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    Post by Zap Fosho Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:55 am

    Karite sighed as she got up that morning. She took her shower and got dressed. She put on her normal shinobi outfit. She put on her black shorts and then started with her tops.  Her black shirt hug close to her fishnet long sleeve undershirt. Her curves showing properly. She threw her cloak over her outfit and put her arms threw the sleeves. She decided to close it and put up her hood. She did a couple warm up stretches to make sure she was ready for the patrol. She yawned and walked down to the kitchen, where her sister was waiting. “Hey Hitomi, how the hell are you up so early?” She giggled knowing the answer. Hitomi shook her head.  “Breakfast is on the table. Don't do anything stupid while you are out on your mission today. I want no reports of dead people. Is that understood?” She put her hands on her hips and chuckled. Karite grabbed the toast and ate it quickly. “Yes, ma'am!” She joked. “I will make sure that no one gets a tanto in their spine.” She giggled and began to ran off as Hitomi yelled after her. “That's not funny!!!” Karite giggled as she kept running off into the thick of the Akumu Clan grounds.

    She was still giggling as she ran by the Head Priestess. The demon's face contorted into a crooked smile as she ran by. The old woman yelled over to the young woman. “Good thing for you to run by me. You are doing a mission to patrol the mission right?” Karite nodded quickly out of fear. “Good. I need you to help some of our clan members with a wild animal that got into their house. I'm sure you can handle it alone.” She smirked as she pointed at a house in the near the temple. She nodded and ran off.

    Karite got to the house thankful to have gotten away from the crone. She waved to the village members who invited her to get close. “What's going on today?” She stated looking over to the house. “We had a couple wild racoons get into the house. Can you try to get them out?” She nodded and slowly made her way into the house. As she closed the door behind her, she heard a scurrying coming from the kitchen. She made her way into kitchen slowly, keeping an eye on her surroundings. As she entered the kitchen, she noticed the racoon hidden under the table. She walked slowly to the cabinet and grabbed a can of cat food. She closed the cabinet floor and sat on the floor, trying to encourage the racoon over to her. The racoon slowly made its way over to Karite. As it went to bite onto the food in the can, Karite quickly grabbed the racoon and pulled it into her body. She held it close to her chest in a way that it would be unable to get away. “Oh be nice, Mr. Racoon. I'm just going to get you to a new home.” She giggled as she pet the racoon's head. She continued to pet it as it tried to nip at her. She avoided it and scoured the house. She could not find a second racoon as she kept torturing the one in her arms. “Oh well, let's get you home, little one.” She walked out of the house. “Sorry, only one racoon was in there. Couldn't see a second one.” The family thanked her and let her go on her way. She walked off towards the woods to release the racoon. After she released the racoon, she would report to the Kage for mission completion.


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