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    A Hole Visit [Solo Plot Mission] Empty A Hole Visit [Solo Plot Mission]

    Post by Letony on Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:55 am

    Letony’s mind was in a constant distress, ‘How long will this mission drag on before we find anything?’ Letony pondered to himself for a moment, standing at the heart of The Strip. Of course, he disliked the crowds, but there were more pressing matters at hand. This was regarding the children which seemed to constantly be disappearing at a heightened rate despite the Sun shinobi’s best efforts. Letony had been out scrounging for clues and hints to their whereabouts for weeks now. He found many different settings and establishments where he was capable of amassing a variety of different gossips, and intelligence. There was one location that stood out in his mind, like a mountain stuck out from the foreground. He could picture the prison now, home to some of the most vicious criminals that existed in the world. The inmates there would not be strangers to child trafficking, or rings established to kidnap and take hostage kids. Letony knew this without a shadow of a doubt in his mind. There was a possibility that any of the inmates could be involved before their arrest, or were actively coordinating things from the inside. Letony pondered on how all of the events he experienced could be connected. ‘The Sand Port merchant? The strange kid who noticed their friend disappear at the training grounds? The odd conversation he eavesdropped on from a bar, and the dark interrogation of the civilian spewing the hot gossip?’ He mentioned the Sand Port where Letony did more intelligence gathering. Maybe the children were being kidnapped and shipped overseas, where they were to be sold later on. It was a horrible thought in Letony’s mind, as he could relate to being abused.  

    Letony took steps and traversed until he arrived in the Red Sand Desert. He approached the monumental establishment of a fortified prison directly ahead of him. Showing off his mission credentials to the guard, granted him access to the bleak, and ungodly facility. Letony found himself straddling along the bars housing ten to fifteen inmates a cell. The place had a brownish, red tint all over the solid stone walls. And the bars were made of black iron, hardened in the extreme to prevent strong prisoners from escaping. Following along with Letony was an escort guard, “I’m looking for any inmates involved in child trafficking, or kidnapping,” Letony briefly spoke the guard, rolling his eyes in annoyance. “I know of a few who fit that description. They are considered dangerous, and leaders of organized crime.”  

    “Show me,” the guard directly Letony towards the end of a narrow corridor, cells on either side. At the end there was a special cell, directly up ahead of them. This cell wasn’t situated along the side, and overlooked the rest of the cells, as well as the corridor Letony traversed. Letony found himself at the end of the cell, staring in at the decrepit bastard. He was sitting legs crossed, with a menacing bold head and a wide grin that showed all of his teeth. “And you are,” Letony’s eyes were lowered in anger as the inmate spoke. “I am someone looking for some missing children. I don’t have time for games, so save yourself some trouble, and spill all you know. I specialize in Genjutsu. You won’t be able to resist.”

    “Genjutsu you say? I’d rather not get tortured mentally, as well as physically in this cell. Haha. I respect your guts, kid,” the man chuckled briefly, “But about those kids. I heard some black-market thugs were selling them for profit overseas. Something about a trade port? Haha. They might try to kill me for this, but I run this whole wing. There’s only despair to be had here.”  

    “Your cooperation is much appreciated,” Letony said aggressively, “I’ll be going now.” Letony turned to report the new information to the Admin Building. He’d found yet another clue, but no children yet.

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