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    Post by Hyūga Ami Tue Jul 21, 2020 12:30 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Destroy the Supply House
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Within a Yellow region
    Details: A secret supply house has been found in the wilderness. It appears to belong to some local bandits or criminals using it to store their goods or supplies. As long as this supply house remains intact, the criminals have access to what they need to continue to flourish. Your job is to destroy the supply house using any means necessary. While the mission itself seems simple, the house is most likely guarded by bandits or thugs, which can make the mission a little tricky.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    Ami sat on a tree branch, her clothes tainted with the blood of some unknown and unworthy arsonist who had dared to try and set fire to the beautiful cherry blossom trees. The body of the man lay on the ground below her. She knew that she should probably get it back to the village, although that was always a drag. She'd wait until the sun rose perhaps, having no place to take the body in the middle of the night. She heaved a small sigh and closed her eyes. How she wished she had her alcohol now. It would be a few hours before she opened her eyes again, this time to the sun's rays shining directly in her eyes. It was morning already...meaning that she would have to get that excuse of a human back to the village. Jumping down from the branch, she tied a rope around his body tightly and dragged him out of the park, heading to the village gates. She must have been quite a sight, bloodied clothes and towing a dead body behind her. She would drop him off at the morgue before going to collect her reward and then browse through the mission board.

    "You probably should go and clean yourself up first." came the voice of the secretary. Ami would nod her head, picking up a scroll in the process. She probably looked as much of a wreck as she felt but she was more concerned about this one mission. The girl wanted to go destroy a supply house, having seen one on Kataki Road by coincidence when she was traveling from the Sun village back home. She had wondered why there was a space just for weapons that didn't seem to belong. At first the girl had thought it was some kind of outpost for the Sun village, seeing as she didn't know many of their outpost locations. But it was in the middle of nowhere, and so small that no village would logically have built it. This could only mean one other option...someone was stealing from somewhere and storing it in the supply house. If it was from her village she would not forgive. The Hyuugan would walk out of the building, her feet taking her once more beyond the village gates and down Kataki Road.

    She tried to recall where the supply house was, her memory taking her back to the time she had traveled down this road some two weeks ago. Ami would take a side road and then another and another until she could see a little shack-like thing among a forest of trees. It was well hidden, for what it was worth, since she had literally had walk for a good half an hour into the forest to see anything that resembled the supply house. But as she had remembered, it was a small place, with no guards. Right...definitely not built by a village. She sat among the trees, watching the place like a hawk as she waited for any movements from within or around. It was difficult to make a move at that precise moment, as she was unsure of how many people were inside the supply house. And broad daylight attacks were just irrational, as much as her patience was wearing thin. The green haired girl would sit and wait...for a good five hours before the sun went down. One of the biggest things she despised was having to wait, especially when she had to stay alert in the process.

    And then there was movement.

    The girl could see two men coming out of the supply house, with what looked like swords from where she was sitting. She would have to go in and assess the weaponry first, see just how much of it was there, before eliminating the thieves behind it. Ami waited for the men to leave, probably to go out and steal more things, before she would finally make her way to the place. Every step was cautious and thought out as she rounded to the back of the supply house. It was pitch black inside, with nothing to indicate human activity. Her hand gripped the hilt of her sword as she sneaked inside. She activated her Byakugan for safety measures, being able to see chakra systems gave her an unfair advantage in pitch darkness. Certain that there was no one there, she would proceed to assess the weapons that were left quite messily around the place. Daggers, swords, bows, arrows, kunais and shuriken...her lavender white eyes took in all the weapons. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, applauding the thieves for managing a stash like that. Her fingers ran through the weapons, wondering how they had accomplished such a feat without people noticing. Surely it didn't all come from Gekkousato...surely.

    "Who's there?!" a voice interrupted her thoughts. The two men had returned, at least that was what she had imagined given the fact she could only see their chakra systems. The girl wouldn't reply, merely running towards them with both katana unsheathed. Ami wasn't here to talk and certainly wasn't going to entertain any words. She brought her blades down one of the two men, her eyes shifting from one to another as she fought. Although not as skilled in swords as she was in Taijutsu, she was definitely not an easy opponent. Her usual defensive and submissive nature turned around abruptly, every attack she gave the men a direct reflection of how much she wanted them to feel pain. Each slash of her katana was aimed at a chakra point, her movements swift and deadly. Her hands fumbled to her weapon pouch, using a combination of her secondary weapons to fight off the second man. She was definitely getting better at aiming with her kunais and shuriken though, as she tried her hand at two against one. She had had her doubts when she first started as a Genin, but perhaps the bears that she had fought had taught her a thing or two.

    It was only her luck that they weren't as skilled of fighters, perhaps.

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