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    Post by Hyūga Ami Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:23 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Mission Intel
    Rank: A-Rank
    Participants: Anyone
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 60 EXP
    Location: Sun village or Moon village
    Details: You have been asked to spy on the opposite village, as covertly as you can. This is a high profile mission asking you to travel to the other village and record information on their ongoing events and activities. Detail their borders, what the gate operations is like, what villagers do through out their day, or whatever information you can get your hands on. It is imperative that you keep to yourself and stay out from under the watchful eye of the opposing village: no one must know why you are there or what it is you are doing.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 1200 words.

    The Sun village, with its desert plains and excruciatingly hot temperatures, was always a mystery to Ami. Of course she had been here many times before, too many now to count, doing joint missions with their shinobi. Each time she had wondered how these people could stand the heat, much less the sand that seemed to be everywhere in the country and village. Her visit to the Sun was different this time around. Her village had sent her, on behalf of Gekkousato, to do some information gathering. She didn't know why they needed to gather information, the two villages supposedly on friendly and good terms with one another. But she knew that there was always a purpose, even if it was just to gain a better knowledge of the unknown. Either way the Hyuuga didn't mind, as she knew practically nothing about the village and the country as a collective. She had only been to certain places within the desert, with most of her time there spent in Nikkousato. She was very much intrigued as to how things operated differently between sun and moon, and she was going to find out no matter what it took.

    The girl was wearing a white blouse and a pink skirt, something different from her usual attire, weapon pouch stashed in a small backpack. She had deliberately chosen to wear different clothing, knowing that given the amount of time she had spent in the Sun village her usual attire would attract attention. She was going to gather information and being discreet was the key. For this reason Ami would leave her katana and her Gekkousato headband at home. If anything happened she would have her small weapons and her combat skills to make up for not carrying her main weapon. The girl had also chosen to travel at night, knowing that it was best to spy on people and movement in the dark of night. It would test her maneuvering skills and whether she would be able to go about unnoticed. Reaching the desert in the early morning, she would put on her blue contacts, her pink haired flowing gently in the warm wind. The girl brought out a small camera from her backpack, carrying it in her hand wherever she went. She was going to pretend to be a tourist, an enthusiast for taking photos of scenery. She only hoped that there would be more than just sand and desert to take pictures of.

    The Hyuga would start by walking through the country, locating the many different places and regions of the neighboring village. She noticed the infinite canyon first, where she had visited once when she was escorting a silk merchant back to Gekkousato. It seemed like such an interesting place and from what she could tell of the location of the canyon, it seemed like it was a sort of barrier to the village, a defense mechanism, if one could call it that. She would continue to walk, noting the heat that came from the unforgiving sun's rays. She would turn her attention to the biggest desert, the Red Desert, which was just like its name, the red sand more alarming than anything she had ever seen. Ami had heard rumors from her own village people saying that if one found themselves caught in the desert sands, it could cost them their lives. She shuddered slightly at the thought, her eyes merely taking in the scene before her but not daring the venture deeper. If it hadn't been this hot or if she had a partner, the girl would will herself to be a little more adventurous. But the last thing she needed and wanted was to be trapped in a sandstorm and potentially blow her cover, if not die in the process. Instead she decided to take to the northern region of the country.

    Not exactly the most familiar place for the Gekkousato kunoichi, she was surprised to see a set of mountains. Perhaps she had expected the desert to be just like the name suggested, nothing but desert and sand. At the sight of the mountains, a smile would form on her lips. This place felt a little like the mountain ranges in her own village, although the abundance of sand would always throw her off a little. She would appreciate the mountains and the sea in this area, for a moment lost in its beauty. Using the camera in her hand, she decided to take a couple of photos, admiring the landscape of both mountain and sea in one picture. "Hello, are you here for sightseeing?" a voice would interrupt her thoughts and she froze, a chill running down her spine. Had she been discovered already by the Nikkousato people? She'd only been here for a few hours and already her cover was blown? The girl would turn her head and find herself looking into the eyes of an old woman. The old woman had a warm smile on her face, carrying a basket of fruits. It seemed that she had just come from the village and was going home when she happened to pass by the area.

    " name is Mai." she would say, blurting out the first name that came to mind. The old woman would nod her head. "Isn't it beautiful here? I come by here every day after taking a walk outside the village and before going into the village to sell some fruits and vegetables. Miss, would you like to come to my house for a little while? It's truly too hot to be staying out so long without water and something to eat!" The woman was truly kind hearted and although Ami had intended to refuse the offer, she couldn't bring herself to refuse the kindness of the woman. The two of them would walk slowly to the outskirts of the village, and the Hyuuga would tense a little. If she showed up in front of the village guards she would definitely be scrutinized, realizing that the old woman's house was in Nikkousato. Although she hadn't been here since she changed her hair colour, if one were to study her closely, they would recognize her. She had to think quick...her hand reaching to tug at the locket around her neck. She would stop abruptly, her hand moving from the locket to her chest. It was not something she wanted to do, especially because she was a horrible liar but she couldn't fail the mission.

    Ami winced a little, dropping to her knees suddenly. The old woman would look at her with surprised and concerned eyes, as she asked her what was wrong. "I think I need to take a rest..." she said weakly, motioning to one of the big boulders that was near them. They were still a safe distance from the village gates for anyone to notice. The woman would help her up and together they would walk towards the boulder. She took the antidote from within her locket and swallowed it, knowing that she shouldn't take her medicine in the case a real attack came on at a later time. But she didn't want to go into the village. Genuinely concerned for her wellbeing, the woman would speak, "Would you like to see a doctor?" Sojiro...the first thought that came to her head was him and she shook her head vigorously, reassuring her that she will be alright after awhile. Ami blamed it on the heat and sun, stating that she was from a small village in the northern region where it was much cooler. Thanking the woman for her help and support, she insisted that she return to her village, saying that her family was waiting for her on Kataki Road for her to travel back home together. It was hard to lie but she had to do it just this once. Secretly she hoped the woman would hold no ill feelings towards her if one day she were to revisit the area and meet with her again.

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