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    Post by Guest Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:21 pm

    To pass in the twilight. A time where those who worked hard during the day sought refuge in their respective shelter. The mystical spell the servants of aria cast upon the lands. Bright yellow yawning, slowly falling into slumber. As the creatures of light, laid their heads down to rest, those of the night would begin to dance. Playing the tunes of lonely howls in search of any that strayed from the herd. It was their turn to drink from the waters, made warm from the afternoon sun. These were the best times to travel, the time as the sunset and the moon rose. The brief moments where the two existed in harmony. The warmth in the lands still radiated from the sands but the night winds were cool. Temperature neither hot nor cold, just the perfect climate to travel far.

    Even now the house of spirits did not sleep, rather this was when they were most active. They'd venture far and wide, fulfilling the needs of both the self and the whole. Training hard, accepting the guidance of those before to improve what was to come. Giving servitude to the patron village, bringing in gold and favor to the economy of the militant village. It would be here, that the Yurei clan would educate their young. In the hours they returned from the academy they'd be given food and quickly given their daily training. Teaching the skills of a spy, to lie, to detect a lie, and to hide a lie. It was often those experienced that thought the young. Not too old as children seemed to disassociated with them but not too young that they'd teach their own shortcomings. Those that had good standings with the village, who had traveled far and wide. Shizuka was one such person. Though she had taught many lessons to her younger siblings, today was not such a day.

    Her evening rituals would begin, washing her hands of the dirt and her mouth of the foul desert winds. Dressed a little warmer than her day before, a scarf or shawl to keep out the chill winds. Dinner, joined by fewer members than daybreak. There were those still out on missions or those who had eaten outside the compound. Chicken cooked with medicinal herbs and energy-rich roots. Perfect to bolster the immunity and help the body recover from the day's fatigue. The diet of the Yurei was simple but was carefully planned to ensure the best of their members. After all, the ones alive were walking vaults of years and years of knowledge. Once her meal was over Shizuka would begin her studies once more, gathering books from all over the land.

    Her chief interest was in one particular kind of animal. Teeth, razor-sharp, and evergrowing. Fur lined heavy, resistant to water. Feet graced with the body the ability to walk on land and swim in the depths. A most strange tail, flat and textured. Apart from all these strange characteristics, it was the brain of the beaver that Shizuka was interested in the most. Uncanny engineering, mastering the waters better than any Shinobi to date. They would dam the waters in, behind them to their own desires. With it, they brought life to the lands, the storage of waters bringing plants and animals alike closer and closer. As they did so, the rains would frequent more and with the rains the dams would grow, becoming lakes and rivers.

    The giant beavers were native to the areas around the Moon Village. They maintained the forests, damming up their long rains falls and preserving it for the dry seasons. If Shizuka could somehow get the beavers to do the same in the oasis she had found then there was a chance a forest would grow over time. There were two problems that Shizuka could not quite solve. The beavers had thick hides meant for colder climates. Though they could fair well in the summer climates of the Moon, they would not be able to tolerate the heat of the sun is it summer or winter. She needs to find a way for them to adapt to the environment. However, all this was assuming they were able to bring some over.

    The beavers were gentle creatures but forcefully moving them would not bode well. A method Shizuka could think of was to perhaps bring back the babies. That also proved a few problems, how well would they adapt? Were they instinctual animals that knew what to do from birth or did an older beaver need to teach them before they became master builders? As fas ar this problem went, Shizuka could only think about bringing adolescent beaver. Those that knew how to work the dams but weren't set in their ways of the forests. Perhaps that was something they needed to discuss with the locals of the forest.

    As a matter of environment. She knew a Moon Shinobi that was descendant of the Snow Release Clans. Perhaps she could ask for his help, cover the small biome to match the temperatures for the beavers? Perhaps she could make a sort of greenhouse over the whole area? A terrarium till the beavers built up the dams enough. That was certainly something that might help. Shizuka would end her research for the day, gathering her books for the night as going to bed. Throughout the night she dreamed of beavers and thick forests.
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