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    Tanno, The Spiritwalker Empty Tanno, The Spiritwalker

    Post by Tanno on Mon Sep 07, 2020 3:48 am

    Characters Name
    Tanno, The Spiritwalker Daniel-hurtado-3f7028b8-1cd1-4a76-a50c-a7a479d91d24
    Name: Tanno, the Spiritwalker
    Nick Name: Spiritwalker
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: N/A

    Origin: The Red Desert
    Village: Nikkousato

    An arrow is lithe, flexible, and yet hard at the same time, such is Tanno. Her 5’ 7” frame does not have a single ounce of fat or extra muscle. Her entire body has been developed since she was a child to be a warrior of the Crow tribe of the Red Desert. Almond shape and hued eyes are covered with a red band of paint made from a mixture of clay, water, and berries. Her bronze skin is clear of the variety of tribal tattoos except for one which depicts the history of her tribe which covers her right shoulder all the way to her fingertips and then continues on the palm and back up to the back of the shoulder. As she continues her story, that tattoo will grow adding on scenes from her own experiences as well as the tribe as a whole. Her hair is as black as the tribe’s totem, the crow. It is of medium length reaching just past her neck. Hawk feathers are braided into her hair; it is also pulled back from her face by a red hairband. Her clothes consist of leather pants, moccasins, and a cloth tunic which has no sleeves as well as cut just above her pants. Her chest is wrapped in bandages for support.

    Height: 5’ 7”
    Weight: 120 lbs

    Expectations and the pressure to fulfill them take up most of Tanno’s waking moments. Her tribe is dying and she has been thrust into this position by her elders’ faith in a prophecy that was passed down through the shoulder-women of the tribe and its weight has fallen squarely on her shoulders. In predictable fashion, Tanno rebels by not letting the urgency dictate her actions. She would do things her way in her own time. A morning meditation, followed by a ritualistic tea ceremony, which led to stretching and self-practice keeps her sane. This also leads to her not actually accomplishing anything till it was early afternoon and the physical evidence of her elders’ displeasure came in the form of a small hill of letters that would be stuffed inside her mailbox.

    This would suggest a lackadaisical nature instead the patience was more of a building towards a decision which meant decisive action without hesitation followed. Dark clouds gather above in a desert, one barely notices them till they realized there was too much shade, a sudden torrential downpour and a flash flood fills the canyon and then the next moment the clouds disperse and all you see is the little creek that was formed by the flood that just whipped past you.

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    The desert always surprised with what could manage to live in its seemingly inhospitable landscape. Three nomadic tribes called the Red Desert home, the Foolish Dogs, the Semk, and the Crow. In the far past these tribes were in constant alliances and war with each other, never letting one tribe become dominant over the other two. This proved unsustainable as the land that the tribes needed to live suffered from overuse and increased desertification. Disputes were now settled in ritualistic duels between designated warriors, the victor’s tribe would then dictate the terms of the treaty that would encompass the next three months of living between the tribes.

    Tanno was the orphan of defeats in these duels. The shamans and shoulder-women took upon themselves to raise the child. Her first spirit walk was at the age of six, her first victory in a duel at seven, by the time she was twelve, Tanno was wholly invested by the spirits of her tribe and could journey into that world as she desired. Four years of victory has broken the centuries old deadlock between the tribes, but those victories were meaningless as the problem that faced the tribes had only become worse. A shift in the paradigm was required.

    This shift came in the form of the fiercely independent tribes coming together and agreeing to send Tanno to NIkkousato as an offering to treat with the leaders of that village whose members they occasionally would see out in the desert. The shamans and shoulder-women of all three tribes created a massive ritual circle which Tanno was the center of. Three days and nights, the eldest of spirits were called upon to invest their powers into the chosen champion. Tanno exited the ritual more than she was before, but less in some aspects that she did not fully realize yet. Survival was at stake, sacrifice was required. Challengers of Nikkousato, beware what has entered your village.  

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    Post by Admin on Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:00 pm

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