad and didn't know what to say or do, some even had looks powerlessness, it was obvious they felt for this matter. Others though didn't quite feel the same, some scoffed at it saying nothing was happening and it was all a lie, some blamed shinobi for it, saying that if they did their work right it wouldn't happen, there were all sorts of opinions floating around but no one seemed to know much about the matter.

    That is until he headed to the slums, where he could find the shadier people. Of course, he wouldn't go around just asking in here, after all that might get him in trouble, as if someone knew something they were likely to hide it. So he would rely on the secret ninja art of "Eavesdropping". He would try to listen in on conversations as he slowly walked around, with his cloak up as a way to make him less identifiable, and by correlation less of a threat, so that they might talk normally, without thinking that someone will pay mind to them.

    So as he walked slowly through the slums, he overheard several conversations, some normal, others not so much. but he couldn't shake off the sensation that someone was watching him. After a while, he started to get desperate, not knowing what to do to get information, so he leaned against a wall to try and think. Not much time had passed when some people surrounded him, one of them, the one right in front of him, abruptly said. "What is a shinobi like you doing around here!" So they knew... apparently, he wasn't as sneaky as he thought. "We don't like you being here! So you better scram before we beat you up!" Arashi felt slightly amused, he already had some experience under his belt which made him more confident in matters of combat. "I really don't want trouble." He said nonchalantly half expecting the thugs actually leave him alone. "Like hell you are! Let's get him, boys!" And of course, it didn't happen...  "Why does this always have to end like this..?" he sighed as he wondered. The first thug would throw a right hook at Arashi, he just dodged it by ducking his head and moving it in the direction the blow came from, while also attacking with a downward hook with his own left hand, successfully countering the thug's attack and throwing him to the ground by the force of both of their movements. two of the other thugs immediately went to help him up while two more tried fighting Arashi, at this point both of them got closer trying to gain an advantage on him by throwing a jab and a hook simultaneously, Arashi responded just by spinning on his left leg, throwing his body backward and doing a spinning hook kick, hitting both at the same time. the other two, who seemed to be the youngest of the bunch were now scared, trying to take care of the others they looked at Arashi. "Please don't kill us! We'll tell you anything!" Arashi got surprised. "believe me if I would've wanted to kill you I would've already done so. That's why I didn't use my sword. Still, I need to know do you have any information about the missing children?"  They looked even more terrified now.  "Please kill us!"   Arashi was now bewildered, What could instill such fear in them?  "Why would you ask that!? are you really that terrified of whoever is doing this?!" They just nodded in silence lips tied shut. Arashi sighed "I guess I'm not getting anything out of you then..." They nodded again "Well have luck with whoever it is that sent you after me. I'll find out one way or another." Arashi started to walk away, the thug's eyes were a bit watery but that's about it. If they really were that scared then they were good at managing it, so today Arashi would have to return empty-handed, worried, and disappointed that he couldn't do anything to help.


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