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    Wind Style School [Solo Mission] Empty Wind Style School [Solo Mission]

    Post by Letony on Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:05 pm

    Letony received a mission this time which would be incredibly different from anything he had before faced. This time the young boy of 15 years of age, would partake in teaching students who were not much younger than he was. It would be an enightening experience to see if he had what it took to deliver a lesson about one his signature techniques. Letony already had his lesson detailed out and well planned in his mind before he arrived in the classroom. Or rather the training grounds, considering he did not want to bore the students with book work, at least not at this moment. But Letony concocted a way to get only a select few students involved who shared his ability to perform wind release chakra nature. He wanted to teach them the basics of nature and shape transformation.  

    So now he would be standing in front of a class, all sitting Indian-style directly in front of him as he stood, pacing back and forth. His eyes were sternly on the class, and demanded much respect despite his young age of fifteen. He would not let these mere children make a child out of him. But the children stared in awe, and seemed to be rather excited about this little experiment Letony was about to perform. However, this was real teaching indeed. Letony suddenly stopped pacing, causing the children to stir. “Silence. Now who among you can perform the wind style?” Letony spoke in his low toned voice, quite serious. He had about seven students raise their hands, and pointed at each of them to reserve a spot over in the nearby field. "As for you others. I expect you all to spar, unsupervised. Do not inflict any serious injuries. You may begin!” Letony shouted at the brats, before heading off to his reservation spot.  

    After pacing a mere few steps, Letony arrived where the throng of seven was all standing. He stood over them and spoke glancing at each one of the poor souls, “Wind release chakra nature is by far one of the most versatile natures there is. It can be used to cut just about anything, and is typically chakra thinned out and oscillated against itself in opposite directions to become as sharp as possible,” he spoke with an authortative tone. “With that out of the way. There is more to wind style, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll show you an example. But first! Shape transformation.” Letony lowered his tone theatrically, trying to entice the young children, and it appeared to be working as their eyes sparkled in amazement. “Shape transformation is the basic movement, and form of any chakra or elemental chakra nature. It also dictates the direction, range, and purpose of a technique. What I’m going to teach you is a combination of both.”

    “These are the hand seals,” Letony slowly created the hand seals to his Wind Release: Galactic Arrows technique, showing them its exact seals. Letony would repeat the seals several times back to back, until the children began to pick up on them. After he noticed them getting the hang of it he stopped, uncaring for anyone left behind in the throng. “Now, summon up your wind nature chakra in your palm like this,” Letony placed his right arm forward away from the kids in a clear space, and glowing wind style chakra flowing directly from the center of his palm. “Now apply shape transformation in the shape of a moving arrow,” a translucent wind natured arrow burst from Letony’s palm. It was completely flat, and incredibly sharp around its edges. It shot out five meters before dissipating back into thin air. “With practice, I’m sure you kids will get the hang of it.” HIs mission was a success. He taught them a new technique, but it was up to them to practice it and learn it to its fullest.  

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