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    Post by Guest Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:28 pm

    Tatsuya made his way down the main drag of Nikkosato, his backpack was thrown over one shoulder. His smooth black hair was tied back in a tail that went down past his shoulders and he wore his usual attire a black suit jacket and dress pants over a white button-up shirt with the first few buttons undone, black leather gloves on his hands, the right one bearing the seal to store his puppet, steel-toed shoes, and a patch over his left eye. He was armed, of course, but preferred to keep such things hidden until they were needed. Today his mission was to get out into the desert and track down and kill a deadly scorpion named Lindsey or something, he didn’t remember, he wasn’t really paying attention. Stupid name for a scorpion though. As he traveled he thought about life. He wondered why flightless birds were a thing. Like what’s the point? Penguins were pretty cool though, lots of cool stuff about penguins. The reason penguins are white and black is actually camouflaged for when they are swimming. If you’re looking up at a penguin you see the white belly, which blends in with the light coming from above, and if you’re looking at a penguin from above the water you see its black back, which blends in well with the dark water under it. It’s called countershading, cool shit. There were even some prehistoric penguins that grew to be as big as humans. That sounds fucking awesome. Generally, as conditions get colder the penguins get larger. The ones that live in warmer tropical climates are smaller than the ones that live in colder climates, probably easier to resist the cold when you have more mass or something. They can live in massive colonies as well, King Penguin colonies can several hundred thousand mated pairs of penguins. That’s a lot of birds, probably smells awful. The story we hear about the Emperor penguin males taking care of the eggs by themselves while the females get food is actually very a-typical, they are the only species that does that, for some reason. The rest of the species share incubation duties between both genders. I wonder why they’re the exception to that rule? Anyway, Tatsuya traveled for a bit longer and reached the location where the scorpion had been last sighted and he called out, “Hey Sally! Uh… Stacy! Whatever your name is! Come out so I can kill you!” There was no response. “Yeah, that doesn’t normally work, oh well.” Did you know giraffes use their long-ass necks as weapons? Not in a manner of self-defense, most animals that would be trying to eat them are too low to the ground for that to do any good, but they use them against other giraffes to establish dominance. There are two different kinds and it’s called “necking”. Low-intensity necking is basically just two giraffes leaning against each other and pushing with their necks. High-intensity necking is when they whip their necks around and use their skulls like medieval flails to bash the other giraffe with. Normally both giraffes are fine afterward but sometimes they hurt or kill each other. There are apparently no hard feelings though, or maybe there are because most of the time the male giraffes will have sex after the fight. In fact, giraffes have been observed to have much more homosexual intercourse than heterosexual intercourse. Whatever floats their boat. Tatsuya found some tracks that may have belonged to a scorpion, how many limbs does a scorpion have again? Regardless he began to follow them for some distance in hopes of finding more evidence of his quarry. Did you know most gorillas are herbivores? Seems interesting considering how big and strong they are, you would think they eat meat, but no. Some species will eat ants or termites but other than that they mostly eat vegetables and a little fruit. In fact they rarely need to drink water because they consume so much succulent vegetation. Animals are freaking neat. Except for this goddamn scorpion, this scorpion could kiss Tatsuya’s ass. After travelling and pontificating about cool animal facts a while longer he finally found the goddamn thing. It wasn’t that big but its tail seemed proportionally much larger than the rest of its body, for some reason. The thing saw him and charged but was much too stupid to avoid Tatsuya’s Shadow Possession Jutsu. It stopped the scorpion well out of striking range and, after making a few more kata, Tatsuya impaled the paralyzed animal with his Earth Release: Bamboo shoots. The spikes shot up from 4 different directions and stabbed through the scorpion’s body with ease. Tough the thing might have been but there was a big difference between tough and turning aside an A-rank Ninjutsu. Tatsuya sliced off its tail as the mission had instructed him to do and coiled it up over one arm like a garden hose, taking care not to prick himself with the stinger. He travelled a ways back to the village and turned the stinger into where ever it is shinobi go when they’re done with missions and got himself paid. He took his funds to the gambling hall that same night and between food and gambling lost most of them. He supposed that was why he had to keep doing these ridiculous missions. Shit wasn’t free. I need several more words to reach the word count.

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