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    Post by Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:03 am

    Mission Details ::
    Name: Who Let The Dogs Out
    Rank: -
    Participants: Sun / Moon Village
    Type: Group Event
    Reward: 35 EXP 30 RYO
    Location: Kataki Road
    Details: The Traveling Circus has seen better days. With rumors of suspicious events following the renowned traveling carnival, attendance has dropped to an all time low! To make matters even worse someone has broken off the special fuinjutsu seals that contains a certain beast in their cage! Fortunately, most of the beasts have been accounted for excluding a dozen offspring which have managed to evade capture by fleeing into the nearby woods. Capture these infant creatures before they come to any harm!
    Group- Each person must post at least three times, with a 800 word count total.

    Cure had never gone to the circus. He'd never been interested in going. Sure. He knew what going to the circus would entail, but he hadn't been willing to waste precious research time. After so many years though he found himself at the gate to the circus, listening to a young man with a salesman smile request for himself and the other two with him to help catch some "special" lost pups. How did it get to this point? Simple. Cure mentioned to Koko that he'd never gone, while he'd been distracted working on a special poison. She'd been helping Cure be more social by his own request. Koko decided this would be the perfect opportunity to boost his social skills. So after obviously loosing the argument against going, the two showed up along with a mutual friend that tagged along. Also obvious that before the three could step foot inside, they were stopped at the gate once this orange haired Carnie saw their head/arm/waist band that marked them as shinobi. Then asked for help cleaning their mess. At the very least the Carnie used proper gender-neutral pronouns for Cure and Cure did have a weak spot for baby animals. Cure agreed and the other two seemed too follow his lead. So before long they started to make their way to the forest.

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