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    Raionhato Kenjutsu: Falling Throughs Empty Raionhato Kenjutsu: Falling Throughs

    Post by Anubis Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:58 am

    Name: Raionhato Kenjutsu: Falling Throughs
    Specialty: Bukijutsu
    Rank: C-Rank
    Element: -
    Cost: 20 Stamina
    Range: Within Reach of Weapon
    Duration: Instant

    Description: A technique developed by Raionhato Anubis, this must either be learned or copied from him. The user will lean forward, almost as if they were falling. Then they immediately catch themselves by stepping forward with either leg so that the knee of said leg is facing in the direction of the target. In a seamless fashion, like a runner at the starting gate of a race, they will push off as if to dash at the foe. The method of the movement utilizes gravity of the fall in combination with the users own force of going forward. The power alone is capable is severing a limb from the body, parrying an incoming attack, or cutting through bone.
    Status: Can only be taught by someone who knows it. Private.

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