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    The Journey Begins... (Solo) Empty The Journey Begins... (Solo)

    Post by Keiji Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:29 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Outing Squatters
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: Squatters have taken refuge in local abandoned buildings both in the villages and outside in the outskirts. Your mission is to evict these squatters, removing them from their locations and getting them out of the area. Most of them are druggies or criminals hiding from the law, and can be arrested if need be.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    It was nights like these that Keiji would have rather been staying at home, training and honing himself even further, or spending his time with Ami. He shook his head with a soft smirk on his lips before rolling his shoulders, as he moved from one rooftop to another, his eyes taking in the details of the night. As he left the more populated area of town and headed to the slums, he wasn't surprised by the lack of people that were on the streets. If anyone were to be roaming around senselessly in this part of town, they were likely to be removed of their wallets and even to more extremes, their life.

    He would move to stand on the corner of a rooftop so that his eyes could rest on a single building, the target for his mission. He would adjust his shawl that he wore, followed by him checking his wrist wraps. After confirming his gear to be solid, he would let out a soft breath and scan all four sides of the building. A part of the building was collapsed, one of the exits with it, meaning the only way inside of the building was the back door. Some squatters had set up shop inside of this building and had been causing problems for people who lived in the area, Keiji had been tasked to handle the situation.

    After getting a full read of the area, most of the second story seemed destroyed and no one was currently up there, so that'd most likely be his point of entry. He would jump down from the rooftop and to the ground, sliding around the side of the building until he found a large dumpster, "Alright, here we go..." He muttered to himself while rolling his right shoulder to stretch it out again, placing both of his hands on either side of the dumpster and pushing it with ease, using his knees and shoulders, never his back. He'd maneuver to the back of the building and place the dumpster in front of the door that led into, and also out of, the building.

    He would dust off his hands and move to the destroyed second story of the building, where there was a set of destroyed stairs that led to the first story, "Hey, don't you dare go trying to undermine me! I am the boss!". He could tell there were four different men below from the various noises that crept up, "This won't be too hard...", as he muttered to himself while popping out his blade and jumping into the room below. With several swift movements he would dispatch of the men inside, knocking them out with the flat of his blade and binding them with his clan threading.

    Dragging them all the way back to the Sun villages HQ he would deposit them at the front desk and show the bounty on them to the clerk who promptly noted his name and payed him as would head off into the night. Small victories like this were necessary to increase his notoriety as a Hunter-Nin after all, and he would do many more to get there. For now he would head back on the long trip home to rest and visit his beloved.

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