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    Rufio of the Sun Village Empty Rufio of the Sun Village

    Post by Rufio Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:32 am

    Rufio of the Sun Village Rufio_13
    Name: Rufio (Inukura although he has no knowledge of his last name)
    Nick Name:
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Inukura Clan
    Bloodline: Inukura Bloodline

    Origin: The Baulder Woodlands
    Village: The Sun Village


    Lean almost feral in expression the boy is lean and well built, toned muscles from hard living without an overabundance of bulk to keep him lithe and able to hunt. His hair is rather long and curiously has red streaks that he styles into three Mohawks atop the general mane of his black hair, with another two large sections of red hair that is grouped around his ears it gives him a distinctive look at least. For clothing he wears a set of red tights under ripped up black leather pants, on his feet are supple red leather boots held into place with black strips of leather wound around his ankle/lower calves. He wears a tight black shirt up top under a black leather vest, the shirt is obviously too small as his midriff is left bare. The vest itself has many leather adornments like strips that come off of it in various patches of red and black around his neck resides a necklace full of claws and fangs from defeated prey.

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 108lbs


    Rufio is rather sure of himself seeing himself always in the light of an alpha, in his opinion his own judgement can never be questioned his decisions are the perfect answer to anything. Whenever presented with a chance to be on equal footing with someone he disdains and prefers to hold himself higher unless they can best him in combat or the paltry few simulation war games (Chess/Checkers) he has managed to grasp the rules of, otherwise he sees you simply as someone to be led. Overall the boy is cocky, aggressive. Although his way of interacting with the world is strange he is no less charismatic in his dealings with others that need to be shown that they must follow while he leads. Since joining society at large he has taken more and more after those he feels have power, becoming more serious when not being surrounded by those he would consider his pack.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    - Winning
    - Training with weapons
    - Leading others
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Losing
    - Sitting still
    - Being led


    Born to a man going by the name of Hitomi, an Inukura, and a random woman. The child was taken from the mother by the father shortly before she was erased from existence. The young boy wasn't much better off as the cruel father abandoned the swaddled child in the Baulder Woodlands. Fate came through on the boy's behalf as he was quickly found by a group of wolves that had taken to prowling that particular part of the forests. No one could say for sure why the boy was taken in, but he began to grow as the years passed with the wolves, he learned to hunt as part of the pack early on putting to use his natural talents he inherited from his fathers side. As he grew he continued to learn, often sneaking into the nearby village of Baulder, often as a shadow he would take something small or eavesdrop on conversations not at first understanding the words, but being a quick study he picked it up on the fly. One fateful day at the age of ten while eavesdropping on a conversation the boy made a blunder allowing the person to see him as he tried to make his way back into the forest, the man unbeknownst to the boy was actually a traveling ninja by the name of Ren Sakura, apparently a medical practitioner he had been contracted to come take care of some problem the village had been having.

    Rufio was nervous when the man managed to catch him so easily, but instead of attacking they had a conversation, albeit rather halting and confused on the boys end as he had never actually spoken to anyone before. After much convincing Ren managed to talk the boy into accompanying him back to the Sun Village where he would be able to take up the weapons of man, after the boy managed to get a promise from the man about leaving his family alone (Rufio meant the wolves). Upon returning to what was supposed to be such a great place the boy was enrolled at the academy. His time spent at the academy passed rather quickly as he taught himself to read and proceeded to absorb as much of the information as possible that had to do with anything and everything he would need to know to have a sword of his own. Passing with flying colors the boy found himself a genin at the tender age of thirteen. Now he continues to study as much as he can about making war and hunting in the ways of a man rather than a beast.

    Face Claim: Rufio (Hook)
    Owner:  Rufio
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