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    Builder Escort [Solo Mission] Empty Builder Escort [Solo Mission]

    Post by Letony Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:12 am

    Name: Protection Detail
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: You are tasked with defending a very important person. It could be a merchant, a diplomat from another region or just someone who is highly valued. They have asked for a security detail to protect them as they enter through a region's border; protection could be from bandits, wild animals or rogue criminals attempting to steal their goods. This mission is a success if the individual has been safely escorted to their destination.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Letony waited patiently at the Nikkousato Administration building, taking toward an office, and standing by a desk, until further notice of who he would be escorting became available to the boy. He already had his mission scrolled tucked away in his black jogger pants, having already read it and absorbed the gist of his mission. Today Letony would play the role of security for an apparently infamous construction worker, who was tasked with enhancing the village’s outposts. This is why he was considered such a high value target, and needed protection from the shinobi Letony. Dangerous missions seemed to be something routine for Letony at this point, he could feel himself being stronger with each mission he’d accomplished. He would fulfil this mission, just as any other, to aid in ascertaining his goal. Letony wasn’t particularly excited to be waiting for the construction worker, after all, his time was precious to him. But nonetheless he stood there waiting, only wearing his white Konowari flak jacket with the hood respectfully aligned over his shoulders as to reveal his rough looking silver hair. Letony had a Bow on his back, and Katana sheathed on his left side. He was geared and stocked for this mission, as his red sash wrapped and dangled around the boy’s waist before drifting to just a foot above the ground between his legs. There was currently no one else where Letony stood, no one behind the desk or occupying the room besides himself at that current moment. Letony’s bleak silence would be met by a rather clumsily looking individual who seemed to literally stumble through the door into the room where Letony stood.

    “Are you my protection detail,” the man mentioned, inebriated sounding. Letony was already annoyed that the man appeared to be a drunk. He had on relatively poor and tattered clothing, as if he didn’t earn as much money as you’d think. But this was considered to be the man’s laziness in Letony’s opinion. Upon further inspection the man wore basic blue jeans, along with his tattered shirt, and a tan sunhat. Letony’s distained gaze fell upon the man, “You’ve got that right, let’s get going. I’ve waited long enough,” Letony mentioned to the man, uncaring at his lack of enthusiasm and displeasure for the man’s late arrival. Letony walked toward the exit, motioning the construction worker to follow along. He would have to obey Letony’s direction if he wanted to survive.

    Letony led the man beyond the Nikkousato gates, as they entered the Infinite Canyons. They would traverse the canyons until the ground beneath their feet would turn to solid stone. This signified their arrival at the Sun Spire Mountain Range, as if one couldn’t see the magnificent mountains as they came into view well back into the distance, casting a glorious shadow over the desert. Letony would look up as they were about to enter one of the mountain’s paths. “We have bandits directly ahead, stay back,” Only a few feet from the man he was guarding, Letony looked ahead on an elevated mountain path and could see two individuals standing there with the appearance of bandits. “I’ll handle them quickly,” Letony slung the Composite Bow from around his back, extending it with one arm, as his other arm retrieved an arrow from his quiver. Holding the bow outstretched, he applied the arrow to the string of the bow with this later hand, pulling tightly and taking aim at one of the bandits. He fired two arrows in rapid succession, first releasing the first arrow, then his hand sliding back to retrieve another from the quiver with expert speed. He shot the second arrow, and both were directly on target, killing the two bandits with arrows through their skulls. “Let’s continue,” Letony stored the bow on his back once more, as the two trekked up the path to the mission’s target destination. “The outpost is just ahead. There are shinobi already stationed there to guard you further,” Letony lazily instructed the man, as his role in this mission was fulfilled.

    [WC: 677/600]


    Current Items/Gear
    Composite Bow x1
    Katana x1
    Archer's Quiver x1 
    (Holds 1 Small item and 20 Tiny items)
    Ice Bombs x3 
    Channeller's Arrows x1 
    Smoke Grenade x1 
    Exploding Note x1
    Shuriken x1
    Kunai x1

      Current date/time is Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:49 am