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    Buhna: Shield Empty Buhna: Shield

    Post by Gangryong Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:14 pm

    Name: Buhna: Shield
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C Rank
    Element: Wind
    Cost: 10 Chakra and 5 Stamina
    Range: Personal
    Duration: 1 Post

    Description: A variation of the original Buhna jutsu, specialized for defense rather than attack. As with the original the user creates a core of wind chakra, but on a larger scale, being roughly half meter in diameter. Once sufficiently spinning, a secondary ring of chakra is created around the core, nearly 2 meters in diameter and half a meter thick. The densely packed, and fast moving air currents make a potent defensive tool, though its efficacy changes based on what it is defending against.
    When pitted against similarly ranked wind or water jutsu, the rapid spinning disk of wind is usually enough to harmlessly disperse the attack through shear momentum and send the attack off in another direction.
    The shield is less effective against fire, earth, or lightning based jutsu. Except for the weakest of attacks, earth and lightning based jutsu often are able to pierce through the shield, as they are either moving too fast (in the case of lightning) or are too heavy (in the case of earth) to be deflected by the fast moving winds. Defending against fire based jutsu is inadvisable, as it is more likely than not to create a miniature fire cyclone directly in front of the user, leading to burns and injury as if the attack had not been stopped at all.
    Where the shield truly excels as, as its original use was defending against the clan’s more physical based attacks, is stopping taijutsu. Aside from only the strongest of attacks, taijutsu is virtually unable to penetrate the nearly solid wall of wind created by the spinning disk of chakra. Additionally, the chakra infused wind is able to deal several deep and damaging cuts to the attacker.
    Status: Private ( Namsadang Clan Only)
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