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    Xur Yagari (Done) Empty Xur Yagari (Done)

    Post by Xur Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:35 pm

    Xur Yagari
    Xur Yagari (Done) 928217aafb58fcca098e849b640955e0
    Name: Xur Yagari
    Nick Name:
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Bloodline: Magnet Release

    Origin: Gekkousato
    Village: Gekkousato

    Why do you want to know what I look like? Are you some creepy stalker man hiding in the bushes waiting for me to show up? Fine fine, I guess if you must know. I am a pretty small guy, only five foot and three inches tall and only weight a hundred and twenty two pounds, but I will lie and tell you I weigh less any other day of the week. I have a very petite frame and am pretty damn cute if I must say so, most people actually mistake me for a girl, but I am in fact a boy, I checked. My hair is white and very fluffy, so I keep a few pins in it to keep it from getting in My eyes, but it still does sometimes. Fashion is a big deal for me, so you can find me wearing the latest trends and cutest outfits. I try to make sure everything I wear matches and does not clash with my ninja gear.

    Height: 5"3'
    Weight: 122 lbs

    Now you want to know how I act? You are a nosy bastard are you not? Well if you really want to know, I am a very sweet guy, I am kind and loving. However many people would tell you otherwise, those who are jealous of me would say that I am rude, disrespectful and mean. But who cares what they have to say, people suck anyway. I try to make friends but for some reason most people try to stay away from me, and because of that I do not have many friends, in fact even my shinobi comrades choose to work without me if they can help it. Who needs friends anyway when you are a bad ass ninja right? My parents left me, at least that is what I tell everyone, and I was forced to raise myself, so my social skills are not the best i must admit. I try to be a good person, treat people with kindness, but people are just so annoying, it is hard you know? Because I do not spend much time with others, I spend a lot of time training and sparring.

    - Knives
    - Sweets
    - Flowers

    - Spiders
    - Dirt
    - Being touched

    Well, my story starts just as humble as many others who grew up in the moon village. I was born in the village hospital with both of my parents being members of this great village. do not get it mixed up though for they were not shinobi and in fact were actually pretty normal people. My mother was a tailor for a local business that created clothing and fabric for locals. While she sometimes made clothing for the moon ninja, she did not really have much to do with them. My father now, while not being a ninja himself, was a chef down at the academy and often cooked meals for both the students and the teachers. He had no real skill of his own but loved listening to the ninja tales over lunch.

    Now i was raised to follow in my fathers foot steps, to be the worlds best chef and cook for all the little boys and girls. However at a young age my parents went missing. I came home one day and boom they were gone. At first it was believed they had left, but all of their belongings had been left home, even my dads shoes! It was ruled as a missing persons case, with both of my parents labled kidnapped or something worse. To this day no one knows what happened to them.

    Due to my parents going missing i was adopted by a man in the local orphanage. With not much to go on and no goal left for my future i was sent to the ninja academy to train and learn the hidden arts of the moon village. I will be honest, it was never my dream to become a ninja but now that i am one i absolutely love it! It gives me room to grow, the chance to be who i was really meant to be and now i am strong enough to beat others up. Maybe one day i can rise through the ranks and find out what happened to my parents. Now mister, is that enough information or do you need my blood type also?

    Face Claim: Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul
    Owner: Xur

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    Xur Yagari (Done) Empty Re: Xur Yagari (Done)

    Post by Kensei Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:09 am


    Congratulations and welcome! You may now start working on your character sheet. As you work, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our systems, our community, or reach out to our members or staff if you have any questions. While you are developing the rest of your character sheet, if you’re interested, feel free to participate in open socials to start off your RP experience here. We look forward to working together. Happy hunting Very Happy

    Kensei Uchiha

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