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    Beware Bare Bears [Solo mission] Empty Beware Bare Bears [Solo mission]

    Post by Kaguya Shinigai on Mon Aug 03, 2020 3:59 am

    Name: Band of Bears
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Anywhere
    Details: A large group of brutish bears have been spotted wandering the land in search for food and driven to breaking into homes and destroying shops. The lack of food has made them angry and hostile, and extremely dangerous. You are tasked with removing these bears before they harm, or worse, kill someone.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    click click click Riiiinnnggggg the sound of an alarm would ring in the forest of debon. A very wooded area that the young kaguya had found himself sleeping in for nights at a time. Although the was not welcomed in either of the major villages he had found different places to sleep in while he was on the run from his own village. As he would lay upon a branch crunching on a piece of hay he would watch many of the people who were passing by and making their way to the village to help with the building of the arena, even a few merchants would make their way to this village. A few of them had seemed to be a bit exasperated as if there was something chasing or they had been running away from their captors. Shinigai would continue to lounge in the tree trying to ignore the many screams he would hear as they would pass. It would take him a few passes before he would hear the loudest scream of his life. A merchant it would seem would be running with his cart in tow. He was quick but it had seemed that he wasn't quick enough to get away from the enemy. His hair falling into his face as he would hurry. His breathing would quicken and his eyes would become a bit blurry as he would turn around to see if he was still being chased. The enemy had been only a few notches from catching up with the man as he would scream even louder soon he would yell. "Someone... anyone please save me!" He would yell he wasn't in luck as the village nearby would have never sent out of of their finest to save a lowly merchant. But he was in luck that Shinigai kaguya was over head.

    Falling from his tree and landing just behind the merchant the man would stop for a second to look at the man. with his dreary eyes and a face that seemed to be a bit disgusted this man was Near. "What now dammit! Pride isn't awake and you're causing so much ruckus!" Near would say as he would look upon the man. The man would point to the beast that was now hovering above his body. As Near would slowly turn to look upon the furry hair of a bear. Oh it had been so long since he had fought a bear, or since he had fought another animal in general. it had been crazy but the last time he fought a bear he was in a team with karite and ami and they had quite the time trying to fight this band of bears. This bear had seemed to be far from its pack but near was sure the rest would follow behind. Suddenly the bear would attack shinigai as its claws would come down upon the ninja. The merchant would fall to the ground as he would begin to cower watching a man be attacked by the same bear he would soon find his own demise. Sure he could've ran but the fear had struck his arms and legs and left him in a paralyzed state. As the bears claws would come down upon the ninja shinigai would make a quick motion to stop this attack. His arm would raise up high as his skin would be plated with bone taking the damage as if it was nothing. Soon he would create a bow in his hand that would resemble the color of bone. As he would strike at the bear's eye and push it back a bit.

    "Alright ill handle these things fast." Near would say as he would begin to chuckle a bit. Soon he would hear a rustling in the forest. it had been the back up. Two other bears would come out of the cut of the forest and come rushing at shinigai as he would begin to fight their friend. He would not let the odds be too out of his favor as he would begin to strike the enemy three times before a sharp end would appear from his bo staff. The end would be pierced into the bear as he would slice his stomach open and cause the bear to keel over in pain. One was down and two were left as he would kick the cart the man was carrying back so he would have a bit more room and the two other bears would come up to him. Suddenly he would pull out two bone swords from the shoulder. As he would do a bit of a dance. Striking at the vitals of the bears these had been a bit stronger than the last as they had endured more hits than the dead bear. Continuing with his attak near would use his blades to strike at the right bear's necks slicing through it and causing its neck to roll on to the ground. The next bear would roar at the loss of his friend and would go in a bit of a rage. Soon the fight would end as shinigai would strike his ankle and then aim to strike his neck like the last. The bear would move around to try and cause near to release the blade but would soon meet his demise as shinigai would strike it with his bo staff. The bear would fall to the ground ending the attack on the merchant. "Get out of here, Loser" Near would say as he would walk away from the scene.


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