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    The Fall of Baulder (Plot)


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    The Fall of Baulder (Plot) Empty The Fall of Baulder (Plot)

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2020 6:31 pm

    The Fall of Baulder: Part one


    The relief efforts in Baulder have failed, despite all the assistance from local shinobi, the small village has fallen. Due to the recent murder of the mayor, the village has plunged into despair, with several groups fighting for control and a power struggle that has left the village to fend for itself. With so much chaos and turmoil running rampant it has allowed a new power to go unchecked, a mysterious masked figure to waltz right in and take control. With the local police force and shinobi relief groups focusing on the village, this individual managed to manipulate the super powers from behind the curtain, until they eventually destroyed each other, allowing this new group to fill the hole.

    However this groups goal was not to save Baulder and clean it up, but to instead burn it to the ground. In the span of a single night large groups of hooded masked figures have began to torch the small village, burning every building, business and home they could come into contact with. Like a wildfire they have begun to sweep through the village, setting everything in their path ablaze with no regard for anyone else. Men woman and even children have now gotten caught up in the inferno, with the fires cutting off most exits and escape routes out of the village.

    This is where you come in. You are tasked with helping the citizens of Baulder escape with their lives. The political structure has failed, the reconstruction is over, the village has toppled, but you can still help. Save those who are victim of the villages downfall, rescue those in need and get as many people out of the village as you can. Both the Sun and Moon village have agreed to open up refugee camps within their city walls and are offering temporary asylum for those who can get out.

    Event Parameters:

    -Anyone with an approved character can participate, there is no prerequisites to this event regardless of rank or title.

    -You can participate as many times as you like with as many different people as you would like, however you can only claim the event reward once per character.

    -You will have until August 31st to complete any related missions or topics.

    The Mission:
    In order to participate you must create a topic in one of the areas of Baulder. This topic can not be solo and must include only two members. It is a Duo mission where you and one other person must save the citizens of Baulder and help them escape the burning city. Your post must detail the rescue and evacuation of members of the village and the process of getting them to safety. In order for the mission to be a success each person in your topic must post at least three times, with the total combined word count of those three post equaling 800 words. Your topic must detail how you go about saving the citizens and must include one obstacle or hick up (be creative, this can be whatever you want).

    Once you have completed this mission you will earn 25 EXP, 100 Ryo and the chance to participate in part 2.

    However there is more to this mission. In order for part one to be a success there must be at least one rescue topic completed in each of the following sub boards. The Giants Inn, The Dancers Nest, and The Aviary. There also must be 5 completed rescue topics overall before August 31st. If these conditions are met everyone who has completed at least one rescue mission will receive an extra 25 EXP, 100 Ryo and will unlock a special condition for part two.

    Starting Today you have until August 31st to rescue the citizens of Baulder.

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